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Working as a doctor in Poland for specialists from the post-Soviet countries is an attractive and real opportunity to apply their professional knowledge in European medicine. The salary of doctors in Poland corresponds to their social importance, and the organization of the health care system in the country is so effective that doctors are protected from all the vicissitudes of medical practice faced by their colleagues in the territory of the former USSR.
Video materials about the program.
The right to practice in Poland includes four stages:
Language exam in the General Medical Chamber of Poland (Naczelna Izba Lekarska). Nostrification of the diploma of medical specialist. (Nostryfikacja dyplomu lekarza). Postgraduate internship (or full or partial recognition of internship at home) - staz podyplomowy. Final medical examination & # 8211; LEK (Lekarski Egzamin Koncowy).
How long does it take to obtain the right to practice?
When a domestic doctor thinks about working in Europe, and even more so about work related to emigration, he pays attention to the confirmation (nostrification) of the diploma. But to nostrify a diploma does not mean to work as a doctor in Poland! Not knowing the specifics, acting without assistance, you can delay the process for 2-3 years. We will have to independently search for answers to many questions, invest time and money, learn the language, teach medicine anew in this language. And only after 2-3 years you will begin to really understand something in the system of European medicine, while spending 15-20 thousand euros, but not yet earning!
Participation in the project "Europe Medical" significantly reduces time and expenditure. The cost of passing all the stages of labor migration within the program will be 6-7 thousand euros, and the time will be reduced to one and a half years - saving more than palpable!
Work as a doctor in Poland: the demand for medical services is growing!
The shortage of qualified medical specialists has long been felt in all branches of Polish medicine, and the number of practicing family doctors in relation to the number of residents here is one of the lowest in the EU countries. In addition, thousands of missing nurses.
High demand in Polish medical institutions for medical specialties:
Salary of a doctor in Poland.
Here, too, can be called specific figures. A doctor in Poland receives from 3000 euros a month, and a nurse - from 800 euros. Night duty is paid separately and serves as a source of additional income: from 100 to 700 euros for ONE watch!
The question of wages in most cases is solved individually: the amount depends on the place of work and the qualification of the doctor. So, the salary of a dentist irrespective of work experience starts at 4,500 euros, and an ordinary specialist with experience can receive 3000 euros a month.
Program & # 8220; Obtaining the right to practice in Poland & # 8221;
The program is developed within the framework of the "Europe Medical" Project for employment in medical institutions on the territory of the Republic of Poland of specialists from the countries of the post-Soviet space.
The advantages of the program:
It is developed for doctors of all specializations; comprehensive vocational training for the language exam "from scratch"; preparatory courses on the nostrification of the diploma on the basis of medical universities in Poland; the organization of a postgraduate internship and preparation for a medical examination LEK; the use of specialized materials and teaching aids, a large number of practical exercises, a remote modular format of training; significant reduction of financial costs associated with employment; comprehensive support of the participant in the solution of visa and domestic issues on the territory of Poland; At each stage of the program, the participant can independently continue the registration of the right to practice.
(developed for physicians of all specializations)
(total preparation time & # 8211; 6 months):
Pre-course preparation (37 hours).
� The Warsaw module (90 hours).
� Post-course preparation (7 hours).
(total preparation time & # 8211; 6 months)
(payment of the exam in the Polish university + translation of documents)
(transit time - 12 months).
(fee for the exam)
(the term of selection of vacancies & # 8211; up to 2 months).
At all stages of the program, participants receive individual counseling and support, exclusive training materials, integrated visa and information support.
To participate in the PROJECT, register on the site!
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