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Kenya is quite cheap even by African standards. Prices here are comparable to prices in Egypt or India.
If you come to Kenya, stay in more or less comfortable hotels, eat in medium-sized establishments, use a taxi and from time to time visit bars and see the sights, then the daily budget will be about 3000-4000 Kenyan shillings (36-48 US dollars) for one person (the current rate of KES to the ruble, the dollar and other currencies of the world can be viewed on the currency converter on the right). However, the costs will increase immeasurably if you afford expensive tourist activities, such as diving, trips to national parks or safaris.
Prices in Kenya for products.
1 kg of flour costs in Kenyan shops an average of 70 shillings;
1 kg of rice - 100-150 shillings;
400 g of spaghetti - 70-75 shillings;
1 kg of sugar - 150-170 shillings;
100 g of Nescafe coffee - 250-300 shillings;
0,25 kg of butter - 200-220 shillings;
1 liter of fruit juice - 130-150 shillings.
Prices for staple foods in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi in Kenyan shillings and in rubles (at a rate of 35 rubles per 100 shillings) as of the beginning of 2012 are shown below:
Prices in Kenyan shillings.
The cost of lunch in an inexpensive cafe, for 1 person.
The cost of a 3-course lunch in a middle class restaurant, for 2 people.
Chicken breasts, 1 kg.
Mineral water, 1.5 liters.
Medium quality wine, 1 bottle.
Beer (local), 0,5 liters.
Prices in Kenya for goods and services.
A tube of Colgate toothpaste (100 g) costs an average of 135-140 shillings in Kenya's stores;
roll of toilet paper - 23-27 shillings;
a piece of toilet soap (100 g) - 40-80 shillings;
1 kg of washing powder - 175-200 shillings.
Prices for some goods and services in Nairobi are shown below:
Prices in Kenyan shillings.
Cigarettes "Marlboro", 1 pack.
The cost of 1 trip by public transport.
Utilities (electricity,
gas, water, garbage), per month.
Cost of 1 minute of conversation.
on local mobile communication.
Jeans Levis 501.
Men's shoes are made of leather.
Shops in Kenya work, as a rule, from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 17.30. In the afternoon most of the shops close for lunch.
Prices in Kenya for gasoline.
The cost of gasoline in Kenya in February 2012 was an average of 115 Kenyan shillings (40 rubles) per liter, diesel fuel cost 86 shillings (30 rubles).
Prices in Kenya for real estate and rental housing.
The cost of buying or renting apartments in Kenya is shown in the table:
Prices in Nairobi, in US dollars.
Rent 1-room apartment for a month, sleeping area.
Rent 1-room apartment for a month, city center.
Rent 3-room apartment for a month, sleeping area.
Rent 3-room apartment for a month, city center.
The price of an apartment, 1 square. m, sleeping area.
The price of an apartment, 1 square. m, the city center.
Information on the cost of rooms in Kenyan hotels can be found in the article Hotels in Kenya.

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