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Australia is a pretty expensive country. By price level, it is comparable with the UK or with the states of Scandinavia. The largest expense items in Australia will be accommodation and transportation.
If, arriving in Australia, stopping in medium-sized hotels, eating well in restaurants, using a taxi, visiting excursions and sightseeing, the costs will be approximately AUD 120-150 per person per day (the current exchange rate of the Australian currency to the ruble and other currencies of the world can be viewed on the currency converter on the right). In a budget variant of the trip (stop in hostels or camping, self-cooking, public transport), it will take approximately 70-80 AUD per day.
Prices in Australia for products.
If you cook food yourself, then the average cost of food in Australia will be about 150-200 AUD per person per month. You can cut costs by buying cheaper local products.
1 kg of beef costs in stores an average of 12 AUD;
1 kg of fresh fish - 12-14 AUD;
1 kg of shrimp - 25-30 AUD;
1 kg of rice - 1.5-2 AUD;
0,25 kg of butter - 2,5 AUD;
1 kg of tomatoes - 3-4 AUD;
1 kg of bananas - 3-3,5 AUD;
1 kg of sugar - 1,5-2 AUD;
100 tea bags - 4 AUD;
250 g of Nescafe coffee - 8 AUD.
Alcohol in Australia is more expensive than other goods or services. The price of a half liter jar of local beer starts at $ 3; wine of average quality costs about 15 dollars for a bottle (good wine - 25-40 dollars). A 0.75-liter bottle of Scotch whiskey costs 32-35 dollars.
Prices for basic food products in Australia in Australian dollars and rubles (in terms of the exchange rate of 31.5 rubles per AUD) as of the beginning of 2012 are shown below:
Table: Prices for products in Melbourne and Sydney.
The cost of lunch in an inexpensive cafe, for 1 person.
The cost of a 3-course lunch in a middle class restaurant, for 2 people.
Chicken breasts, 1 kg.
Mineral water, 1.5 liters.
Medium quality wine, 1 bottle.
Beer (local), 0,5 liters.
Prices in Australia for goods and services.
A piece of toilet soap costs about 2 AUD in Australia;
a large packet (2.5 kg) of detergent - 7-8 AUD;
average in size and quality tube of toothpaste - 3 AUD;
200 ml of shampoo - about 5 AUD;
packing of toilet paper (8 rolls) - 5 AUD.
A visit to a private doctor will cost approximately 55 AUD; a pack of aspirin costs 7 AUD.
The cost of public transport services in Australia is quite high. So, a ticket for one trip to the subway or bus in Sydney costs about 3.5 AUD; a ticket for the train from the airport to the center of Sydney - 16 AUD, a bus ticket from the airport to the city - 13 AUD.
Taxis in Australia are paid by the meter. The cost of landing is about 3.3 AUD, and further - 2 AUD per kilometer. A minute of waiting for a taxi costs 0.85 AUD. The night rate (valid from 10 pm to 6 am) is 20% more expensive. Approximate cost of a taxi from the airport to the center of Sydney is about 30 AUD.
Prices for some goods and services in the largest cities of Australia are shown below:
Table: Prices for goods and services in Melbourne and Sydney (at the beginning of 2012)
Cigarettes "Marlboro", 1 pack.
The cost of 1 trip by public transport.
Utilities (electricity, gas, water, garbage), per month.
Cost of 1 minute of conversation on local mobile communication.
Jeans Levis 501.
Men's shoes are made of leather.
Shops in Australia are usually open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.30, on Thursday - until 20.30, on Saturdays and Sundays - from 9.00 to 15.30.
Prices in Australia for gasoline.
The cost of gasoline in Australia in February 2012 averaged 1.37 AUD per liter, diesel fuel - 1.32 AUD.
Prices in Australia for real estate and the cost of rent.
Housing in major Australian cities is usually more expensive than in the province. The cost of renting a room in a communal apartment in Australia starts at 450 AUD per month.
The cost of buying or renting apartments in the cities of Australia is shown below:
Table: Housing prices in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra (at the beginning of 2012)
Rent 1-room apartment for a month, sleeping area.
Rent 1-room apartment for a month, city center.
Rent 3-room apartment for a month, sleeping area.
Rent 3-room apartment for a month, city center.
The price of an apartment, 1 square. m, sleeping area.
The price of an apartment, 1 square. m, the city center.
Information about the cost of rooms in Australian hotels can be found in the article Hotels in Australia.

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