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Hello, In 2009 I received a permesso for 5 years. Now I'm in a quandary, I have a contract for only 5 hours per week. A term is Permesso-16/02/2014. On the card, as I understand it, I can not file. Or can I? which item to renew permesso? And the type of document I have is soggiornante di lungo periodo-CE. I am a Ukrainian, in Italy, legally since 2003.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 01/12/2014 at 10:57.
5 hours a week is not enough to show income. You have another month to find a contract at least 20 hours a week.
came to Italy on the Polish working visa has submitted documents to the Chamber of Commerce in the Questura, and they want to judge how to do illegal things?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 01/12/2014 at 10:53.
If you have expired visa, then they are right. The Polish work visa does not give the right to work in Italy. In order to obtain a residence permit for business, you need to go through the business immigration process. A Polish visa would not help you in this. It was necessary to turn to a specialist who could legalize you by law. Now it is better to take a lawyer to not bring the matter to the deportation, because otherwise you will not be able to enter Europe in 5 years.
Hello! Tell me, please, the procedure for preparing documents for the sanatorium. In the prefecture, the documents were checked, and I signed a contract with my employer! But in the prefecture they gave an envelope with documents and said, having enclosed there a photocopy of the passport with all visas and seals, send it to the Questura. I did so. But at the post office they said that the signed contract does not mean anything yet, that there may be another refusal of the questura. Tell me, is this true? I left Italy in 2012. In connection with the loss of the passport, and at the Russian Embassy in Rome, I was refused a new one. The internal passport has lost its validity, as there is a certificate. But in the prefecture, I did not get this certificate, although it is evident from the seals in the valid passport (received in 2012) that I received a visa and moved in 2012. My stay in Italy in 2011 is proved by other documents, which were taken into account in the prefecture and put into action. What does the questura check after signing the contract? And what are my next steps? Thank you for your understanding and your advice, helping us to take the right steps!
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 01/12/2014 at 10:49.
If the Prefecture has checked the documents and summoned you to sign the contract, then you can assume that the residence permit you have in your pocket. Before the prefecture summoned you, your practice was tested in the Questura and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. Delacete, as you were told in the prefecture, send documents to the Questura, do fingerprints and do not worry.
Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have a daughter from an Italian husband for 2 years going to Ukraine. Do I need to get her a passport or put it in mine? What do you need to do for this? The daughter has an Italian citizenship who told me that I need to make a passport application in Naples because there is a consulate Italian with Ukraine. But why if the daughter is Italian? I want to know what documents you need to prepare, can I order a passport online? Thank you.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 01/12/2014 at 10:45.
If your daughter is Italian, then you need to get an Italian passport in the questura at your place of residence. It is necessary to fill out a questionnaire, where both parents must sign, attach photocopies of the documents of both parents, a birth certificate of the child and a certificate of the family composition. Photos and stamp on the passport. Detective passports are made within 2 weeks. It is impossible to inscribe the child in the passport.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 01/12/2014 at 10:40.
Two years after his legal residence in Italy (after obtaining a residence permit). For a request for citizenship, you must provide a birth certificate with an apostille and a legalized translation, a certificate of absence of criminal records in the territory of Ukraine (Russia), in Italy, a marriage certificate. If a child was born into a marriage, the request for citizenship can be filed within a year after the legal residence in Italy. Citizenship shall be issued for the name given on the birth certificate.
By permess, as an association of the family, you can later conclude a contract for work?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 01/10/144 at 08:48.
Yes, it is possible, and it will be possible to convert the residence permit into a worker.
Hello! when can there be a new flux or sanatorium?
Responsible for: Olga Veretennikova 10.01.2014 at 08:46.
The flux is out, but there are no working quotas this year. The sanatorium was only recently, so the next one will be waiting for several years.
Thank you that YOU are. It is very interesting to read questions and your brief but clear answers. Please respond to my questions! I live in Italy since August 2011. Has received a perm for 2 years (until May 2015). Rozveden already 7 years old there is a son from a marriage who for 14 years has lived with my mother in Ukraine. The father does not pay alimony (unemployed). What documents are needed and where to provide to receive assistance (allowance) for a child here in Italy? Thank you.
Responsible for: Olga Veretennikova 10.01.2014 at 08:45.
If the child does not live in Italy, then it is absolutely impossible to receive benefits for him, I'm sorry.
Hello! I came from Ukraine and I am going to marry an Italian. I am divorced and I have the surname of my ex-husband. On this name I have a Ukrainian passport, I'm wounded. passport and Ukrainian diploma of higher education, as well as privatized part of the apartment in Ukraine. I learned recently that it is better to stay on the Ukrainian surname, but on a girl's. I do not know what to do, what name to take during the marriage. In Ukraine, in a few years I can issue a pension. The residence permit and citizenship in Italy will not be received soon. I arrived a few days ago, I did not live permanently in Italy, I went only to visit. When should I inform about the preferred surname - during the receipt of the Nulla-Ost or during the filing of documents in the commune where my fiance lives? Tell me, please, what is the best name to take: a maiden, a current (ex-husband) or my Italian fiance?
Responsible for: Olga Veretennikova 10.01.2014 at 08:41.
Good afternoon. You can register a marriage with a real name. The only problem with a girl's name can arise when you make a request for citizenship. Italian citizenship is issued only for the name on the birth certificate.
Hello, tell me please, found information on the website of the Consulate General of Russia in Milan that for the receipt of information Hulla osta al matrimonio need original documents (I quote below information from the site): for my situation (divorced, I-Russian, married to an Italian) .
Certification of copies of documents.
The General Consulate provides notarization of copies of documents issued by official institutions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.
Tariff: 12 euro per page (for Russian citizens) / 22 euros per page (for foreigners)
Information on the absence of obstacles to marriage in Italy (Nulla osta al matrimonio)
In order to receive this certificate, the following documents are submitted to the Consulate General: 3) If the applicant was married and changed the surname: - valid domestic and foreign Russian passports (in the original); - birth certificate (original or notarized copy); - certificate of divorce in the original or a notarized copy) - an archive certificate of marriage, issued by the registry office at the place of the previous marriage, and confirming the change in the name of the applicant (in the original or a notarized copy); Pius IDs future husband / wife, as well as information about the place of his / her permanent residence registration in Italy;
I collected all the originals, here nothing is said about apostilling, I realized that it is not required if you provided them with originals and they issue a certificate and translate it and certify the correctness of the translation. Tell me about the apostille: what organization (registrar of Italy ?, Consulate General? Others) should be provided and which documents are subject to mandatory apostille? Thank you in advance.
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on 01/10/2014 at 08:38.
You provide documents to the Russian embassy, so apostille is not needed. Apostille is needed on the birth certificate for giving it to the commune for the registration of the marriage. Also, the birth certificate must be translated and apostilled.
Good afternoon to all participants of the forum and congratulations on the New Year!
I have a Permo Di since 2007 as the mother of an Italian citizen. To the child of 8 years. I was given a perm for a period of 2 years. In 2013, gave out just 1 year, argued, the fact that I do not have enough of my own income. We always served CUD of my civic husband (father of a child) for 9000 euros. I just can not understand how to make a document for 5 years, since I have already registered for more than 5 years and permesso in Italy. On what kind of dolumiment I need to submit Carta di soggiorno di lungo periodo per motivi familiary or Carta di soggiorno per periodo lungo. As I understand one of them is issued under the law of 2007, and the other for some other reason. By the way in past Permesses I wrote referenze in italia: figlio citt.ital. , and in the new one for a year it says: art. 19 comma 2 lett. C, 286/98. I do not know if it matters. Tell me please, what should I do to get the document for a longer period. Thank you in advance.
Responsible for: Olga Veretennikova 10.01.2014 at 08:31.
You had to file di-sogorno on the map. In the questura there is a separate window where documents are submitted for members of the family of Italian citizens. Try the next time you request not permesso di �������� and map di ��������.
Happy New Year to you and the coming Christmas. Strong health to you, happiness, family and financial well-being. To love and be loved !!
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova 10/01/2014 at 08:30.
Thank you for your congratulations.
I do business in Russia and pay taxes in Russia. I have a residence permit in Italy on an eletivo visa. Is double taxation permitted in Russia and Italy?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on December 25, 2013 at 22:01.
Between Russia and Italy there is an agreement against double taxation, you do not have the right to work in Italy, so you work quietly in Russia, you also pay taxes and in Italy you simply live on the earned money.
I have been working in Italy since 2001. Legally since 2002. I am 60 years old, what part of the pension can I expect? Can I now file a request for accrual?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on December 25, 2013 at 21:59.
With this question you'd better apply to the patronage, but already "by sight" I can tell you that your work experience and age does not yet allow you to make a request for a pension.
Now the Flussi 2013 decree has come up, but it's not that obichniy. I just can not understand if I can make the documents like badante or colf?
Responsible: Olga Veretennikova on December 25, 2013 at 21:59.
This year, there is no quota for jobs.
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