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Pm in Costa del Sol

Pm in Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol & # 8212; The Spanish region, which invariably attracts the attention of tourists and investors. This is a great place to relax and buy a home. Why? Because the "Beach of the Sun" (and this is how the name Costa del Sol is translated) has many obvious advantages, which we will discuss in more detail below. And if you generalize, then you can easily become the owner of a cozy house in a paradise corner with excellent climatic conditions, well-developed infrastructure and a pleasant environment.
This Mediterranean resort is loved by Hollywood stars, big businessmen, famous politicians, successful sportsmen. Villas and apartments on the Costa del Sol have aristocrats, famous artists and artists.
So, what are the features of this Spanish region.
Location and climate.
Costa del Sol is located in the south of Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia and is considered the southernmost Mediterranean resort of the country. About 60 years ago the region turned into a world famous resort, which consists of a number of cities. It includes: Malaga, Benalmadena, Mijas, Nerja, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, Puerto Banus, Estepona. But whatever city you choose, it will be comfortable here, thanks to the climate.
The region was not simply called the "Sunshine Coast". Of the 365 days in the year 320 here - solar, and this is almost 11 months. The climate is mild: the summer is moderately hot, the winters are warm, there are no sudden changes in temperature and high humidity. The creation of such climatic conditions contributed to the mountains of Sierra Morena and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In the summer, they make the coastal air cooler, in the afternoon, as a rule, the column of the thermometer lingers at + 28-32 degrees.
In winter, mountains prevent the penetration of cold masses into the territory of the region, and the ocean mass adds heat. Therefore, in January-February, it rarely falls below 15 degrees, the average temperature in these months is plus 17-18 degrees.
Ecological situation.
Costa del Sol is not an industrial region, there are practically no companies that pollute the atmosphere. On the contrary, the government is interested in preserving natural resources. There are many nature protection zones and national parks on the coast. A sign of distinction was given to the local beaches - the Blue Flag. This is a certificate of quality, which is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education for the purity of water and coastal sand.
For over twenty years, Costa del Sol has been considered one of the safest regions in Spain. Here, the low crime rate, in large part due to the contingent. As we already mentioned above, rest and buy property here is preferred mainly by bohemians, wealthy and simply respectable people. Cohesively work and government bodies, everything is done to prevent violations, to maintain a pleasant microclimate on the coast.
It's not scary to bring a family, even with young children. They will be safe. Moreover, on Costa del Sol they just do not have to be bored. There are many well-equipped beaches, amusement parks and zoos, water attractions. Over time, you can give the child to study in a prestigious college or university. The level of education here is also quite high.
Health and active pastime.
Thanks to the beautiful ecological situation and the climate, the average life expectancy increases. The average age of a woman is 85 years, this, by the way, is the best figure in Europe.
The well-being of people living here is also positively influenced by a good, calm environment. For stress reasons are few, but for positive emotions, on the contrary, it is enough.
It is possible to go in for sports on the coast all 12 months a year, and on open areas. Fans of golf, tennis, football will certainly appreciate and favorable weather conditions, and the quality of coatings, equipment, the convenience of sports facilities.
There are all the possibilities for diving, kite and windsurfing. Many have already chosen Tarif and the Atlantic coast, which is only an hour's drive from the west coast. There the best assistants in training are the winds, concentrated in the Strait of Gibraltar.
And if you want to go skiing, go to the Sierra Nevada mountains, located one and a half hours drive from the resort. You will find many different slopes for beginners and professional skiers, snowboarders.
Rich history and culture.
Costa del Sol is a region with a very rich cultural heritage. Many civilizations began their journey and formation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Andalusia and now you can find their footprints. For example, the city of Cadiz, founded more than three thousand years ago by the Phoenicians, or the architectural complex of the Alhambra, which created the Moors. Of course, the Roman Empire made a big contribution.
If you are a fan of excursions, then on the coast you will definitely have something to do. In Andalusia, many unique historical and cultural sites have been preserved, some of them are included in the list compiled by UNESCO and rightfully considered the World Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Some cities and do belong to the museums in the open. To see the amazing Seville, Cordoba, Cadiz, the Alhambra, it's enough to spend just a couple of hours on the road.
Why buy real estate?
This is a reasonable question. Why buy, if you can just periodically rent and have a good rest? Because it is more profitable to spend a relatively small amount once and enjoy paradise all your life, than to constantly look for something and overpay.
Costa del Sol is the most unique place in which the most diverse real estate is presented. The price range is also quite wide. There are both smart and modest for material reasons proposals. These are inexpensive apartments in closed complexes, and townhouses with private gardens, and new modern buildings with large spacious terraces, and buildings of past centuries, attracting attention with interesting architectural solutions, and luxurious villas on the hills, characterized by a chic panoramic view, from which breathtaking. No doubt, here everyone can find a paradise for themselves in accordance with their financial capabilities.
And if you do not live permanently, will it pay off?
Of course. Real estate is always a win-win investment, and even more so in regions that are known to be favorable for the purchase of housing. Own property on the coast automatically gives the right to unimpeded entry into the country. If you want, you can just come here periodically to rest. At the time of absence, the owners usually rent out their dwellings and receive additional income. This is normal practice and our company is ready to assist in the delivery of your property for rent. You will win in any case.
In addition, real estate can always be profitable to resell. Sometimes you manage to get a lot more than you gave for your purchase, especially if you made repairs and ennobled the surrounding territory. Such actions can significantly increase the attractiveness of the object.
Investing in real estate is a concern for the future. Residential facilities and land are always highly valued, especially when it comes to regions such as the Costa del Sol. The well-developed infrastructure, mild climate and pleasant atmosphere will always attract buyers and tenants.
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