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Perspective business ideas in Germany.

Perspective business ideas in Germany.
It is much more difficult for an emigrant to create a successful business in a new country. But if you have perseverance and choose the right direction, you can get good incomes, even with a basic knowledge of the language.
It seems that the market is full of a wide variety of goods and services. But for an enterprising person there is always a promising niche. How to get used to and create a business in a new country to an emigrant. Let's talk about Germany - one of the richest European countries, whose market is characterized by a very high level of competition.
1. Fast food station.
This industry in Germany is developing at an impressive pace. Do not need to open a chic restaurant, and the national Russian cuisine is no longer an exotic curiosity for this country. The Germans prefer simple and nutritious food. To open a small point on several tables, large capital is not needed. Pancakes, sausages, inexpensive sandwiches, smoked chickens, compulsory beer - the inhabitants of Germany eat in small cafes daily.
The modern world is accelerating, competition is getting tougher. In developed countries and large cities, residents are in a hurry to make a maximum of cases during the day. That's why they choose a quick snack, better, on the go. High profits are provided by numerous tourists who save time for the opportunity to view more sights or money for shopping. The Germans are working hard, but they also like to eat - and this is the main reason. A few hearty snacks between the main meals for this country is the norm. A high level of income allows you not to save on food.
Open your point in the places of greatest concentration of people - railway stations and airports, exhibitions, entertainment and shopping centers, the central streets near the most popular attractions.
2. Hairdresser's.
Very demanded direction. The Germans cut their hair very often. For women, impeccable styling and healthy hair are a sign of good taste. Men often prefer very short haircuts, which for any hairdresser are a gold dwelling. The client returns in a maximum of two weeks. According to statistics, 70% of the German population prefers short haircuts. Depending on the region, the minimum cost of a male haircut varies in the region of 12 Euro, the female haircut - 20 Euro. Washing, massage, hair care, drying - additional mark-ups.
3. Hand maid.
In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in interest in various handmade products. The direction is not important. Knitted things, woodcarving, wickerwork, paintings and a variety of decorative pieces are very much appreciated. Any skill to make brings a solid income. This trend is especially noticeable in European countries. You can get decent money for your own made-to-order costume, painted dishes or figurines, Christmas toys, original leaflets or the original design of standard notebooks. The only condition is the uniqueness and complete absence of signs of serial production.
4. Body care services.
The gym, massage, Yoga, solarium, manicure and pedicure are all very popular in Germany. Regardless of their social status or income level, Germans are very fond of caring for the body and are willing to pay big money for it. For them, a well-groomed appearance is a necessity and one of the most important indicators of success. All procedures are in demand not on a case-by-case basis, but on a regular basis.
5. Decorative plants.
Farmer activity in Germany is very tightly controlled. For the cultivation of vegetables and fruits for sale, significant investments are required and strict rules are followed. In the case of ornamental plants and services of landscape designers, everything is much simpler. The scope for large activities, and assistance in planting gardening plots and city streets is in great demand. You can grow and sell plants for the home, medicinal herbs, flowers and shrubs for landscape design.
The opportunities for earning on this platform are endless. You just need to register on the site and open an account with the bank. Choose any group of products. You can open your own store - registration platform offers free templates. Not a bad option - trade in things secondhand.
7. Housing for tourists.
Our compatriots choose this direction quite often. A cozy cottage in the resort area or an apartment in the tourist center is purchased. You can place ads on the Internet on special German sites or in social networks. The profit is uneven and largely depends on the season. If you have an elite real estate, luxury repairs are not needed. But comfortable conditions, shower and toilet, comfortable kitchen are necessary.
Please do not confuse with illegal activities in the sex industry. In Germany and other European countries, the direction of selling various garments that excite sexual interest in a certain category is very popular. It's just about things. As a rule, people who belong to these communities and clubs are selling certain attributes. But this is optional. It is important only to understand the essence of the fetish, to have at least a basic knowledge of psychology and the lack of complexes.
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