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Pedestrian crossing of the border Ukraine & # 8212; Poland.

Pedestrian crossing of the border Ukraine & # 8212; Poland.
I started a small trip. There were two goals:
That is a small budget project. Therefore, the question of the method of crossing the border was resolved in favor of a pedestrian crossing.
Justification of choice.
It is clear that with such criteria, the ways to go by car, train, plane are dropped. I read on some forums about the bus Lviv - Przemysl. This was already news, as she was deeply convinced that such a voyage did not exist in nature. There is still, that's who you need - to buy a ticket online.
I checked the cost and time on the way, here they are:
Ticket Lviv & # 8212; Przemysl.
Now let's see what the indicators turned out at the pedestrian crossing.
Stages of the border.
By default, the road begins with Lviv. As soon as you get out of the building. station, on the left there are platforms for minibuses. We need the one at number 5. She leaves the Lviv-Shegini flight. I do not know how much traffic starts, but at 6.15 in the morning I left.
Routes for sending minibuses Direction & # 8212; Shegini.
The distance between Lviv and Shegini is 70 km.
The interval between flights (from the driver's words) is 0.5 hours.
Travel time is almost 2 hours.
The fare is 23 hryvnia.
We arrived in Shegini almost to the border crossing. Direction you will indicate the flow of people who need to go where you are. From the Ukrainian side, customs and passport control passes for "6 seconds". But to get to the Polish - will have to stand in line, and the queue is rather big.
But finally broke through and there. Poles can look at your things, ask questions: where are you going, how many are driving, and why are you actually going? But in principle, nothing terrible. Gone and this.
We look at the clock: the entire procedure for passing the border in my case took about 2 hours. We left the other side of the border in the Polish town of Medyka. The sight of Madameki is unsightly, there's nothing to linger there. Almost without a hitch, I board a minibus to Przemysl.
The journey time is 15 minutes.
The fare is 2 PLN (8 UAH)
Everything, we are in Poland, and therefore - in Europe!
Now for the purity of the experiment, a comparison: on a bus from Lviv to Przemysl, we spent 4 hours traveling and almost 100 hryvnia money.
With my version: the time consumption is the same, but money was saved a little, spent 23 + 8 = 31 hryvnia. And the process itself is somehow livelier, as in my opinion. So, we will assume that everything was calculated correctly!
This is also interesting.
From the stop in Przemysl, which arrived after crossing the border, it is necessary to pass literally 60 meters. Direction indicated [& # 8230;]

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