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It is known that foreigners who want to have a permanent residence permit in Germany must have certain prerequisites for this. It can be, for example, a family life with a German citizen or a foreigner who has the right to live in Germany; study or work, stay for humanitarian reasons, stay in connection with treatment or in case of recognition of a foreigner as a refugee. Self-employment also gives you the right to live in Germany.
In a number of cases, in the presence of certain prerequisites, knowledge of the German language is necessary in a certain amount. Some prerequisites, for example, the granting of a residence permit for humanitarian reasons or for doing business, do not require knowledge of the language. In almost all cases, it is necessary to have sufficient funds for living in Germany, housing, as well as medical insurance.
In cases of reunification with family members who are German citizens, you do not need sufficient income, and in cases of reunification with family members who are foreigners in Germany and who have only the right to reside, sufficient income is required and only in exceptional cases income is not required.
These opportunities are defined by the Aliens Act in force in Germany and are more or less known to the readers.
However, few know that it is possible to obtain a residence permit in Germany without the above reasons, but, for example, in cases when the residence of an alien meets the interests of Germany.
First of all, this refers to wealthy people who have significant means and who want to live with their families in Europe.
I note that England & laquo; pointed out the right path & raquo; other European countries, including Germany, since until recently it was relatively easy for secured people to obtain a residence permit in England. This explains the residence in England of such large post-Soviet rich people as Berezovsky, Abramovich, and many other less well-known persons. Germany, which until recently was very conservative in this respect, met such migrants with all the rigor of numerous laws and regulations. Only recently, she discovered the possibility of attracting capital to the country in this way and began to meet wealthy people who want to live in Germany, as they say, with open arms.
Obtaining a residence permit for wealthy people can at the present time be relatively simple, and it is not at all necessary to open a company here and acquire mailing addresses, including "lime", enriching the enterprising small businessmen, who sell & raquo; services based on companies and providing notorious & laquo; mailboxes & raquo; at fabulous prices.
In attempts to have real estate in Germany, it is not necessary to acquire in a hurry in here (usually for a fantastic price, four to five times more real) a linden firmochka. Many brokers are looking around the CIS for businessmen who want to move to Germany, and skinned seven skins from such a golden calf. Sometimes one wonders how such hacks come to them: they demand for the creation of some rundown limited liability company 15 000 euros, of course, without the cost of maintaining its future activities, but for obtaining a residence permit - and all 30,000 euros.
Competent authorities in Germany, which opened the gates for the resettlement of wealthy people in the country, make the services of such unscrupulous brokers simply unnecessary.
In our practice, there were already several cases when a family who wanted to move to Germany simply acquired the necessary house for their residence, a car, proved the existence of a certain amount on their current account opened in Germany, concluded medical insurance (within 300 euros per adult member of the family) and received the right to reside (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) in Germany in just two or three months without opening up unnecessary firms and other costly problems. By the way, you can open an account here without any problems and without being a resident. Thus, the way for wealthy foreigners to Germany is open without attracting odious firmoshek & laquo; air traffic & raquo ;.
It should also be noted that such brokers often almost hopelessly spoil the business, inventing all kinds of resettlement options, for example, fictitious marriages, which in Germany are a criminal offense.
The help of a lawyer will help to achieve success without significant financial costs.
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