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Our abroad: 8 stories of moving to another country.

Our abroad: 8 stories of moving to another country.
How did you come to live abroad?
In fact, I can not say that I moved to live abroad. Rather, I am on a constant journey. Now I'm looking for a place where I just want to stay. Fifteen countries have traveled in the past two years, but have not found one yet, where I want to stay for a long time. It all began with the fact that two and a half years ago I flew to Thailand for a month or two, but stayed for a year, fascinated by beaches, fruits, local cuisine and a sense of freedom that is everywhere in the air.
What was your first impression of this country? The first thing that struck me when landing in Bangkok was the air - hot, wet, and everywhere there was the smell of spices. I could not breathe them.
What is the difference between the Thai and the Siberians? Three main words in the life of any Thai: "sanuk", "sabai", "suai", which can be translated as "pleasure", "ease", "beauty". They strive for complete harmony and beauty, both in the inner world and in the outer world. Thais struck me with their cheerfulness and openness. On whom I looked, at the seller, the policeman or the passer-by, everyone invariably answered me with a smile.
What are you doing now? I develop my own Internet project. My goal: to teach people to earn on the Internet, so that they can travel, doing what they love. I myself have gone this way and now I want to help others. At the moment we are shooting a series of free lessons on how to make a lucrative online business on your hobby.
Your wishes to those who plan to move. Understand for yourself why you want to move to another country and how moving meets your long-term goals. It is desirable to have a financial "safety cushion" - a sufficient amount in a bank account, a stable earnings via the Internet or in advance to find work in a new place of residence. And, of course, the main thing is to act!
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