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Operation Zabiullo. How to eliminate one of the closest associates of Dr. Rabbani, the former president of Afghanistan.

Operation Zabiullo. How to eliminate one of the closest associates of Dr. Rabbani, the former president of Afghanistan.
The magazine "Soldier of Fortune" 3-1995.
On January 31, 1984 in Kabul I was preparing to celebrate my 32nd birthday. They were cooking half a sheep, at the ready there was a three-liter jar of "salymovka" - the strongest moonshine according to the recipe of the "Cascade", chasing the local dukhanikom Salim. In anticipation of the beshbarmak, the sibling wrote out circles around a large pot # 8230; But then a duty officer appeared and handed me an urgent call to the chief.
At first the task seemed simple: it was required to deliver urgently to the chief of the reconnaissance department of the 5th division of KhAD a silent pistol "Groza" * with two cartridges and to teach him how to use this thing. Dipping into the pocket just in case a handful of spetspatronov, I started a "pill" - "UAZ 452" - and moved to the Afghans.
* "Thunderstorm" - double-barreled miniature likeness of the Tula shotgun. The secret of its noiselessness is in special choppers, equipped with conventional automatic bullets of caliber 7.62 mm.
Head of Intelligence Rashid, a cool fighter-"mokrushnik", waited in his office. I was not at all interested in who these "partners" are going to shoot. In addition, I hurried back to the feast. Quickly explaining to Rashid the device and the principle of the pistol's operation, I inserted a cartridge with two cartridges and, having decided to demonstrate a noiseless shot, pulled the trigger. There was a terrible roar! The bullet fell on the wooden bookshelf, punched it, smashed the flower pot to pieces, bounced off the concrete wall and fell at our feet, spinning and buzzing like a fly. The doors were flung open, the frightened Afghans were thrust into the office. Rashid barked at them, and the door slammed instantly.
I was confused. I should have realized that if you just hit a wooden wall with your fist, it will not be very quiet. And here - bullet & # 8230; We went to the balcony.
The second bullet I pushed into the wall of the house. Loud smacking, she was stuck in a brick tab. Again this is not it! Having replaced the tape, I handed the gun to Rashid. He aimed at the drainpipe at home opposite. His hand twitched - there was a ring of pierced metal. Yes, he shot cool!
Tests, however, Rashid not completely satisfied, so he leaned over the railing and began to seek out a suitable goal. In his field of vision came a mongrel, twirling near the feet of the sentry at the gate of the villa. Carefully aiming, Rashid pulled the trigger. There was no sound. The dog suddenly squealed, twisting in place, bitten herself by the hind paw and jerked away on three legs. The soldier-watch watched stupidly after her, not understanding anything. Now Rashid was pleased.
We returned to the office. So, I thought, we already spent four patrons, four more will need Rashid to teach his operative, plus four more - an operative will train an agent, and two will need an agent to sew someone there. Maybe the high-ranking Afghan authorities also want to see the weapons in action? Add four more cartridges. In total I give Rashid 14 cartridges, the shells of which he is obliged to return to me, since they are secret. My management has ordered only two, I will spend today 18, because I am kind, and in general - it's time for me to return, there the guys are already waiting.
However, Rashid grabbed me with a death grip. After sending the nafar (servant, orderly) to the dukhan for vodka, he asked for advice on the tactics of the forthcoming "specialization." Without mentioning the names and area of the operation, Rashid outlined the situation in which his agent-insurgent is to act. We stayed with him until two o'clock in the morning, but together we made several mines-surprises in the form of usual automatic horns with cartridges, and also "Kalashnikov", which exploded, it was only to shoot it.
When I returned, the people, of course, already lay down on their bunks, picking matches in their teeth. Having reported to the authorities the Aesop language about the work done, I joined the company.
But I was not given a good night's sleep. Early in the morning a duty officer reappeared and invited to the city telephone. The chief, without explaining anything, gave the command to fly immediately with Rashid to Mazar-i-Sharif, a city in the north of Afghanistan.
The telephone network of Kabul is listened to, perhaps, by all the intelligence services in the world, so it's no surprise that Operations could not specify anything. Guessing what could happen, I just in case grabbed my backpack with the "gentleman's set" and went to the airport.
Near the roaring An-26 engines Rashid was walking. My appearance for some reason was not encouraging. Rather unceremoniously and even rudely, he asked what the "# 8230;" I need it here. Here those on! I thought my business trip with partners was agreed! I had to improvise on the move: the authorities, when they heard that the explosive devices had been made, sent me like a hostage to their own bombs. Suddenly one of them rips in the air? The Afghans will blame the Chekists for deliberate sabotage. So I - in Mazar-i-Sharif and the first side of the torn back "# 8230; Rashid was pleased with the explanation.
In Mazar-i-Sharif, we immediately went to the territorial administration of Khad, where the head of the 5th Directorate, Dr. Bach, was waiting for us. Seeing me, he frowned, and in a rather harsh tone Pashtun spoke to Rashid. After listening to the answer, he relented. Bach addressed me in Russian, thanked me for the work done and let me go home. I was flipped to the location of the zone group of the Omega, where I stayed to wait for the flight to Kabul.
* The 5th Department for Combating Banditry of the Central Security Agencies of the DRA was the most efficient among the units of Khad.
At night, somewhere near the battle began: the grenade launchers were hooting, machine-guns crackled. I reached for the trunk, but the guys remained completely indifferent to what was happening on the street and popularly explained that such a firing at them - it's normal, not that we have office Kabul rats.
The next day before lunch I sunbathed on the balcony! Then Rashid appeared and offered to visit the local bazaar with him. My colleagues did not recommend me such a walk, since the authorities in the city only had "ours" until 12 noon, and after midday and until the early morning passed to "spirits". But we nevertheless moved to the city. Rashid is a son of a bitch! - in the most crowded places demonstratively started talking with me in Russian. Immediately dozens of hostile eyes began to feel me with surprise. Goosebumps! I though without the automatic machine, but under an air jacket always wore an impressive arsenal: for four hours of a fleeting battle, as my friend Vanya Kuleshov used to say. And still & # 8230;
All wet, I returned safely to "Omega" and denied such rash acts.
Night has come. At about 11.00 pm Rashid suddenly came back: Dr. Bach is inviting me. Taking my "anxious backpack" and machine gun, I went.
In the office where I was brought, three people sat: Bach, the head of the local administration of Khad and the chief of the political department of the Afghan army of the zone "North". After the acquaintance ceremony, Bach asked me for advice: how to protect the two UN experts on human rights in Mazar-i-Sharif who had traveled by road? Experts settled in the hotel in the city center. The Mujahideen, having learned about this, decided to seize them at night to show the world their combat capabilities. The entire Afghan army and the Soviet units are involved in a large-scale operation against the Dushmani grouping of the forces of the front commander of the ZAO Zabiullo in the Marmel gorge. To protect the UN, the local administration of KhAD could scrape together 40 fighters - cooks, chauffeurs and other maintenance personnel, who, of course, will scatter at the first shot. So what could I advise?
* IOA - Islamic Society of Afghanistan: a political party led by Dr. Burhanuddin Rabbani, President of Afghanistan of those years.
I asked if the number of dushmans who are going to conduct the operation is known, and from what district of the city will they be nominated? Baha said that the Mujahideen will be 25 people, and they are now located on the northern outskirts of Mazar-i-Sharif. Armament - automatic weapons and grenade launchers.
Having studied the map of the city on the wall, I pointed a finger at the intersection to the north of the hotel, which the spirits could not pass: "Here we must arrange an ambush!"
Bach objected: about 120 fighters would be needed, and where to get them?
I shook my head: "Why 120? Enough of us with Rashid. "
Unknocking my backpack, I pulled out the night sight and fastened it to my AKSN. He also got two mines of directed action MON-50, an electric wire and a submunition machine PM-4. "Rashid should be given a machine gun PC with a tape for 250 rounds," I added.
My plan was this. Rashid and I will get to the intersection under the cover of the night, we will install mines, and, hiding behind the duval, we will observe the situation in the night sight. When the "spirits" appear, we will wait, when they approach the meters to 20-30, and strike a blow minami. Each of them is stuffed with 550 steel balls: they will sweep away the Soulmans detachment like a grapnel. Rashid from around the corner will scribble from the machine gun, until he releases all the tape in their direction. And I "under the sly" single shots aim "select" those who are still moving. As soon as Rashid's ammunition runs out, we immediately - feet in hand, and give the deru. This fight will last for a maximum of half a minute.
Two Afghans listened intently, not understanding in Russian. Dr. Bach translated it. In the silence that followed, they stared at me in amazement.
The silence was broken by Bach: "I will go with you!"
"Well, no, Comrade Doctor, you can not go there!"
Thinking again, Bach said: "I have no right to risk your life, so I cancel the ambush. But could you, Comrade Beck, lend your machine to Rashid? It will be on the roof of the hotel. By the way, is it possible to get into the head from a distance of about 100 meters in the dark? "
I replied that the automatic machine is equipped with a night sight for 400 meters. "Have you ever used such a thing?" I asked Rashid. He shook his head.
"In that case, allow me, Comrade Doctor, that I should go along with Rashid!" I said.
Bach suddenly agreed easily.
Rashid and I returned to the point to our guys from Omega. I ducked under the bed, pulled out a box of cartridges and began to pour the paper bundles into my backpack. He put a few grenades in there, but the mines MON-50 left as unnecessary.
The guys gloomily watched my preparations: - "Where are you going, brother?"
I explained the essence of the matter. The senior group thought and said: "I have no right to let you go!"
"And I do not obey you!" - I snapped and lied: "I carry out the personal order of the chief! And if with me what happens, where to look for me - you know, and who for? hang - too. "
On the old loosened UAZ we were flown to the hotel. At the entrance under a lonely lamppost, all lit up, stood the antediluvian BTR-40, on the axis ingrown into the ground. The helmets of several soldiers inside him were visible. Silence & # 8230; Rashid with my "Kalashnikov", next I rushed past the backpack past the BTR in the hotel lobby. The soldiers did not notice us. The hall was empty. Deafeningly swearing, Rashid began to kick all the doors in a row, until he pulled out the frightened administrator from behind the hanger.
- In what number do Americans live? We ask him.
"What Americans?" - the administrator mumbles.
- Ordinary! One negro and one white. And who accompanies them?
- Rashid for persuasiveness poked his automatic in the stomach. It worked, and soon we knew everything we needed to know. We went up to the second floor and went into the room next door to the one in which the UN people spent the night. There we found an Afghan in national clothes. He was the chief of the 4th department of the 5th department of KhAD, responsible for transport safety.
First of all, we found a ladder and put it on the hatch leading to the flat roof of the hotel. Then they returned to the room and laid out on the cots arsenal.
I slapped Rashid on the shoulder: "In my opinion, today I'm visiting you! War is war, and dinner is on schedule! "
Rashid understood the hint, pressed the button on the wall. A mighty hairy child appeared.
"Bacha (boy, boy), bring us something to eat and drink!" - My lord sat down in a lordly tone. While Rashid was still telling him something, he gloomily looked at the bed: probably for the first time he saw a machine with such a huge and terrible sight.
Soon he returned with a tray, on which a whole mountain of roasted meat and fresh herbs rose. I put on the table a cool liter bottle of the export "Stolichnaya", nicknamed in the 40th Army "maruska" & # 8230;
Soon the vodka and the snack were over. It was already long past midnight. In the street there was a ringing silence, even the dogs did not yelp. It seems that we, by our appearance, scared the whole district. But yesterday, everything was full of booze and rumbling!
It was time to go to bed. Rashid and I took the two extreme beds, and the drinking companions were laid on the mattress on the floor. A pistol with a cartridge in the chamber, I just put it under the pillow just in case. Lay down on his left side, facing the Afghans. Turned off the light & # 8230;
Half an hour later the left side became numb, the whole body began to ache. Then I took the F-1 grenade, thrust it between my legs, unbent the antennae of the check, and, turning to my friends with my back, plunged into a sensitive sleep, occasionally caressing the scarred cool metal with my fingers.
We woke up late. The sun was already high. Hastily dressed and hiding weapons in a backpack, went down the street. The United Nations flew to the USSR in an hour, and we went to Bach. This time he was in a good mood. Looking at our crumpled faces, sympathized, treated him to a hearty breakfast, not forgetting to give him a hangover. The ice of alienation between us seems to have gradually melted.
After Rashid and I returned to normal, a frank conversation began.
Baha said: "We have to eliminate one of the worst enemies of the April revolution. In the near future he will use a jeep, the driver of which is our agent. We want to equip the agent with a noiseless pistol so that he can shoot the enemy at a convenient moment. The explosive device you brought with Rashid is not quite suitable for this purpose. "
Of course, it was interesting to me to find out who they were planning to kill. I began to ask a lot of various questions: about the time of day, temperature and atmospheric pressure, the type of car, the remoteness of the place of operation from the nearest security posts, etc. In the end, it became clear to me: it is about the elimination of Zabiullo, the third person in the IAO hierarchy.
Going over with a dozen options, finally we came to the conclusion: to minivate the agent's car, installing under each seat, except for the driver's seat, miniature cumulative charges, and turn the tamper switch on the electric detonators into a secluded place under the instrument panel. The agent, selecting the right moment, presses the button. He himself will be only slightly deafened by the explosion. Then, taking someone's weapon, he finishes "spirits." It can even happen that the "object" will only be wounded and taken prisoner. And it was not difficult to mine a car technically. With this, Rashid himself could cope.
Dr. Bach was pleased. He, however, asked if there was any sense in increasing the charge and destroying the "object" together with the agent. I answered sharply negatively: "There is an unwritten law according to which the performer of the action must always remain alive, otherwise soon we will not find a single person for this role. If we can not guarantee the security of the agent, we should choose another option. Agent in a similar situation is supposed to warn about possible consequences. I would recommend him to put on a hat with earflaps and tie the laces under his chin, so that his eyes would not jump from the action of the shock wave on his ears. It is also worth sacrificing one machine: to mine it and blow it up in the presence of the agent to convince him of the absolute safety of the action for him personally. "
Thus, it is necessary to write off two cars, and the agent then to present a new jeep.
& # 8230; About an hour and a half or two we were already at the airport. Flew to Kabul by plane of Afghanistan's Minister of Defense. On board took a man thirty nice girls - delegates to the congress of women DRA. Half an hour later they landed for some reason in Kunduz and took aboard a steep Soviet military commander without signs of difference, but with his retinue. Hefty Russian guys delicately drove two suspicious Asians into the dressing room near the pilot's cockpit, and the Soviet general took our place at the table opposite Bachi and continued his meal. True, Rashid managed to pull a couple of bottles out of the salon and a snack "# 8230;
From Kabul airport to the gate of the KGB office, I was flown in on a black Mercedes by Dr. Bachi. Leaving the dusty backpack in the room, I went to the headquarters to report on the work done: who, whom and how is going to send to the next world. The chief listened intently, without interrupting. Standing next to him, another boss frowned all the time, then could not resist: "Please do not breathe on me!"
"There is no breathing!" - I saluted, turned around, and almost overturned the table, which was on the way, went out.
A week later Zabiullo was killed "as a result of a massive bomb attack attack" of our aircraft, as it was reported. I saw the silent pistol at Bachi later: he wore it with pride, wearing it in his holster on the trouser belt, apparently, evoking the envy of the other leaders of Khad. And two months later the noiseless "Thunderstorm" migrated to # 8230; Ahmad Shah Masud. But that is another story.

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