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On a visit.

On a visit.
Russia without politics.
Move to permanent residence in Russia.
As practice has shown, immigrants / refugees to Russia, for example from Ukraine, often settle in a new place better than indigenous people. If it is good to look, then in Russia you can find work and choose a comfortable place of residence, next to which it will be sure, what to see, where to go and where to rest.
A brief procedure for moving to Russia.
For those who wish to move to Russia there is a Resettlement Program. Technically, you only need to contact the Russian consulate, where you can get a questionnaire and a list of documents. And then the most interesting begins, because everywhere bureaucracy and unplanned costs. The most important thing is & # 8212; first determine the region of residence, which must be indicated in the questionnaire. This is the FIRST question. Registration of documents and moving in "# 8212; Second question. Here we will try to answer them in the right order.
How to choose the region of relocation in Russia.
If it is a question of the Resettlement Program, then first, it should be clarified which regions of Russia participate in it and from which to choose.
Russia & # 8212; the country is very different, the way of life in different regions may differ, as if it is a question of different countries. For example, in Kamchatka, a gentleman's kit of every man & # 8212; this is a right-hand drive, a plot on the river with a red fish and caviar and a gun for hunting. In this case, a permanent place of work can be in the office. But Bashkiria has excellent opportunities for recreation on lakes and in the mountains in a 30-minute drive from Ufa, Sterlitamak or other cities. Unavailable for the Muscovite luxury. The Vologda region consists of two large cities & # 8212; Vologda and Cherepovets & # 8212; and small townships of urban type, where, in the presence of a garden, it is customary to live and for a small salary. If desired, you can work well in such village. Moreover, villages are accustomed to resettlers, because many come here after an early retirement in the north. In the Ivanovo region there is a town called Ples, in which they travel 400 miles from Moscow for one day for the sake of the Volga, beauty and clean air. In Nizhny Novgorod, too, there is the Volga, but there is also a village. Diveeevo, where on the streets you can easily meet a monk or a nun.
On the site wishing to move to Russia and refugees can learn the country from its worldly side, without politics. To get acquainted with those places which make the most interesting in life after the work is found and the life is adjusted. Information on the site is presented chaotically, since the diversity of Russia's beauty can not be systematized and does not fit in the narrow framework of the artificial concept of tourism. In our country, tourism does not take root, in us there is only "in the Guests". For immigrants and refugees? guests who can fall in love with Russia and stay here forever.
How to move to Russia as a refugee / immigrant.
You can act in two ways: participate in the Resettlement Program or obtain refugee status.
To participate in the Resettlement Program, you should call the Russian Consular Office and clarify how to get to the reception, then collect the documents and come in person with the completed documents. Copies of documents not in Russian should be accompanied by a notarized translation.
The procedure for obtaining documents is as follows. 1. Application for participation in the Program and obtaining the ID of the migrant. After two weeks, it makes sense to start calling the consulate and clarify the willingness of the answer.
2. Submission of documents to the RWP (temporary residence permit). The important point is & # 8212; It is better to print the RWP in the passport, because any changes in the national passport make it invalid.
Some explanations for completing the application for a RWP.
If there is a passport, then in paragraph 1 we fill in the name and surname. Further, the same Latin as in the passport! If you apply an internal passport & # 8212; Russian letters to complete the patronymic. In paragraph 5, write the passport data, by which you will enter the Russian Federation. Specify the passport number, date of issue and by whom it was issued exactly as it is written in the translation of this passport, without the abbreviations and corrections. In paragraph 14, if you are married or divorced, indicate the number of the marriage certificate (divorce), its number, date and place of issue (compare with the translation of this document & # 8212; there should not be any differences!). Required to fill in clause 15. You enter husbands, wives, parents, sisters / brothers, children. If someone is no longer alive & # 8212; indicate & # 171; died & # 8230; date of death & # 187 ;. In the list of employment for the past 5 years there should be no breaks! If you did not work & # 8212; Specify the period and write down "# temporarily" did not work & # 187 ;. P.17 & # 8212; income for the previous year in its own currency, or rubles or dollars. In the column & # 171; simultaneously ask & # 8230; & # 187; It is necessary to enter only minor children (name, date and place of birth, citizenship). A little lower, please specify the data of the second parent. If he does not live with you & # 8212; specify the name, nationality and information I do not have. At the end of the application, attach a list of documents: the list must completely coincide with the documents that you will submit along with the application! 1. Certificate of participation in the State program (original +1 copy) or Certificate of the participant of the State program (2 copies); 2. Passport (take a copy, translate all pages with seals or stamps, assure a notary + 1 copy of the passport and transfer); 3. The same with the internal passport (1 notarized copy of the passport with blue seals +1 copy of the passport and its transfer); Diplomas, certificates, labor books on RVP are not needed. 4. Certificate of criminal record (original with certified translation + 1 copy). Help is taken from 14 years. ; 5. Birth certificate (if everything in Russian is just 2 copies, if something is done in Ukrainian (print), make a translation, certify a +1 copy with a translation); 6. The certificate of marriage / divorce (the same as with the birth certificate.) For the husband and wife, 2 notarized translations and 2 copies must be made); 7. Certificate of international HIV sample. It's the certificate, not the certificate! Check that the doctor wrote your name and surname in Russian and must be written in Latin letters, passport number, date of birth, diagnostic number, date, and, accordingly, should be entered. The translation should include the & # 171; Certificate & # 187 ;. 8. From the narcological dispensary, you can take just a certificate (not a certificate), but that it says "drug addiction is not sick." On the account does not consist. Without this phrase, the document can not be accepted. In the Consulate there is a sample of such a certificate issued by the Kharkov narco-dispensary (you can take a picture and go to the doctor with this photo). The same phrases can be entered in the certificate. It does not matter. 9. Help from the tuberculosis dispensary. The diagnosis should be made by the phthisiatrician. The phrase "Tuberculosis is not sick" is necessary. or "Healthy." On the account does not consist. There is a sample in the consulate. 10. Information about the absence of leprosy, chancroid, syphilis and chlamydial lymphogranuloma (This can be one certificate with clearly prescribed diseases.) Also, a record is required, and it is not found. 11. Analysis of the reaction RV (can be inscribed in one of the references, or applied separately). Everything should be clearly written. 12. 4 photos 3.5 by 4.5 mm for each adult member of the family or 2 photos for children. Help from the psychoneurological dispensary is not needed. Children take the same tests as adults! All references are translated, certified by a notary and from all done for 1 copy. You should get two completely identical sets of documents. The application is submitted in 3 copies for each adult member of the family. Children fit only in the application of the State Program participant! If you are a single mother or the parent and child have different surnames & # 8212; you need to take a certificate from the Federal Migration Service of Ukraine in your area about the confirmation of the Ukrainian citizenship of the child. A child between the ages of 14 and 18 must write a statement of consent to move to the Russian Federation. The signature of the child is notarized. The receipt for payment of the state duty and the received certificate of submission of documents to the Consulate you retain and take with you to Russia. In some areas, when affixing a stamp to a PRT, they are required to be presented. The time for consideration of the application is # 8212; 2-6 months. After making a decision in the Federal Migration Service of Russia, it is necessary to leave for Russia within 1 month and stamp. Otherwise, the decision is canceled. Please note that documents may be lost upon forwarding. There is a risk. In case you have a Participant Certificate in your hands & # 8212; It is better to submit documents to the RVP in Russia. The medical commission can be passed faster, medical certificates will be unconditionally accepted by the FMS, no time is spent for sending.
Children do not need to issue a passport. It is enough to attach a birth certificate (if everything in Russian is just 2 copies, on a foreign copy of a certified copy and one copy).
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