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On a cruise liner in the Mediterranean and around Australia.

On a cruise liner in the Mediterranean and around Australia.
After our experience in Scotland, we did not want to stop there. At home, we did not really hold anything, and besides, I always had a dream to see the world. It is for such lovers to travel cheap and angry, and there is work on cruise liners. Again, you combine business with pleasure & mdash; earn money and travel. And this is an opportunity to get friends from different countries and continents, because the crews work from Australia, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa, etc.
Working on cruise liners has one big advantage before working anywhere on earth & mdash; you do not need to pay for anything. Everything, including accommodation and meals, on the ship is absolutely free. That is, in fact, on the ship you have no worries and problems except for the performance of their official duties.
But there is one big disadvantage in this work & mdash; it's work 7 days a week for 11-12 hours a day. And to work 6 & mdash; 7 months without a weekend is very difficult both physically and morally. Also quite a significant minus & mdash; it's pitching, sometimes so strong that everything falls from the tables and you have to walk around holding the handrails. So, if you have a seasickness, then traveling on a ship will not be pleasant.
However, you forget about all this, as soon as you go ashore in some port, the benefit is that the schedule is drawn up so that during the day there are 3-4 hours of break. Positive emotions from visiting new countries, cities, ancient historical monuments, etc. with the top cover all kinds of minor troubles, even forget about fatigue.
On the ship, specially for the team members there is a sports hall, a small pool on the open deck and a bar where discos are held or you can just sit to listen to music after work. In general, very often there are various parties and contests.
Working on cruise liners, you become more communicative, it is easier to adapt to new people, new work, because every time you get on a new ship, a new team.
My husband and I worked as waiters for the buffet. The main part of our contract we worked in the so-called room service (& laquo; Room Service & raquo;). Our duties included: preparing breakfasts and other orders made by phone, and their delivery to the rooms. Passengers, if they wanted, of course, could give a tip & mdash; 1-10 dollars, occasionally there were more. The salary was given to us after the end of each cruise. Basically, cruises were for 2 weeks, and the longest cruise we had around Australia & mdash; 28 days.
Generally, we did not earn as much as we would like, but it did not upset me, because the main goal was to see the world. And in general, my dream came true! We visited Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, Iceland. We finished our last contract on the islands of the Caribbean Sea, and came to our cold winter sunburnt, swam in the warm sea and even, you might say, slightly rested.
In general, after the termination of the contract, I completely forget about the work, as it was hard sometimes. I just remember the people with whom we worked together, how we played each other, joked, laughed. We still maintain a relationship & mdash; write letters, call up.
I am very glad that I had such experience.
Sergey and Polina Efimov, Sun Princess 2007.
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