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Offshore Emigration

Offshore Emigration
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Offshore registration in any jurisdiction.
What you wanted to know about offshore, but hesitate to ask.
The notion of "offshore business" in Russia managed to draw a lot of speculation and completely wrong ideas.
Not everyone even knows how to correctly write the English word "offshore" in Russian.
What kind of transcriptions can you not see by looking through the letters on the Internet! Here you can meet and "afshor", and "offshore" or "afforshor", and "affsher" or "oshhor." Sometimes these words are written through a dash (off-shor) or separated, such as "off Shore." And recently I caught such original names as "avshor" and "offsher".
But what about Russian transcriptions on the Internet, if in newspaper articles you can find such "English" writing as "ofshore", "offshor" or "off-shore".
Meanwhile, there is nothing exotic and all the more negative in this variety of foreign economic activity. In addition to the typical task of tax optimization, with the help of offshore companies numerous business tasks are being solved, for example:
-When using intellectual property.
Patent owners sometimes prefer to sell a patent or copyright to an offshore firm for a certain fee. Then the offshore company sells licenses for the use of this patent or copyright on a global scale. The original owner can continue to use the patent or copyright - under license, while royalties and royalties for them accumulate in the zones of preferential taxation.
The management personnel of a number of large companies have to work a lot in different countries of the world. Their high salaries and bonuses can fall under high, sometimes double taxation. Avoid this problem can be due to the formation of an offshore company, which will be the employer for these employees.
We live in an unstable world. Even if you live in the present moment in complete serenity, the events in a moment can turn around so that you say goodbye and with your money, and with your business. You make an unforgivable mistake if you do not take the necessary precautions now. Protect yourself and your business by using an offshore company in your business scheme.
-In order to protect their funds in the global crisis.
We must bear in mind that there are no universal schemes, unfortunately. And usually you can not use one offshore for different activities. Details should be discussed individually for each specific case with a specialist so that expectations and assumptions do not deceive you.
We will be happy to answer your questions.
More details about registration and servicing of offshore companies.
Additional information on the type of activity:
Answers to questions about offshore; Offshore dictionary. All about offshore. How to secure your future? More details on the registration of offshore companies. Details on opening accounts in overseas banks. About obtaining a residence permit. Emigration, immigration, dual citizenship. Foreign real estate.
The cost of opening is $ 900.
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