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Obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
According to statistics, only 4% of those wishing to obtain a residence permit face a refusal in Lithuania. This country, not so long ago joining the European Union, has already outstripped other post-Soviet states in terms of economic development.
Why is the Baltic region attractive for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians?
The main advantage of this Baltic power is its belonging to the Schengen zone. The resident gets the opportunity to visit about 90 countries without a visa, to live and work for a long time all over the Schengen without having to issue any documents.
Along with the locals, everyone who lives here permanently has such rights:
free education in higher educational institutions; high-quality medical care; monetary assistance to young parents, unemployment benefits; obtaining loans and mortgages; purchase of a car, duty-free use in the territory of the European Union and the CIS.
Initially, a residence permit in Lithuania for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians is issued for 24 months and is extended to 3 years. Then a foreigner can apply for a different document - a permanent residence permit (permanent residence). The migrant does not need to bring information about the state of health, confirm the material security with bank statements. Even the presence of a criminal record will not become an obstacle, since a certificate from the police is also not required.
There are other advantages of residence permit in this country:
The average time for consideration of the application is 2 months. When a foreigner extends the initial residence permit issued for 2 years, you can apply for the remaining family members. Most often a temporary residence permit is issued for them as well. An alien is given the right to conduct commercial activities.
Get a residence permit in Lithuania can be based on exclusive and business reasons. The category of exclusive applicants includes spouses of Lithuanian citizens, ethnic Lithuanians, students and graduate students, scientists, teachers, guardians of minor Lithuanians, as well as persons who require temporary protection (refugees). Business reasons are business and buying real estate.
Advantages of buying a property.
Several years ago, foreigners got the right to buy not only real estate objects, but also land plots. According to the land code, a foreign citizen does not pay a state fee. When buying a property, a temporary residence permit is issued if the living space is at least 7 square meters per person. The condition of the apartment, the availability of the amenities of the role does not play, no one checks them. For a successful move, one apartment with an area of 21 square meters per family of three people is sufficient.
The buyer can not be afraid of fraudsters: before signing a contract of sale, the buyer orders certificates that the apartment or house does not have debts. Only 3 working days after their issuance, you can finally sign everything.
The next stage is the invitation of a notary and an interpreter. The latter can not be avoided if the buyer does not speak Lithuanian. After this, the contract is sent to the Register, where it is considered from 2 to 14 days.
The average price of apartments - from one and a half thousand euros. In 2018, a square meter in a new building costs from 700-800 EU in the sleeping quarter to 1.2-1.3 EU in more prestigious areas. Even more expensive, about 1.5 EU, is estimated meter of living space in villas and apartments located in the resort area. Additional costs for processing documents will cost 200-300 EU more.
What is business immigration?
For Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians, who are not so financially sound, the simplest option is the registration of a residence permit through commercial activities.
There are several ways:
Private entrepreneurs who already own a business in their homeland can organize representation. This is financially not burdensome, the activities of the mission can be conditional. Such an organization conducts negotiations, consultations, concludes contracts and contracts. You can open a branch of the company. This allows you to conduct a full-fledged business, hire staff, provide services and make a profit. Permission for temporary residence is issued not only to the entrepreneur, but also to employees-citizens of other countries. The director is not required to hire Lithuanians. If the businessman indicates that the salary is paid to employees in the country where the parent company is located, the Lithuanian tax does not deduct taxes from the salary of employees. Registration of a new company. The residence permit in Lithuania is issued if the applicant is a director of the company, a member of the board of directors or the owner has a minimum of 1/3 of the shares. The firm must exist for 6 months or longer. You should hire at least 3 employees with Lithuanian citizenship or permanent residence. The minimum capital is 28,000 euros.
The documents to be prepared include:
an extract from a single register of legal entities (certificate of a registered private enterprise); contract of cooperation with an accountant; receipt of payment of state fee; documents that are required for registration of residence permit: passport, photographs, application.
New rules, subtleties and nuances.
November 1, 2015 came into force new rules for obtaining residence permits in Lithuania. The applicant may be refused if there are problems with the tax. First of all, this applies to business immigrants. A negative answer threatens the entrepreneur if the tax debt exceeds the amount of one social contribution.
The black list is also risky for those who were previously seen in illegal location on the territory of the state. Even if Lithuanian diplomats simply consider the behavior of an alien to be suspicious, they have the right to refuse him.
The residence permit in Lithuania is usually issued for two visits. During the first visit, the migrant must translate and notarize documents, deposit funds into the company's account if it is business migration. It will take some time before the papers are confirmed in all instances. The next step, a personal visit to the Migration Service, will be final.
What European countries can a Russian citizen visit with a residence permit in Lithuania without a visa?

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