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Nuclear Death Terror – Discography (2005 – 2012)

Nuclear Death Terror - Discography (2005 - 2012)
01. Cities To Dust (02:00)
02. Nightmare Reality (01:33)
03. System Control (02:10)
05. Police Funeral (02:02)
06. Life of Pain (02:34)
07. Necropolis (02:15)
08. Final Harvest (02:49)
02. Architects of Genocide (02:11)
03. Police Funeral (02:02)
04. A Storm of Lies (02:28)
05. In the Shadow of the Gall (03:18)
06. At the Altars of the Gods (02:20)
07. Nightmare Reality (01:31)
08. System Control (02:12)
09. Black Uniforms (02:51)
10. The Suspension of Disbeli (03:14)
11. Inferno (Disaster cover) (01:50)
02. Chaotic alliance (02:31)
03. The darkest age (02:46)
04. Morbid tales (Celtic Frost cover) (03:01)
02. Mind chain (02:36)
03. Devolve To submission (02:44)
05. Total Annihilation.
07. Devolve To Submission.
08. World Enslaved.
09. Chaotic Alliance.
10. The Darkest Age.
11. Morbid Tales (Celtic Frost cover)
Tim - Drums (Pisschrist)
The Copenhagen scene has always been full of ups and downs, but I think the quality of the teams coming out of here is simply amazingly good, and it's just a shame that bands do not live here long. I think that the size of the city plays a role in this statistics. People get tired pretty quickly and decide to move on or move on to the big cities of Europe. Two of us (I and Adam) also played in Uro, but were dropped because our two vocalists left the country. Things like this are not uncommon, and are found everywhere.
Here is a great scene, and that's why I moved here, after traveling around Europe Copenhagen became my favorite city, so. Ungdomshuset was a big part of my motivation to move here and stay. This is an incredible place, the most active and organized autonomous center that I have ever come across. As in all places, there are problems, and in the fight too. But I think the main reason is still a furious, independent, large and militant anarcho-punk and hardcore scene.
Texts are pictures of terrible inequality, violence and the absence of any other goals than individual selfish whims and desires that infect the human race, rather than any "call to arms" or a call to people to change their way of being. When I was younger, I would write more general "protesters" texts, but with this group I tried to be more concise in feelings, in their expression, and not go into tirades about "power" or "they", as often can be in such a case. In general, I can only write about topics that make me feel pain from the very base of my belly, panting with rage (otherwise I just can not scream and roar the words correctly). Such things as state efforts to destroy attempts at autonomy, such as Ungdomshuset ("In the Shadow of the Gallows"), the propaganda of war and the "war on terror" (& quot; A Storm of Lies & quot;), Sexual Abuse (& quot; Life of Pain & quot;) (...)
The house functioned as a shelter for the underground scene, a place for music, performances and rehearsals, and various independent and left groups met from 1982 to 2007.
Yes, Mid made art, and it's fucking amazing! Thank you again Mid, dammit, for an amazing job. As for sound, we are so happy that we are going to be with him after. The game and quality might be on some tracks and better, since it was Yogi's birthday (and a lot of alcohol was in the night), and plus to this - a colossal blow of fate: my amplifier broke down, like Christina's amplifier the guitar sound was much worse , dirtier and drier, and there were more distortions at the output, because the final result was worse than what we wanted, but for the most part we are very happy.
I think we are all going through hard times because of the fact that on the tour of Sweden we did not have Yogi. We had a great time with Jonas, as a drummer he was just super, but we were in a kind of spike, because everyone was wasting a lot of energy trying to help Yogi without thinking about our own mental health. You really just want to give 110% for your friend in this situation, and forget about yourself in this process. It was so hard to make a choice, but I think it was for the best that Yogi was not with us. We all hope that he is going to return to us when he is clean.
At the moment, the team released a demo cassette, full-length and two seven-inch records on Plaguebearer Records.

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