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Notes of immigrants about Canada: Zhannur Aliev & # 8211; Engineer & # 8211; power engineer (Calgary)

Notes of immigrants about Canada: Zhannur Aliev & # 8211; Engineer & # 8211; power engineer (Calgary)
In our rubric "Notes on immigrants about Canada," we will talk with interesting personalities living throughout Canada. Here, you will get acquainted with the amazing stories and Canadian life of different people. Today we will ask questions to the certified energy engineer Zhannur Aliyev.
Tell us about yourself, what do you do in life?
Hello, dear readers, my name is Zhannur, born and raised in Kazakhstan, 10 years ago immigrated to Canada. After his arrival, he managed to live in three cities of Alberta & # 8211; (Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMurray). I have two educations in the field of energy and oil and gas. At the moment I work and live in Calgary.
In which industry do you work?
I work in HVAC / R, which means "# 8211; heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration. Before that, I had worked in the oil and gas sphere as an operator. In connection with the move from the north of Alberta to Calgary, I decided to re-qualify because it was difficult to find work in the oil and gas sector.
How much is this industry in your opinion?
I believe that this sphere is very in demand since warmth and comfort are everyday needs of life. Especially here in Canada, where frosty frosts in winter and hot heat in the summer, the presence of gas heating and refrigeration systems play a big role.
In what other industries can you work? Are there any restrictions?
Since I have a certificate of energy, I can work in such industries as CHP, refineries, hospitals and all other places where boilers are available for steam and heat generation. Restrictions are the fact that I have no right to be responsible for CHP plants that produce more than 5000kV of electricity.
How did you choose the country to live in? Was this an informed choice, or was fate so?
Of all the countries for living I liked Australia and Canada. Both countries are part of the English Commonwealth and are distinguished by a high standard of living. Canada liked the fact that there are a lot of immigrants and high mix of different peoples and cultures. The choice for Canada fell consciously. Ecology, a stable political and economic situation, as well as tolerance and an abundance of social assistance for immigrants have become for me the main criteria for choosing a country.
What were your first impressions on your arrival in Canada?
Clean air and everyone is always in a hurry to where.
Why did you choose Calgary?
Calgary was a city in which there was an economic boom and a high job opportunity. The city is very clean, I lay at the foot of the rocky mountains. The population is not so large compared to such metropolitan areas as Toronto or Vancouver. There is a lot of green space and a well-developed transport.
Have you immigrated alone or with your family? Have you encountered difficulties?
Immigrated with his family. Difficulties were, without them, nowhere, starting with language and mentality and ending with getting used to the climate and multinational culture. But since Canada is a country built by immigrants, I was literally immersed in this environment and acclimatized quickly enough.
Why, in your opinion, you need to be ready, moving to Canada for permanent residence?
You need at least a basic knowledge of English and a good reserve of finances for unforeseen circumstances. It is also very familiar with immigration laws to know to whom you can apply in case of questions or problems. But in general, you need to be prepared for big changes. Do not be afraid to leave the past behind and look at the future with enthusiasm.
What do you like about Canada? (in Calgary)
In Canada, I like almost everything: the ecology and professionalism of Canadians, the high purchasing power of the dollar and the developed system of social services.
What do not you like about Canada? (in Calgary)
In Canada, as in any developed countries, a very complex tax system. For a newcomer at first, all this paperwork will take a lot of time and energy, but after practice it becomes easier. There is also very expensive medicine here, especially if there is no insurance of your own or from the employer. It happens that the doctor's visit is very long in the hospital.
How do you spend your free time?
In winter I go to the mountains to snowboard, and in summer to hikes.
To whom would you advise moving to Canada?
To everyone who wants, namely: young and not very, honest and hardworking, tolerant and open.
What do you miss in Canada (in Calgary) and would you like to change something?
I do not have enough close relatives and variety of dishes of the CIS countries.
Who do you see yourself in the future?
A professional in his own business, working part time and doing a hobby at the same time.
Your wishes.
I want to wish a million readers and many fascinating stories to Vancouver.
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