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Norway ON MAP.
Immigration to Norway is possible by creating your own business in the territory of this state, making a marriage with a Norwegian citizen, investing in real estate, getting a job or studying in the country. To date, more and more Russians are choosing to move to live in this state, since the level and quality of life here is several times higher than the average for Russia, in addition, the authorities of Norway are quite loyal to foreigners, giving them all the conditions for a comfortable and prosperous life.
Business immigration to Norway is becoming very popular: every year an increasing number of Russians who want to start their own business abroad migrate to this state. However, this type of immigration is subject to rather strict requirements. For example, to obtain a residence permit in Norway on the basis of a business visa, you will be asked to confirm your past business experience, as well as provide certificates of income for the past years. The minimum authorized capital is 13,000 euros, and the company's manager must be only a Norwegian citizen.
Labor immigration to Norway can be conditionally divided into 3 types:
Residence permit for a specialist who is in search of work, provided for 1 year without the possibility of a subsequent extension. In order to obtain the document, those who are interested in labor immigration to Norway need to submit documents on education, a certificate from the bank, confirming the existence of the required amount of money (208,000 kroons per year), and a rental contract (or certificate of ownership). The residence permit for employed professionals is provided on the condition that the employer agrees to pay the employee at least 500,000 kroons per year, and the applicant submits the documents on education. This type of residence permit can be extended, and in the future it can serve as a basis for obtaining permanent residence. Residence permit for skilled workers. These are people who have the appropriate education and work experience in a position that is in demand at the moment in the state. For example, this is a good chance for top managers, managers, people with a degree in which Norway is interested. This type of residence permits is extended, and in the future can become a basis for obtaining permanent residence.
Immigration to Norway for the purpose of obtaining an education & ndash; A very common option among Russians. In order to study in one of the universities of the country, you must file all the necessary documents and receive an invitation from the university. After that you will be given a student residence permit. Education in the state is free, but travel and stay during training will have to be paid to the student himself. After graduation students can apply for the right to work.
Immigration to Norway for the purpose of investing in real estate is not very popular today, as it does not give the right to permanent residence. However, you can get a multi-visa, according to which it is possible to visit the state several times. Many investors are interested in this opportunity. In addition, housing and commercial real estate here are relatively inexpensive.
Immigration to Norway for the purpose of marriage.
Immigration for the purpose of marriage provides an opportunity with time (for 7 years, if the family does not disintegrate) to obtain citizenship. The state does not prevent family reunification and is also loyal to foreigners moving to Norway to their relatives. They can work and even receive social assistance.
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The United States of America is one of the largest states in the world. The USA occupies the fourth place in the world in size after Russia, Canada and China, and also the third in terms of the number of inhabitants after China and India. At the same time, out of 50 states united under the star-striped flag, 2 - Alaska and Hawaii - do not share borders with the rest of the state. The capital of the USA is Washington.
The Republic of Moldova (the official name) is located in South-Eastern Europe, bordering Ukraine and Romania. Moldavia owns the most part of the Dniester and Prut rivers, and there is access to the Danube with a coastline length of 600 m. Moldova is located in the contact zone of various cultural and historical currents: Central European, Eurasian and Carpathian-Balkan.
Immigration to Georgia is not too common among our compatriots, but if you decide to take such a step, you can provide yourself with comfortable living conditions and the opportunity to find high-paying jobs.
The morals of the Cypriots are quite conservative. Greek Cypriots are businesslike and cheerful, they are hardworking and know a lot about rest. At the end of the day, when the sun sets and the heat goes away, the Cypriots leave for the taverns, often the whole family, including children, and spend the whole evening there. There may be noisy, but always - decently and safely. In Cyprus, Greek music and Greek dances are very popular. Without them, there is not a single walk. Apotheosis comes when sirtaki sounds. The tourist here is the most welcome guest, and to foreigners who want to move to Cyprus permanently, are even more friendly.
Macedonia & ndash; a beautiful state located in the Balkans, bordering Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. The country has no access to the sea, and its area is only 25.3 thousand square meters. m., but, despite this, Macedonia is one of the most picturesque corners of the world.
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