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Norway: registration of a visa for Russians in 2018 independently.

Norway: registration of a visa for Russians in 2018 independently.
The Kingdom of Norway is one of the states of the Schengen area, therefore, absolutely all Russians have a visa to Norway to enter its territory, which they must complete before the start of the trip. The document can be made in one of the visa centers of the state located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Perm, Kazan, as well as other Russian cities. But you can apply to one of the three representations of the Kingdom - the Embassy in Moscow, the Consulate General in Murmansk, or the Consulate General in St. Petersburg.
To inhabitants of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk areas the Norwegian visa to receive easier.
The need for a visa.
Norway is Schengen, which means that when issuing a visa, consulate employees are guided by the rules and directives of EU visa laws. According to these directives, every Russian, who intends to visit Norway, is required to issue the appropriate entry visa. The purpose of the visit can be any. Therefore, the question whether a visa is necessary for Norway for Russians has a positive answer.
Schengen visa C to Norway.
There are regulated procedures and procedure for issuing a visa, according to which the applicant submits a specific list of documents according to his purpose of travel. Since September 2015, this procedure includes new items, namely the surrender of biometric data.
Any visa to Norway for Russians in 2018 is issued on the basis of fingerprints and biometric photographs that are made at the time of filing. These data should be given only once in five years. After they are entered in a specialized VIS system, which is available to all Schengen countries. Minors under 12 years of age are exempted from the need to deposit such data.
Entry to Norway.
The actual rules for entry into Norway on a visa require a Russian to spend more days on a given visa in Norway. The fact is that any Schengen state can visit the Schengen area in Norway, but if the holder of the entry permit has a longer time, for example, in France, then the next time a new Norwegian visa can not be given to him. The country of the first entry is not necessarily Norway, which is relevant for travelers using interchange flights to reduce the cost of travel.
According to the rules of entry into Norway for a visa when crossing the border on your hands you need to have all those documents that were submitted for a visa and be ready to show them to the frontier service officer on demand. You also need to be prepared to answer questions about the purpose of the visit, your itinerary, dates of stay and so on.
Depending on the tasks that the traveler sets for himself in Norway, he needs to request the appropriate type of Norwegian visa. Entry documents are given for different periods and the number of allowed days of stay are also different.
Schengen visa C.
This category is suitable for a large list of travel purposes: it is issued for tourist trips, for persons arriving in the composition of various delegations, business travelers, citizens entering the country on invitation with a private / personal visit, and so on.
The Pomor visa.
A similar category of visa to Norway is relevant for residents of Arkhangelsk and the region, as well as Murmansk and the region, which have a permanent / temporary residence permit for these regions. In fact, this is the same Schengen visa and receive it under general rules, but it is issued for a longer period of up to five years, and the size of the consular fee is also reduced. At the first appeal the visa is approved only for one entry, and for subsequent ones - already for multiple crossing the border.
You can get a Pomor visa only at the Consulate General in Murmansk with personal reference. The applicant submits all documents for the Schengen visa C, the only relief is the simplified requirements for financial security. It is enough to provide a confirmation of the availability of money in the amount of 500 kroons per person per day. Please note that the Pomor visa does not entitle you to work.
National visa D.
This type of Norwegian visa is needed for those Russians who plan to study in the Kingdom of Norway, have a job with a Norwegian employer, have close relatives - Norwegian citizens and want to reunite with their families. The national visa is characterized by a longer period of validity and a period of permitted stay in the state.
Russians need to receive a visa for transit through Norway only in one case - if they plan to leave the international airport zone or transfer to a flight that flies to a non-Schengen state, for example, to another continent. Subject to a flight to the Schengen country, a transit visa is not needed if there is an appropriate entry permit issued by that country.
Required documents.
The list of necessary documents is standardized depending on the tasks of the traveler. To obtain a visa to Norway, he will need to provide general and additional sets of papers.
A cover letter with a signature that was received by e-mail after the online registration on the visa portal or a completed questionnaire, which must also be signed; One color photo of 35 to 45 mm, suitable for ICAO instructions, that is, made on a light background without distorting the image of the face of hairstyles and accessories, color, 80 per cent of the area occupied by the person; A valid international passport with at least two empty pages and valid for three months after leaving Schengen; Copies of all non-blank pages of the identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation; Receipt for payment of the consular fee (if there was an application registration online on the visa portal, then the receipt is not needed); Medical insurance, which must provide a cover amount of at least 30,000 euros; according to this medical insurance, the traveler is entitled to free medical assistance; Confirmation of accommodation: hotel reservation, rental contract; Paper capable of confirming the itinerary of travel: airline tickets or other tickets with a fixed return date, description of the itinerary of the trip; For car travelers, you need all the rights to the car, as well as international insurance; Financial guarantees: a certificate from the work where you need to indicate income, an extract from your bank account, a certificate of ownership of real estate in Russia, an extract from a credit card, a letter from the sponsor and so on. Booking of the hotel can not be applied, but then you will need a more detailed description of the itinerary of the trip.
This list of documents is suitable for a tourist / private trip to Norway. In cases where there is an invitation from a relative who is a Norwegian citizen or a person who has the status of a resident / residence permit, you must additionally apply for a visa at the invitation:
Written invitation, certified by the competent authority of Norway, which is signed by the inviting party; Confirmation of the legality of the host country's residence in Norway, the number of its identity card; Proof of kinship between invited and inviting;
For persons entering Norway for business purposes:
A written request or invitation from an interested organization, where it is necessary to specify all the data of the invited person.
For property owners:
An extract from the register, a copy of the contract of sale or any other document capable of confirming the ownership right;
A long-term national visa the applicant receives when providing a work contract, paid training or documents proving that he has a close relative - a Norwegian citizen. The process of obtaining such a document is longer, and how much it will cost depends on its type.
National D visa to Norway.
Visa for the child.
The Norwegian visa for children is made according to the same rules as for their parents. The child can both have his passport, and be entered in the passport of the mother or father. To make a document for a minor, you must additionally submit:
A copy of the child's birth certificate; Notarized written consent of the parents / parent or guardian / guardian to leave if the child travels alone or only with one of the parents / guardians; If a child's visa is requested at a time different from that of the parents / guardians, a copy of the valid Schengen visa of parents / guardians is required.
Independent design.
Any visa to Norway is easiest for Russians to do on their own, do not need to contact the services of intermediaries. You can apply at any of the visa centers in Norway in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Omsk, Khabarovsk, Perm, Irkutsk, Saratov, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Rostov, Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk. Also, the application directly receives the consular department of the Embassy of Norway in Moscow and the General Consulate in Murmansk and St. Petersburg.
When submitting an application, you must follow the mandatory algorithm:
Fill in the application form on a special visa portal, register your application. The questionnaire will be assigned a number; Collect all necessary documents and submit to a representative office or visa center; Go through the process of removing biometric data; Pay the service fee for the visa center and the consular fee of the Embassy; After a while, get a passport with a visa. Before applying and through the visa center, and through the representative offices of Norway, you must first sign up through the special forms provided on the sites.
The sum consists of two components: a consular fee and a service fee for a visa center for services. Information on how much the visa costs to Norway can be gleaned from the table.
Consular fees can be paid in cash, they also accept cards. In here the service fee for the visa center is payable only in cash and only in rubles.
Any Schengen visa to Norway costs 35 euros, regardless of the period for which it is given and the number of allowed days of stay. How much is a national visa will depend solely on the purposes of obtaining it.
Term for consideration.
An application for a Norwegian visa is considered within three to seven days. In some rare cases, this review period can be increased and the applicant can be invited for an interview, but this is the exception. You can see the readiness of your visa on the website of the visa center.
Standard terms of validity of the Norwegian Schengen visa C & # 8212; three months, six months and a year. The Pomor visa is issued for a period of up to five years. The national visa D is valid for one year, but can be extended further during this period.
The number of days allowed is another mandatory parameter that must be taken into account when obtaining an entry document. This number may be limited to the dates of travel or 90 days in the case of the Schengen visa C. The national document already gives the right to stay in Norway for up to 180 days throughout the year.
A visa can be issued for a single, double or multiple entry, each time the decision is taken individually.
The Kingdom of Norway as a Schengen country has its own clear criteria for refusing the applicant. They are fairly standard and comply with the current EU legislation. Common causes are:
Incomplete package of documents; Invalid filling in the visa application form; A suspicious portrait of the applicant, according to his package of documents; Reference information; The goals of the trip are not clear enough; Violation of the immigration regime during their previous trips to the Schengen area; A refusal stamp in the passport issued by another Schengen state.
Sometimes a person can get a refusal, from whom all the documents are in order, there is sufficient financial security and clear intentions. It must be borne in mind that the decision always remains for the concrete employee of the consulate, if something seems to him suspicious, then at the entrance will be inevitably refused. According to official statistics, from 2 to 3% of applicants receive refusals, which is not very much and allows one to talk about the sufficient loyalty of the Norwegian consulate to applicants from Russia.
According to the law, the Norwegian Consulate should provide a letter explaining the reason for making a negative decision.
The conclusion.
When planning your trip to Norway, you need to remember the following important points regarding the issuance of visas:
A visa to Norway for Russians is needed for any visit purpose and must be obtained in advance, as this is the Schengen area; The residents of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and the regions are allowed to enter Norway through a "lightweight" scheme; Apply for a visa can be both in the offices of the Kingdom of Norway in Russia, and in numerous offices of visa centers; It is better to file documents yourself, when an intermediary company does it, then it can make mistakes when filling out a questionnaire or even file fake certificates, which almost inevitably entails a refusal.
Video: life in Norway.
Contact Visa Centers and Embassies.
Visa center of Norway in Moscow.
Address: Moscow, Suschevsky Val St., Building 31/1; Phone / fax: +7 (495) 669-67-53, +7 (499) 681-13-55; Working hours: Monday-Friday; Working hours (reception and delivery): 9: 00-17: 00.
The visa center of Norway in St. Petersburg.
Address: St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Raznochinnaya street, 16�, 2 floor; Phones: +7 (812) 389-36-69, +7 (812) 309-13-73; Working hours: Monday-Friday; Working hours (reception and delivery): 9: 00-16: 00.
Embassy of Norway in Moscow.
Address: 7, Povarskaya Street, Moscow; Consular Section Telephone: +7 (499) 951-10-00 (available from 2 pm to 3 pm); Fax: +7 (495) 933-140-11; Working schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; Working hours (reception of applications): 10: 00-12: 00.
During the public holidays in Norway, the Embassy does not work. The current timetable can be viewed on the Embassy's website, it is updated annually.
The latest news about visas.
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