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Northern Cyprus go live

Northern Cyprus go live
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Cyprus and permanent residence, really?
How are they doing with work, study, medicine.
I will be grateful for any information.
Well, you're bent, rains are coming every winter in large quantities. But when they fall less than usual, they impose restrictions on water. The only manifestation of this restriction is washing in a typewriter only once every two days. Such as in Vladivostok, when the month is no hot water and for several days - generally no, there is not. We always had water in the tap. Well, this year there are no restrictions at all.
In the light of recent events, one must expect that life in Cyprus should somehow change very much and, perhaps, for the better, for those who want to spend a lot of money to teach children and to enjoy life in the Mediterranean country from the Anglo- Greek color.
Share links, people share their impressions:
The Turks ordered the perpetrators to advertise their state?
I think developers can have deals with real estate agencies that advertise Turkish properties.
And in these magazines there is nothing about real estate.
About the haircut of deposits on deposit accounts heard? The Cypriots have so cunningly built their economies that they did not do a fig while drinking frappe, they were second in terms of standard of living in Europe. Any money ever ends. We sang, danced money companies, a cat. lured offshore, from ordinary people, like us, at the cat. there were accounts in Cypriot banks and purchased real estate, and now they demand the continuation of the banquet. They ask for money from Russia, from the European Union, so that they can also live comfortably without restoring anything in their economy. But this can not be, so the most interesting is yet to come.
With us on: Mar 04, 2009.
Uh, ordinary people, like us, did not have accounts in Cyprus.
Strongly I suspect that basically people in this topic are concerned about an alternative to Thailand, but in a European manner.
Natasha, you will not believe - already met two married couples who left Cyprus, and came to live in the XX So that Asia is nice to us, no wonder the disputes are eternal - who we are, Europeans or Asians)) I'm so Asian.
Share her impressions later?
With us on: Mar 04, 2009.
Well, why, very much I will believe.
In Tae, everything is fine, except for the visa issue. It is by the way cheaper than the European one, but hemorrhoids. Oh, sorry, a branch is about Cyprus.
Our eldest there studied at school, lived on a student visa, thank God we took her there from there 3 years ago in Europe. Together with. By the way, the fin problems already began.
You need to ask the girls who are there for permanent residence, while we are thinking about the heat to go or to the eldest in Europe.
As far as I was told the other day by the consul, the annual visa from Vladika costs 9 thousand rubles, plus every 3 months it is necessary to prolong it in immigration for 1900, or to leave.
I will add about the climate in Cyprus. When they say that there is summer there all year round - this is not true, winter there also happens. Not like ours, but still there. Usually this is January-February. There is no snow, but it is very cold due to wind and high humidity. The most terrible thing is that there is no heating in the houses (familiar to us) and in winter it is necessary to warm everything that it is necessary, and this is sooooo cheap and inefficient. The houses are made of stone, they are cleaned through without any care, air conditioners and heaters can not cope with this. Very good time - autumn and spring, moderately hot and very comfortable. Summer sometimes happens tin - especially August. But in general - everything is very good.
Sometimes it happens, our eldest complained, they had something like +16 in winter, they put on their coats and hats.
Although the Thais, when the rainy week was and the temper fell to - 24, also in hats and jackets went.
800 thousand is a visa for those over 50. In rubles, it's a little more.
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