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News of Odessa.

News of Odessa.
In the Odessa region, bad weather left hundreds of people without electricity.
Rescuers continue to fight the consequences of the disaster.
Dolgostroy: it became known when they open the bridge on the highway Odessa-Reni.
To repair the crossing of the Moldovan village, additional piles and 32 million UAH were required.
PHOTOFACT. Odessites on a bicycle conquer the USA: ate cacti and followed the footsteps of Jobs.
Cyclist Ruslan Verin, after riding a two-wheeled car from Alaska to Mexico, is already traveling around the USA.
The court left in the pre-trial detention center the ex-director of the camp "Victoria"
The defense asked to ease the measure of restraint before house arrest.
In the project of e-tickets in Odessa there is no queue of investors.
If the proposals are approved, the company will receive 10% of the profit from passenger transportation.
Volunteers in Odessa collect money for warm houses for pets.
The shelter for homeless animals needs huts.
Bad weather in Ukraine: there was enough light for the Christmas tree in Ismail, and for the residents & ndash; no.
In the Odessa region, the supply of heat, water and light has not yet been fully restored.
Near Odessa there was a collision of a train with a passenger bus.
As a result of the accident, six people were injured.
Trout in ashes and apples from bacon: throughout the country there will be days of "new Ukrainian cuisine"
Cooks create a new menu for Ukrainians from local products to surpass overseas delicacies.
In the Odessa region there is an anomalous invasion of starlings.
Warm autumn and abnormally warm December played a feared joke on birds: birds refused to leave our lands, and with the onset of frost and snowfall suffer from a lack of food.
Odessa kidnapped the taxi driver and broke his ribs.
For more than a day the client illegally kept the man, beating and mocking him.
Under Odessa, the girls on the sled, tied to the car, flew into the oncoming car.
For the sake of entertainment, the girls tied the sleigh to the towbar, and the guy began to roll his girlfriends along the carriageway.
Because of cable thieves in the Odessa region there is no light and no water.
After a bad weather, steal the cable from damaged power lines.
PHOTOFACT. Odessians marked Day of Unification with a bright flash mob.
Participants raised their flashlights over their heads, and photographers captured the moment with the help of a quadrocopter.
In Odessa, robbers fought off the cops: drove the car and threw with a knife.
The police had to use weapons, after which the attackers were detained.
The large cities of the Odessa region remain without heat, water and light for six days.
In Izmail, Artsiz, Kiliya and Vilkovo, rescuers still can not overcome the effects of bad weather.
Measles kills: the Ministry of Health told about deaths.
Since the beginning of the year, there have been three measles deaths in Ukraine.
Measles does not recede: in Odessa region, a woman and two babies died.
Hospitals continue to receive patients, during the week the incidence rate increased by 22.7%
Earn for a dream: the extreme goal of a student from Odessa.
The girl wants to overcome her fear and jump with a parachute near the active volcano.
The case of 700 million: the siloviki conducted more than 40 searches.
In the illegal scheme, employees of the judiciary and the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine are also involved.
Hundreds of people from Odessa spent the last journey of an officer who died in a shootout.
Sergei Prigarin was 27 years old, he had a wife and two-year-old daughter.
In Odessa port detained guys with weapons.
Young people say that they played in airsoft, but the border guards found their weapons suspicious.
In Ukraine, a new fraud with "social cards"
Odessites tried to "dissolve" the data of bank cards.
In Ukraine, 174 settlements in three regions remain de-energized.
Traffic on the highway M-05 "Kiev & ndash;; Odessa" completely unblocked.
Your whim - their death: the Ukrainians went to the picket against natural fur.
Pickets took place in Lviv, Dnipro, Poltava, Odessa, Kiev and other cities.
The Odessa craftsman turns plants into exquisite accessories.
To make an earring, pendant or ring, she can use blades of grass, orchids or dandelions.
Bad weather in Ukraine: the traffic on the Kiev-Odessa highway is resumed in two areas.
A small snow goes in Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Odessa and Mykolaiv regions.
Shooting in Odessa: the police told about the deceased familiar shooter.
The man tried to prevent Doroshenko from shooting at the police.
In Odessa, a drunken man opened fire on the elderly.
The shooter used a rifle.
In the Odessa region there was an explosion at the recreation center.
As a result of the incident, there are no victims.
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