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Nationality of Slovakia.

Nationality of Slovakia.
To be a citizen of Europe - on the one hand, to much obliges, and on the other - allows you to have a large number of additional bonuses and preferences. Free movement across European countries is one of them, and not the most significant. Russians and Ukrainians, for example, began to settle more and more in Slovakia. However, it is not everyone and not everyone who is able to become a full-fledged citizen of this republic.
Rules with exceptions, and without.
There are a number of conditions, compliance with which will make it possible to claim to become a citizen of Slovakia with all the rights and duties that follow from here.
To begin with, it is only possible to obtain Slovak citizenship after Slovakia has become your permanent residence for ten years and one day. Not less. This applies to citizens of all other countries, except Slovakia and the European Union. First a temporary residence permit is issued for five years, then a permanent residence permit for five years and only after that one can safely apply for Slovak citizenship.
One of the exceptions in this case may be the creation of a family and the official registration of a marriage with a citizen or citizen of Slovakia. In this situation, after five years of residence in the country for permanent residence, which is issued immediately without a temporary residence permit (residence permit), you can claim to register the citizenship of Slovakia.
The chances of becoming Slovak citizens are somewhat higher among the residents of the European Union, if they certainly have such a need. They need to live in the country for eight years and one day to obtain citizenship. And they get permanent residence right away, bypassing the stage of a temporary residence permit. Well, in a more advantageous situation there are children who are adopted or adopted by citizens of Slovakia. Literally, after two years of permanent residence, a child can apply for citizenship. And in this case permanent residence is issued immediately.
From knowledge to reputation.
Another condition is the knowledge of the Slovak language, exactly as well as good knowledge in the history, culture or literature of the country you plan to become a citizen of. About this you will be asked during the filing of documents specially collected commission. Ask questions about your relatives.
Therefore, it is better to train in advance and show the commission the seriousness of its intentions to become a citizen of the country. In addition to knowledge, this will require the provision of insurance (medical and social), confirmation of official employment with proof of payment of all necessary taxes and fees. People of retirement age will have to confirm the existence of savings and a pension certificate, and students will need a certificate from the school. Yes, and that your application was only considered it is necessary to pay 700 euros to the Slovak treasury.
In an individual order.
But even having passed all the interviews and checks, it is necessary to understand that each application for citizenship is considered individually, and the Slovak party may have additional conditions or questions for applicants. The procedure for obtaining citizenship can be delayed for a long time.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovakia can consider the issue of obtaining citizenship up to two years from the date of receipt of the application. And if you, after all, are lucky, then you become a citizen of Slovakia immediately after you have received the certificate and have taken the oath of the citizen. If you are unlucky, then you will be informed about this, as the application for citizenship can be rejected even if all the conditions are met and the necessary documents are available.

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