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Nationality of Bulgaria.

Nationality of Bulgaria.
Bulgarian citizenship as the first stage for the permanent residence of Germany.
Pluses of registration of Bulgarian citizenship.
A citizen of Bulgaria has the right to visa-free entry to almost all countries of the world, including a simplified scheme in the US, Canada and Australia. With the US there is a facilitated visa regime, and full visa cancellation is expected in the next 2 years and depends on the introduction of biometric passports by Bulgaria. A Bulgarian citizen can freely live up to 6 months a year in any EU country or obtain a residence permit. A Bulgarian citizen can obtain a residence permit in any EU country simply on the basis of the availability of Bulgarian citizenship and proving financial solvency (real estate for residence (property or long-term lease) and bank account). A Bulgarian citizen can register a firm in any EU country, speaking personally as a director (which is problematic for Russian citizens). A Bulgarian citizen can purchase an immovable property in the EU as an individual (there is no need to register a company or receive a special permit). A Bulgarian citizen has the right to pay taxes in Bulgaria, the lowest rates in Europe: 10% single tax for individuals, 10% corporate profit tax, 5% dividend tax on the distribution of the firm's profits.
Our company is an investor of construction projects in Bulgaria and has many years of experience in the design of residence permit and permanent residence in Bulgaria (in the office we will acquaint you with our investment objects).
Taking into account all of the above, we can recommend to register the citizenship of Bulgaria for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship of Germany without any difficulties or significant investments.
With the accession of Bulgaria to the Schengen area, it is important for those wishing to quietly visa-free travel throughout Europe or permanently reside in Bulgaria, to obtain visas for simplicity in America and other decent countries that are not members of the European Union.
The European Parliament adopted on first reading amendments to Regulation No. 562/2006 on the movement within the EU of persons who have permanent residence (long stay) in one of the countries of the European Union. The amendment provides for persons who have permanent residence in one of the countries of the European Union visa-free travel to other EU countries with a possible stay of up to 3 months in a half-year. In fact, after receiving this amendment, persons who have permanent residence in Bulgaria can visually visit all EU countries.
Permanent residence in Bulgaria.
Permanent residence in Bulgaria (permanent residence permit in Bulgaria). There is no requirement to stay in Bulgaria for more than 180 days a year, canceled in May 2009.
There are several ways to obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria, we act only legally and legally, we do not even discuss the other. "Legitimate" means that in the process of registration of permanent residence in Bulgaria there will be no forged documents and the basis provided by the Law will be clearly and unequivocally provided. Nonsense, like "searching for the Bulgarian roots" (which do not exist) or "proof of Bulgarian origin" (which was not) we are not engaged. And you do not recommend & mdash; lose money and get into the STOP entry sheet in Europe for five years minimum.
Permit for permanent residence (permanent residence) is unlimited, the card is issued for the period of validity of the Russian passport - 5 or 10 years. After, it is automatically extended for the following terms of a new Russian passport after the expiration of the old Russian passport. After 5 years of permanent residence in Bulgaria, under the law there is an opportunity to apply for a Bulgarian citizenship.
Please do not confuse the concept of permanent residence in Bulgaria or permanent residence in Bulgaria - this is what is described above and long-term (long-term) stay in Bulgaria or residence permit in Bulgaria. The residence permit in Bulgaria is issued for a period of only 1 year and it is necessary to confirm annually the status for renewal. Get it easier, but keep it more difficult. For registration of residence permit absolutely different conditions.
Bulgarian citizenship, passport of an EU citizen.
Registration of Bulgarian citizenship to the investor and his family is carried out on the basis of the Law on Bulgarian Citizenship. The processing time is at least 6-8 months!
1. Bulgarian citizenship can be issued after 5 years of permanent residence in Bulgaria (legally, for example, with permanent residence), i.e. on naturalization. In some exceptional cases, the period may be reduced to 3 years, but this is not stipulated in the Law. Please note only in EXCLUSIVE cases. Registration of citizenship on this basis DEMANDS mandatory renunciation of the existing citizenship of the candidate, i.e. the order for appropriation of citizenship will be signed, but the passport of the CITIZEN of Bulgaria will be issued only after the document on the withdrawal from the existing citizenship is provided.
2. Bulgarian citizenship can be issued for special services to the country in various fields, including in the field of financial and economic services or for patronage. Processing time & mdash; from 4 to 6 months (guaranteed!), from the conclusion of the contract and ending with the issuance of the Decree of the Vice-President of the country on granting citizenship and obtaining a passport of a Bulgarian citizen. Registration of citizenship on this basis DOES NOT REQUIRE a mandatory refusal of the existing citizenship of the candidate, i.e. second citizenship is issued. The second passport of an EU citizen.
We would like to provide relevant, supporting documents in our office. We have a real experience of registering citizenship and can really apply for Bulgarian citizenship.
If you are interested in investing besides citizenship, this is discussed individually in each case. Investments (but not any, but prescribed in the law) also allow under the law to issue citizenship, including the family of the investor. Money is invested in certain, reliable projects and remains under the control of the investor. The amounts returned from the implementation of projects can, after payment of taxes, be placed on the investor's personal account with the banks of Switzerland or Austria (we open accounts with the investor in the bank, we also provide recommendations).
ATTENTION, beware of scammers! There are a number of parameters by which you can determine in advance the reality of promises of citizenship in Bulgaria.
If you have any questions, please contact us for advice.
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