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Natashin's blog Personal Natashin diary ...
Hunchun is a city of Russian pensioners.
by Natali | in category ACTUAL, Interesting | 23-01-2015.
Life in retirement can be easy, pleasant and even festive for ordinary Russians.
At least for those who live in border areas with China.
This is the conclusion I made after reading the article "Rusichane" in the newspaper "Sobesednik" No. 41.
Foreigners can not obtain a residence permit or a passport of a citizen there, except those who married a Chinese. But they can cheaply buy or rent good housing.
For example, in the border town of Hunchun, three-room apartments, an area of 80 square meters. meters, are sold for 760 thousand rubles. They rent for 6 thousand a month. For light, water and heating, they pay 17 thousand rubles a year. I look at my payments for the last month and see that for the same services I have to pay 2763 rubles for a living space of 43 squares. I consider how much I will give money to our public utilities for the year, and I feel the difference in favor of housing in China.
But let's return to the testimony of the "Interlocutor". The article also tells about other interesting things. Hunchun by Chinese standards is considered a small city (280,000 people live there) and in fact is a large sanatorium. The quality of medical services, in comparison with the Russian ones, is higher there, and the cost is lower at times. The prices are so attractive, especially for dental services, that medical tours are regularly organized from our side of the border areas.
And on the other side - tourmaline and jade baths, massage, saunas, whirlpools, healing caves and various other joys for the body. You can spend the whole day in such offices and hospitals, having spent only 1,250 rubles. Russian money can be exchanged in any exchanger, they are also accepted in some stores. It is noticed that our women, having lived in such conditions, sharply grow prettier.
In addition, Hunchun - a cozy city, quiet, with a developed infrastructure and good natural recreation areas - in its vicinity about 12 lakes and ponds, with beaches and boat stations. They write that the locals are benevolent and already know some Russian words.
All this is wonderful, you will say, but what about food, do not you go all this radiant day to the hungry? At 100 rubles you can quite decently dine at a cafe. Finding the right institution is easy, since all the signs in this city are also in Russian. The most popular restaurants in the city are called "Music" and "Birch".
In Hunchun, the Russian-Chinese trade and economic zone has been established, and about two hundred Russian families have already bought housing there. Probably, their number will increase. Despite some inconvenience to stay: you must periodically travel to your homeland for a pension and a visa extension.

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