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Nai Yang Beach in Phuket.

Nai Yang Beach in Phuket.
Nai Yang Beach is located in the northwest of Phuket, between the beaches of Knighton and Mai Kao, 1 km from the airport and 30 km from Phuket Town. Strictly speaking, although the coast is located just a kilometer from the airport, it is necessary to get to it bypass, so in practice you will have to travel in circles of 5-6 km.
Nai Yang Beach is a great place to rest from the hustle and bustle, and in general from civilization. It is located on the territory of the National Park, so the ecology is full order. In the district there are no shopping centers, markets, large shops, bars with girls (although you can find a girlfriend for the night), banks and nightlife. All that awaits you is a clean sea, soft sand, lots of greenery, several restaurants and massage parlors and everything. After sunset, life completely freezes, the coast plunges into darkness and only on a small stretch in the center of the beach there is some movement (where all hotels are located, of which there are not more than 10).
Nai Yang stretches for 2 km, but strictly speaking there is no exact border, because in the north it flows smoothly into the beach of Mai Kao.
Conditionally the coast can be divided into 3 parts: northern, central and southern. The north adjoins directly to the airport and from here the excellent views on landing and taking off planes. Be sure to take the camera to take pictures of airbuses against the backdrop of palms, blue sky and white clouds. It leads an asphalt road, although near the beach there is a "block post", where for entry to motobike you have to pay 20 baht (about 17 hours, after - for free). Slightly to the south is another road, through which the entrance is free. Further, this highway passes about 100-150 meters from the coast almost to the southernmost end. Fortunately, such a long distance to the sea and almost complete absence of any movement, do not completely ruin the idyllic paradise with exhaust gases.
Northern part.
In the northern part of Nai Yang beach there are very few tourists, but there are many Thais here, especially with young children. The sea is shallow and they frolic on the beach. In the evenings and weekends, real family picnics are arranged here. The coast is not very wide - about 10 meters, but just behind the sand begins grass and a small forest, so that the shade is more than enough, so there are no sun beds.
In this part there are only a few bungalow hotels located on the other side of the road, passing 100 meters from the sea. In the daytime there are several makashnits, where you can buy rice with chicken or fruit. After sunset, the coast dies out, there is no light and everything is plunged into darkness.
If you go at this time to walk to the sea, then you must take a flashlight and not only to illuminate the path, but from all the snakes that can be in the grass. Stronger shuffling your feet so that they heard you in advance and in horror fled before you!
Central part.
The central part of Nai Yang is the most inhabited. Here are the main hotels (for example, The Slate, Nai Yang Beach Resort and Spa, Dang Sea Beach Bungalow), mini markets, massage parlors, tour desk, restaurants and pubs. There is a taxi rank to all beaches and airport (to Patong 800 baht, Surin and Kamala - 700, Kata and Karon - 950, Phuket Town - 650, airport - 200).
From here you can get to the main attractions of the island: Big Buddha - 900 baht, Wat Chalong - 800, Ban Phe waterfall - 500 baht, Phuket Night market - 650. If you want, you can go to Khao Lak - 1800 baht, Krabi - 2800 and on the island of Lanta - 4800. The truth is much cheaper to get for 650 baht to the main bus station of Phuket and there to buy a ticket to the minivan to Krabi for only 120 baht and to Lanta for 220 baht.
The central part of Nai Yang is similar to some other beaches in Phuket - the same road (which is already 50 meters from the coast), the same loungers in 3-4 rows, some water activities.
On the other hand, there are not so many people, and in the low season more than half of the sun loungers are empty. Yes, and motorbike on the road almost do not go, so that the coast is fairly calm, and after sunset generally grace. Local exclusive - rental kayak boats, which you will not find on Patong - the most popular and untwisted beach in Phuket.
South part.
The southern part is almost completely deserted. Here, until the asphalt and the road is a mixture of sand and gravel. It looks like the northern part, only without the Thais, resting on the shore. The people do not have a day, let alone at night. It is very beautiful, there are many trees, a river flows into the sea.
On the other shore, at the very tip of the beach, is the hotel The Imperial Adamas Beach Resort. Prior to it, 200 meters and the beach next to it is also almost deserted. If you have your own vehicle, like nature and loneliness, then this is the place for you! Paradise rest is guaranteed, especially in the low season, when for an hour you can not meet a single person.
On the beach of Nai Yang, there are no sights, but, with transport available, there are quite a lot of interesting places, both natural and man-made. First of all, these are waterfalls and the biggest one is Ban Pe. In the second, two large churches - Wat Pratong and Wat Phra Nang Sang, and in the third - a water park, which is located next to the nearby beach of Mai Kao. Thus, living on Nai Yang, you will see different sights of the island - both natural and religious.
Those who want to get a little stupid can go to the beach in Surin (about 20 minutes by taxi), where there are quite a few large shops. There is also night entertainment. If you want, you can go to the largest shopping center of the island - Central Festival, which is in Phuket Town (about 40 minutes).
How to get to Nai Yang.
You can get to Nai Yang beach from the airport only by taxi (the average price is 200 baht), no buses and minivans come here. You can book a transfer in Phuket in advance.
From Phuket Town - you can take the bus at the old bus station to the airport (travel 90 baht). You need to leave the signpost for Nai Yang beach, there you can catch mototaxi and get to the coast (you'll have to wait a while, because there they do not often go in this area). In fact, it's better to go to the Tesco Lotus store in Thalang (it's on the way between Nai Yang and the Heroines Monument). And there is already guaranteed parking of motobikes.
If you travel from the south on your own transport, then take the Thep Krasattri highway, and after 14 km turn left on highway 4026, which will lead to the beach.
Hotels on Nai Yang.
There are not many hotels near the beach, but there is still plenty to choose from.
Best hotels in Nai Yang:
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