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My bad experience of immigration.

My bad experience of immigration.
Kind time of the day for all who have the patience to read what I now write. I really wanted to live with my family in the best country in the world Canada. And, perhaps, such a strong desire eclipsed all my sanity and sanity of my husband, and there were no people around who would tell us to "think again, do not do stupid things."
In August of this year, my husband found, upon the recommendation of a well-known middleman, an attorney who was ready to help us with immigration to Toronto, nothing at all, for a ridiculous fee. 2000 $ on arrival and the rest of the money, around $ 3000, after receiving unemployment benefits.
God, how he beautifully described everything. At that time, I was 3 months pregnant and imagined rainbow paintings, like me and my family with two children, we come to the wonderful city of Toronto, rent an apartment, my husband works, and I give birth in April to a citizen of Canada, receive benefits, older children go to school, learn English, French. A high standard of living, no crime. Well, what else can I dream of sitting in Chelyabinsk. In general, my husband and I decided to put all our efforts on this grandiose project.
Everything began to spin very quickly, even faster than we expected. At first our "lawyer" asked him to send him a Western Union translation of 1000 dollars to book hotels, on the basis of which my husband was to receive a tourist visa. And the plan was this: the husband goes as a tourist (by all truths and not the truth he had to get to Canada) surrenders. After about 2 months, I arrive in America, the lawyer meets me, takes me to Buffalo, takes me by the handle across the border, and can not leave me, because on the territory my husband, who asked for asylum, and I want to restore the children family. something like this.
In general, first a thousand dollars. By the second (to pay for my armor in America), supposedly to America, I'm going to Disneyland with children on vacation. In parallel, we are waiting for a visa from my husband .. Somewhere in the middle of November our "assistant" calls and sadly reports that another $ 4,300 is needed to fully pay for the hotels in Canada, allegedly through his channels he learned that the consuls have no complaints about the documents of my husband, the only thing that bothers them is that the tour is not paid. And it needs to be done as soon as possible.
In a hurry, we run to borrow money and of course we send it to him. But the lawyer hurried us to reassure that we will pay for the insurance and in case of refusal of the hotel services 75% will be returned to us within a month, but only on condition that my husband is in Canada. And it is from these returnable money (if I'm not mistaken, it was about $ 3700), he will take part of the payment for his services. As a result, the husband receives a visa, and on the same evening we begin by skipping our further actions. The lawyer informs us that the husband must fly out in 2 days, calculate our future expenses and get $ 16,000. With horror, we run to borrow money from relatives and leave a flat on bail, and why we need it, because we are going to a new life.
In general, it's time to round off, upon arrival in Canada, the lawyer refuses his words and requires $ 2000 from his husband. Right now, there is nothing to do, it was necessary to give. Later he refuses to help with housing, then refuses to transfer me across the border, explaining this by saying that he did not say anything of the sort to me and that I am somehow from New York to Canada myself. And her husband hinted that he should go home before it's too late.
Well, I was not able at 6 month of pregnancy to risk my still unborn child and two kids and go on a trip to nowhere, maybe luck. Not that this is the case. Here is a story about two suckers from Chelyabinsk.
Debts are more than half a million, there is no apartment, the way to Canada has been ordered. A lot of spent nerves, health undermined, a poor unborn baby who also experiences stress due to grief-mother.
It is necessary to guard against the growth of the originally agreed amount, because a competent lawyer always knows how much and what is worth, about possible extras. spending will always warn in advance, and will necessarily name the size of these additional. expenditure.
Of course, at the very beginning you got involved in an adventure, a game of chance. I think you understood this. Always remember that it is better to lose a small part than all.
Markoon, I think you will be more careful than the rest of your life. Others still have a chance to get in, you do not already have. Hold on, in life this is the most important thing. Everything will pass and you will rise to your feet. Good luck to you!
In contact, there is already a support group for those who left Russia and now very much wants to return for various reasons.

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