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moving with a child to a man.

moving with a child to a man.
At first the husband simply came often, to walk or visit, we spent a lot of time together three together. Then he began to stay sometimes. Then he moved. In this moment, there was nothing particularly complicated, the son knew this man almost from birth and treated him well. Although the share of jealousy was still. With life, nothing has changed much, oddly enough.
But this move. Somehow I started a speech that we will have a new house, the son did not need him, his house is here, he likes it here. While I do not raise the topic anymore. When we make repairs and will be ready to furnish a nursery - I'll borrow it by choosing everything there. Can inspire))
I do not want to hurt my son, my mother and myself. But when that will probably be an ultimatum. And cheto I'm so afraid of it.
With the son and the man everything is ok, they are familiar with the "belly"
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Hello everyone & # 33; Just in case, unsubscribe, maybe someone will come in handy. I have a heterosexuality in all cytokines.
Hello everyone & # 33; Passed from the topic of AI here. Did 2 times AI, B did not come. We planned to do the 3rd.
Hello everyone & # 33; For a long time did not unsubscribe here) In this pon-to (28 DPP) was on ultrasound, 1 PY, even the heart.
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