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Moving to Vietnam for permanent residence.

Moving to Vietnam for permanent residence.
Life and work in Vietnam: instructions for moving.
So if you want to work under the palm trees on the coast, learn surfing or kiting - these are the places for you. Unlike sea resorts, in big cities it's hot and stuffy in summer, but next to the sea the constant breeze and heat are not so hard to bear. In hot weather, you can go to Dalat. It's an amazing city. Just a few hours, and you will forget about the heat.
In Dalat, cool air and beautiful views, so it is also called the city of eternal spring or a small Paris.
How to move to Vietnam for permanent residence or live there for a long time?
Having received documents on employment, people get the right to issue a residence permit. A residence permit entitles you to purchase accommodation in Vietnam, while a tourist visa does not give such a right.
Most often, as agents who help to formalize documents about official employment, representatives of travel agencies act on channels that have been established over the years.
Some tourists think that marriage with a Vietnamese citizen can radically change the situation.
The residence permit is issued for a period of three or five years and is extended as required. The organization of its business in Vietnam has many pitfalls, the main of which is a somewhat confusing business legislation.
There are two ways to acquire your company: buy already ready from the Vietnamese and start your own business from scratch. In any case, the foreigner will have to acquire a license to conduct business, without which any commercial activity on the territory of the republic is not permitted.
Together with Buddhism came the traditional Indian canons of art, which, combined with the national color, create beautiful temples. An example - the folk paintings of the "Dongho", formed under Hindu influence, are unique in the culture of the peoples of South-East Asia. The territory of the state along the coast of the South China Sea with vast areas of fertile land and the abundance of fresh water in the rivers has repeatedly been seized by aggressors.
Emigration to Vietnam: part two.
In Vietnam, the situation with cars is more complicated.
Local people do not buy cars, because the country is still poor.
To keep the car expensive, and for daily trips the moped looks more practical.
I was at first scared of mopeds. There are cheap Chinese, for $ 300, there are Yamaha, which is already safer, there are unknown brands in Russia, different in price and quality.
In large cities, a sufficient number of Europeans, but they do not risk riding the mopeds.
How to move to permanent residence in Vietnam, get citizenship and residence permit?
Emigration can be considered completed when a foreigner receives permanent residence (permanent residence permit), or citizenship.
If this status is an immigrant's dream, he should immediately start preparing for full naturalization: to learn the language, the history of the country and scrupulously follow all the norms of law and morality. All the years of life on the status of residence permit, he must be noted in the migration service. To withstand the language exam, you need to attend special courses or hire a tutor.
Advantages of moving to Vietnam.
I considered several options - Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Montenegro, India, the USA and Canada. However, the choice fell on Vietnam. I myself am not a big fan of the culture of Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular.
If I had the opportunity, I would move to a less exotic but more civilized country, but at 31 I can afford to do so, either Vietnam or India. Thus, the main decisive factors have become.
I have a lot of friends and acquaintances moved abroad, who to where. Almost all have to work up to the seventh sweat to pay for housing.
Escaping from the Moscow bustle in their lives, almost nothing has changed in the best direction.
And in the US and Canada, the same traffic jams, the same queues, the same subway and even the crush.
In general, to live in a civilized country, one must work hard or be rich initially. Therefore, Vietnam.
Moving to Vietnam for permanent residence is a # 8212; relatively low prices for housing allow you to live at the expense of renting an apartment in Russia! With moderate spending and average requests, you can forget about work at all.
No longer need to wake up at 6 am and go to the hated office through traffic jams or stand in the subway car.
Year-round rest on the sea is also an absolute plus. Simplicity of registration of the visa and the opportunity to live in the country without leaving almost a year (the visa is extended in tour agencies every 3 months, after 9 months of visa of wounds to Cambodia and back).
It would seem heaven on earth. However, there is also a flip side.
After coming here, the euphoria passed in a few days.
The drunkenness of the party is over and it is time to solve the pressing problems.

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