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Moving to Turkey from Ukraine

Moving to Turkey from Ukraine
Concerning the documents of residence permit for parents, I already found out there is "a residence permit for parents on the basis of the residence permit of their children"
Now I am looking for her for communication of Russian-speaking pensioners 🙂
Sarikedi, I congratulate you, the closest and dearest person will be very close)))
I live in paradise, I am dressed in happiness.
My mother is a doctor. For her, Turkish medicine is worse than hell. But about medicine its theme, with talk about doctors there.
But I write in general, I do not mean specific your situations. We also have such mom-dads here. it's hard for them, to be sure. Only here in the Brooklyn type is not bad.
The Germans live a lot here, so they migrate as if by "tribes" vseravno, of the same age, couples and get acquainted, sit in cafes, walk, etc. Everything suits))) The apartment is there, there is a pension, the sun and the sea, and what else. Communication! And a complete set. It's time for our: D.
Do not be offended, of course, but why compare the German retirees and Russian (and all former Soviet)? Europeans have the age of our fathers and mothers more open to the world. Because they were able to travel to other countries in their youth, because those who left, learned languages and, most importantly, communicated with them. And our daddy-moms, well, the average ones, where did they go, nafig? In the Crimea, yes (for the great bluff) to the countries of the former socialist camp. And there they went about the handle with the guide. Our really can be good, if it is some sort of diaspora, so that everything around Russian (Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc.), everything around me. Against age and established habits, you can not trample on everyone, even if outwardly joyful, you can not get inside - maybe, there, in the interior, he is not particularly happy, just accepted the circumstances.
And what is IMHO?
I'm not gayde, of course, but I will.
IMHO - this is the English abbreviation IMHO, written in Russian letters, which stands for "In my humble opinion" - "In my humble opinion".
I live in paradise, I am dressed in happiness.
And so, the question at this time will arise about the second child and my mom herself offered to move ..
We also plan to keep it for six months, only rent an apartment for her a little.
And it's possible to take your own in the city.
On the sale of apartments in Russia, there is no question .. Muzh said in Russia to sell housing is not necessary and citizenship let the Russian will be at my mother .. And the visa will be made as a relative.
I will be calmer and help from my mother.
And then he goes to rest every year and one sometimes .. and then he'll get comfortable quickly .. she's 60, but she looks at 50 and still goes to the disco sometimes)) fighting such when she does not die)) But in Turkey she usually does not have anything to hurt. . The climate is very suitable.
Thank you very much for the transcript.
I will be calmer and help from my mother.
And then he goes to rest every year and one sometimes .. and then learn quickly .. she's 60,
just about the same and we also decided 🙂 my mom is a contemporary of your mother 🙂 we are also one-on-one with her husband and with her mother so planned 🙂

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