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Moving to Thailand for permanent residence.

Moving to Thailand for permanent residence.
Now it is only the beginning of summer and most of the winterers have already left the warm regions and returned to Russia. But there are those who are just planning their first winter in Thailand, and especially for these people, we want to share our experience today, "longevity & raquo; in Pattaya, which probably will help someone to avoid the unnecessary financial losses that we once committed.
To search for new housing in Pattaya, we thoroughly prepared before we left for Russia two months ago. To begin with, we decided on the area in which we want to live in Pattaya, and then we traveled around all the condominiums we were interested in and looked at the various options for rented apartments and found out the prices for them.
Contrary to all negative expectations and doubts about "whether we will be allowed to Thailand", on Friday we flew from Novosibirsk to Bangkok, and today we are already in Pattaya. About how we got to Thailand and passed passport control, read below.
Exactly a week later we return to live in Pattaya. In this small post I will tell you about what to take to Thailand if you eat there for rest or for a longer period, for example, for wintering or for permanent residence.
We decided to issue a tourist visa to Thailand due to the fact that the usual stamp on arrival, allowing Russian citizens to stay in the country for 30 days, is unlikely to be delivered to us. In this post I will talk about how we remotely issued a Thai tourist visa in Moscow.
A little less than a month remains until our return to Thailand. This time we want to answer as much as possible the question "How to move to Thailand for permanent residence?" & Raquo; and describe all aspects of the relocation and development of life in Pattaya, especially since all this process we have to go through again.
Yesterday we found that air tickets to Bangkok from Novosibirsk with a flight on August 15 can be bought for only 11,208 rubles. Given that the carrier is the S7 airline and we have already accumulated about 20,000 bonus miles under the S7 Priority program, we decided to save on the flight in full and get one free ticket for miles.
Before buying tickets one way to Bangkok, we read many different forums on which people gave various useful tips for future immigrants. In particular, many faced the fact that when registering for a flight they were asked to show a return ticket from Bangkok, or at least a reservation for a return ticket.
We flew to Bangkok with a 14 hour transfer in Beijing, so we planned in advance that we will not stupidly sit at the airport for 14 hours, and we will spend this time visiting the Summer Imperial Palace.
Approximately, half a year ago, we decided to move to Thailand for permanent residence, and we had to start doing something to make our wishes come true. First of all, we made a list of necessary cases, which we had to do before departure.
Tourist insurance.
Chip flights.
Cheap hotels.
2013-2018 & copy; The way to financial freedom. A new life in Thailand.

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