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Moving to Nigeria.

Moving to Nigeria.
Moving to Nigeria is a big problem for many emigrants. In our guide for immigrants, we offer information on registration of documents, immigration process, a list of Nigerian cities and other useful information that you should know before you go to Nigeria.
Destinations of emigrants in Nigeria.
Most of the emigrants in Nigeria, obviously, are chosen from economic and industrial centers in Nigeria. Most of them are located in the southern coastal regions of the country. In addition, many emigrants live in Nigeria's free trade zones, which usually provide residence for employees.
If you do not move to Nigeria solely on business, you will want to explore the country in more detail. Please take note of the precautions that we have collected in our article about life in Nigeria before you freely review the country.
Lagos & # 8212; The largest city and, thus, is the first choice for many emigrants in Nigeria. Although the exact estimates vary, with a population of around 21 million in a large metropolis in 2014, it is considered the most populous city in Africa, even ahead of Cairo. In the metropolis on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, there is rapid growth, moving to the economic and cultural center of the country remains a great incentive for people from rural areas and abroad.
In many ways, Lagos is the most important city in Nigeria. This is a major hub for banks, industrial enterprises, as well as music and film industry. Of the three ports, a large warehouse for the transfer of the country is produced for all goods, with the exception of oil, which is supplied directly from the Delta. Metropolis is also home to the most modern International Airport.
Lagos was the capital of Nigeria until 1991. Most embassies, although now officially based in Abuja, processing visa applications from their offices, stayed in Lagos. The cultural and economic city has no equal, as well as in quality of life. Many emigrants in Nigeria choose for their location a place in the popular areas of the island of Victoria, Ikoyi, Apapa, and Ikea, where life is more calm and safe work.
You need an employment contract that allows you to move to Lagos.
Port Harcourt.
Employment in Port Harcourt means doing business at the oil production center in Nigeria. This is the main gathering point for oil extracted in the Niger Delta, which has become the home of most refineries in Nigeria.
Since the first oil shipment in 1958, Port Harcourt has had a significant impact on people from the Delta. This is both a blessing and a curse: the masses of people moving to industrial centers in Nigeria from rural areas have caused a housing shortage and an increase in infrastructure problems. Pollution is also quite heavy in the area. Living in Nigeria, you have to put up with pollution, and Port Harcourt surpasses everything else in this regard.
For the reasons that we have outlined in our article on working in Nigeria, the city is often shaken by the violence and illegal actions of militant gangs, whose goal is often foreigners. Therefore, for security reasons, port-Harcourt should be avoided by emigrants, if possible. If you sign a contract with one of the major oil companies that offer a protected area for their employees, moving to other economic centers in Nigeria will be the best choice.
The capital of the country since 1991. Abuja & # 8212; the undivided center of political power in Nigeria. Located in the center of Nigeria between the Muslim North and the Christian South, Abuja was built from the ground up since the late 1970s;
Life in Abuja is far from life in Lagos, both culturally and economically. There is very little industry in the city of Abuja, and the metropolis does not offer many incentives for emigrants in Nigeria. However, as its construction continues on and almost all embassies were evacuated to the city of Abuja, there are some opportunities for emigrants who move to Nigeria and make it their home abroad.
We will do our best to update this article. However, we can not guarantee that the information provided will always remain relevant and complete.

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