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Moving to live in Bali. Features of tropical immigration (continued)

Moving to live in Bali. Features of tropical immigration (continued)
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I continue the topic of tropical immigration to the paradise island of Bali. Deeper into the sentimental details that at first it would not hurt to determine how much you need such a life: in another culture, another language environment, and even in the resort, I will not. Here all the arguments are powerless. If a person wants to live in a place like Bali, it's difficult to somehow influence the world of his dreams until he comes personally and finds out what it looks like from his own experience. I will talk about the peculiarities of local life through my own glasses.
English. English. And once again the English language. I have always repeated and will repeat how important it is to know. It says, if not all, then believe me, most of the people with whom you want to communicate. Without knowledge of the language you doom yourself to communicate only with a narrow circle of Russian like-minded people. I see people coming here "without English", but I do not see them getting accustomed. They just get bored. As much as they did not convince themselves of the opposite, and the circle of communication and study will be limited.
But there is good news, you can learn English, and learn it in the process. Language - a living organism, if you are immersed in its environment and, instead of embarrassment, start to slowly teach, ask, communicate, let on the fingers, then very quickly the first communication skills will come, and then everything else.
I was lucky. I studied English first at the Lyceum, and then in college and I'm an interpreter by education. I think this is the most valuable investment of time and money in my student years (unlike the management faculty where I studied after, and where teachers understood the meaning of the word "marketing" only from books, without any practical experience).
Advice to those who want to live in different countries and who have big plans, but at the moment there are no such opportunities - learn the language. He opens the door. Tried on myself.
With all this, having lived in Bali for over a year, I began to learn the local language. I want to�
In Bali, there are no sidewalks, there is practically no public transport (buses around the city do not travel, only between cities), traffic jams and dashing motorcyclists - scooter drivers (mokiks). Without its transport, there is nothing to do here. In the literal sense of the word. Of course, there is a taxi, and you can rely on them, but for life this option is unlikely to be convenient.
I went to Bali without experience and driving skills (I still do not know how to drive), but with a firm decision to get behind the wheel of a motorbike. And sat down. Month I went to a quiet area, and then "went to the city." What to say? It's even difficult for me to imagine myself driving a car - it's slow, traffic jams, and you can go with a breeze.
Rent a bike about $ 60 a month.
Rent a car somewhere 250-350 dollars a month for a new Toyota.
Friends. Relations. Love.
Any resort is known for its ease and carelessness in matters of relationships, new acquaintances, novels, but living in such an environment is not always easy.
Friends leave, the relationship ends (in two weeks), love is fast. This is a resort. I know many girls who have lived here for several years, but still in search. I do not want to frighten or discourage, but such a side of the question exists, it is visible, it is discussed. Here, "easy relationship" is valued-an easy relationship. At least two of my friends left Bali because of "nothing to catch", sorry for the slang. Therefore, if you "catch" - think.
Although ... as for my love story, it's exactly the other way around, I found my love right here in Bali.
Searches in Russia, travel, life in Nepal and Thailand, led me to a mysterious island, where quite unexpectedly and, somehow even surprisingly, I met David. I never thought about the nationality of my young man, on the contrary stated:
I am looking for personality, not for nationality.
But, still, after living in Bali for more than six months (by the time we met), and having only one friend from the local (and 550 colleagues), I could not imagine that my choice would be a Balinese ... it seemed we were too different. But it turned out, very similar. But it's not a matter of nationality, as you understand, it's all about the person ...
Now I'm happy, even, I want to write: "I recommend it to everyone! Tried on myself, "but I'm afraid I will not understand.
With finding friends on the island, too, a kind of story. There are a lot of superficial relations, many fast food, but if you, just like me, feel comfortable with a small circle of acquaintances and you do not need to integrate infinitely into communication and hangouts, you will be comfortable. I do not care much about Russian communities in Bali, surfer parties and stuff. Someone I know, some do not. With someone I support communication, with someone not, and most of all I appreciate people who do not need this "support". Yes, I myself am. I do not need to hold on to someone's sleeve if only I have a friend away from home, I prefer to communicate only with people who are close in spirit who do not need a daily proof of "our relationship."
Moving is always a difficult thing. I can guarantee that you "pokolbasit" upon arrival. But, if you are completely self-sufficient, and moving is not an escape and not a "pink mirage", it will be easier for you. And even very cool in the end.
Soft landing on the island of the Gods!
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Shit, not dance.
Good afternoon! It is necessary urgently for the exhibition to get the exclamations of the animal Luvaka with coffee beans. Actual until March 31st, 2016. I'm ready to pay well. If possible, please write to your personal contacts. Thank you. .
Going to Bali. Somewhere there is an absolutely authentic place between the villages of Tejakula and Bondalem in the Singaraja Scenic Center. What will the gentlemen say? .
What's that new kid's camp in Indonesia? I'll tell my sister, or else she thinks where to put her son.
The worktops and spili of the roots are very interesting!
I also did not like it because of the smell. Do not breathe, it does not work).
According to acquaintances in Indonesia, a lot of different jewelry at an attractive price, that's just not know how to transport across the border. And from the national one, you can buy a cat statuette, they have this very symbolic animal. .
Learn to surf is my dream, this year we will eat in Bali for this. I think Kuta will do just fine for this. .
Actual prices for cellular communications in Indonesia. You can find sim cards with the Internet at 5,7,12,15 GB from 60 thousand rupees to 150 thousand rupees.
Everything depends on the provider and the place of purchase. In Denpasar and the surrounding area the cheapest prices, and in tourist places almost double. .
Estimating the magnitude of the disaster, and to be more precise, the size of the island, I realized that it is easier to live in different places for several days, than every time to spend half a day on the road to get there where it is necessary. The decision was not entirely correct, because she was tortured to pack her bags every 4 days. But it was possible to identify the optimal place for recreation.
All the same, the Semyonak area is the most comfortable. But it's better not to settle in Semyakyak, but a little above it, or something. There is a wonderful village with a very inexpensive housing and up to the seed of a seed, no more than 7 minutes on a bike. The biggest plus that such a location allows you to partly avoid Bali traffic jams during rush hour, and greatly saves time on the road, in whatever direction you are moving. And the place is calm, there are inexpensive, not tourist, restaurants. Local shops with pleasant non-tourist prices. And of course the Semenyak and Kuta districts themselves are close enough that it was not boring either day or evening. Yes, and before Jimbaran, not that would be directly far from such a location. 30-40 minutes can.
It's true that such a position will suit only those who have already settled in Asia and are not afraid to ride a bike.

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