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Moving to England.

Moving to England.
Our company will assist you in immigration to England. Every year more and more Russians leave for permanent residence in England: a high standard of living, a stable environment, the possibility of dual citizenship, one of the best educations in the world, one of the most reliable currencies in the world. And many more merits can be called by those who asked the question "How to go live in England".
Immigration to England, ways:
Emigration to England from Russia, as from any other country, is possible in several ways. A visa can be issued for work in England. In the event that you have a higher education in the field in demand in the market of professions in England.
With this visa you can work for hire or conduct business. To do this, you need knowledge of English at a certain level, a set of sufficient points for education, a certain level of income and communication in England.
The greatest chances for those whose profession is related to pedagogy, language translations, management, engineering and, as elsewhere, IT. This multivisa is issued for two years, with the right to extend for another three years. And the term of 5 years is enough to get permanent residence in England, and then a UK passport.
Another way & ndash; training in England, which is the most expensive in Europe. You can learn not only in high school, which is quite expensive. There is an opportunity to obtain a vocational and technical specialty. The requirements are the same & ndash; good English and a sufficient amount of money on the account.
Business immigration is possible, which requires investing quite a lot of money.
Another not very common option & ndash; immigration of artists and science. Here the same system for scoring functions.
Work in England.
Work in England you can only if you have one of the provided visas, which were mentioned above.
You can get social work in England only when you have permission to immigrate, and you have lived in the country for at least 2 years.
Highly qualified work was discussed above. About other professions. Qualified home service & ndash; in the rating table one of the first specialties.
There are a lot of rich people in the country, that's why a lot of servicemen are needed. Cooks, waiters, hotel staff & ndash; also demanded specialties.
It should be clear that in all cases work in England involves a contract.
One of the merits of & ndash; double citizenship. This is practiced in many countries, but not in all.
On the prices of products They are on average higher than Moscow, like food in restaurants and cafes.
Medicine in England is free, in the sense that it is paid by all taxpayers. First level of patient care & ndash; this post is GP & ndash; a general practitioner, or, as many believe, a family doctor. GP give out referrals to other doctors, to narrow specialists, if they themselves can not continue the treatment. In some cases, you have to pay. But, in general, health financing in England is quite high.
The fare on public transport is very high, much higher than in Moscow. Likewise, and with suburban traffic.
Rental apartments and their purchase in England, as in all countries, depends on the city and area. For example, renting an apartment & ndash; 1 bedroom (ie 2 rooms), in the center of London will cost an average of 70 thousand rubles.
Communal payments can be about 10 thousand rubles a month.
The price of apartments in the center ranges from approximately 370 thousand rubles to 500 thousand rubles per square meter, not in the center & ndash; from 200 thousand to 300 thousand rubles.
Moving to England.
Moving to England, which, although located relatively close to Russia, is a great burden on a person, both physically and psychologically.
ACE MOVING will help you in solving many problems. We solve any questions on the organization of the move. Scheme & door-to-door & raquo; is the principle of our company.
Collect things, pack them, arrange documents for customs, insure & ndash; all this we will do for you.
You can also get acquainted with the customs regulations on the import of personal belongings to the UK.
Call us and we will help you with moving to any country!
Our company does not provide assistance in obtaining visas, finding work, buying or renting a home.

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