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Moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence.

Moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence.
The beauty of Bulgarian landscapes and its unique climate are sung in songs, poems and prose not only by writers of Bulgaria, but also by many other countries. And if we add to this the European quality of life, the language, peaceful, calm and friendly population that is easy to learn, it becomes clear why many of the post-Soviet countries want to move here for permanent residence. How to do it?
How to get a permanent residence in Bulgaria?
There are several options to translate your desire into life:
Prove that there is a direct family relationship with a Bulgarian citizen. Marry or marry a resident of this country. Provide medical indications, where it is indicated that the bearer, due to loss of health, shows accommodation in the territory of Bulgaria. Being a well-off pensioner, there is enough for a regular pension, since food, accommodation and even passenger transport have more than an affordable price. Enroll in full-time studies in a Bulgarian university. This is a guarantee of obtaining residence permit - a residence permit. Five years later, the TMZ is guaranteed to become a permanent resident. Have a business on the territory of the country, and one that can provide employment for at least 10 local residents. Have a foreign trade representative office.
If you fall for at least one of the points, you need to get a visa, and then - a temporary residence permit. After 12 months, namely, so much time is really a permit, the term of its validity is prolonged.
Visas to Bulgaria.
There are several types of visas that allow you to live a certain time in Bulgaria:
Category "A". It is a transit visa for the airport. Category "�". Permission to stay in the country for a short period. Category "D". Its owner can live in Bulgaria for 6 months or come and go on this permit many times.
The package of necessary documents depends on the type of visa, but in the same way as for a long stay you need a permit of category "D", then it will be about him.
Required documents for visa D.
Before engaging in visa processing, it is necessary to appear at the Bulgarian embassy with the following documents:
Medical insurance, which must have a validity of 6 months, starting from the day when its submitter enters Bulgaria. A certificate of non-conviction. Documentation that confirms the availability of real estate or rental housing. Application for receipt. Passport data. Necessary amount of photos. Documents confirming the availability of finance.
It is not always possible to collect and arrange all documents according to the requirements, so you can contact one of the companies, for example - RusBg, where you can not only get professional help, but also learn a lot of necessary information about moving and living in Bulgaria.

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