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Moving to Bali: ways to get permanent residence in Indonesia.

Moving to Bali: ways to get permanent residence in Indonesia.
Many of our compatriots dream of moving to live in warm places, where step-by-step accessibility of the sea coast is observed. Therefore, many people are increasingly thinking how to move to live on a fabulous Bali, looking for a variety of ways to get permanent residence in a wonderful country - Indonesia. Every year the number of Russian-speaking people moving from Russia, former republics, formerly part of the USSR, is increasing. This is due to the positive experience of such crossings. Important is the impact has already moved relatives, friends, bloggers.
Great influence was the move of the former wife of the country's famous musician and rapper Guf. Aiza Dolmatova preferred this paradise in South-East Asia for some reason. As Aiza says, she decided to leave her native places because of her recognizability in the streets of her native cities, and also for the benefit of her son.
If you follow the path Dolmatova, you need to consider many features of obtaining permanent residence in Bali. It is possible that this process can cause stress for everyone. Only with careful preparation can many difficulties and problems be avoided.
Settlement of visa issues.
The first thing before moving is to take care of the solution of issues with a visa, insurance, residence, infrastructure. Every citizen of the Russian Federation can obtain a visa that will be valid for one month (30 days), immediately after landing. It is worth saying that in 2015, a rule was introduced, based on which a visa to Indonesia can not be issued.
When a foreign citizen has passed customs control at an airport to a migrant, a special sticker is pasted into the passport, which is proof of the legality of being on the territory of the islands. The sticker is an analogue of the visa upon arrival. When 30 days have passed since the authorization was received, it is necessary to apply to the immigration center to extend the validity of the visa. On April 1, 2015, the government increased the number of countries whose residents and citizens can be on the territory of the islands without visa registration. In this case, after arrival in the passport will put a special stamp.
Such a sticker is pasted into the passport upon arrival in Indonesia.
This way of living in the territory of the island state is optimal for a period of 3-4 months. What is the solution if you plan to live in Indonesia for several years?
When obtaining a visa, important concepts are such concepts as CITAP and CITAS. It is these documents that confirm the right of a foreign citizen to live and work in the territory of that state.
The term CITAP refers to a pension visa. It is issued to immigrants who have certain monetary savings and are in old age.
Indonesian CITAP (sample)
KITAS is issued to people planning to get an official job, as well as paying all the necessary taxes. Also this visa gives permission for permanent residence to students of other states.
Indonesian CITAS (sample)
It is worth noting the third type - a social visa, very similar to the tourist, but it allows staying up to six months. For registration you need a sponsorship letter.
Requirements for other documents:
Validity of the passport. The reason for refusing to grant a visa can be the upcoming expiry of the validity of a foreign passport. If the term expires in six months and earlier, this is a serious reason for the refusal. During the passage of customs at the airport, the officer has the right to ask the visitors for air tickets for further departure, as well as to confirm the hotel reservation. Officers may be asked to present an amount that will be sufficient for a prosperous life in the territory of the island nation.
Such measures were taken in order to minimize the number of illegal workers in the territory of the state, as well as beggars who moved to Bali. If outwardly the person looks well, then the required amount will not be required.
A few words about geography and history.
Indonesia is an island state, so immigrants are faced with the question of which city to stop and start living. A large number of visitors from Russia and other places are observed in Java, Sumatra, Komodo and other cities. Some people stop their eyes on the densely populated capital - Jakarta.
Map of Indonesia in Russian. Click to enlarge.
Today, Indonesia is an independent state. Tourism plays an important role in its successful development. Only such successes were preceded by not quite pleasant moments in history.
After the Second World War, the island state became a colony of such a power as the Netherlands. There were also conflicts with Japan.
Making a travel plan.
The first thing to do when traveling from Russia to Indonesia is to determine the time of your stay. Basically, all foreigners who live in an island nation can be divided into two categories.
People who came with tourist intentions for a few weeks or months. Emigrants who are on the islands for several years and successfully work and live.
In the case of the first option, there is nothing complicated. First, you can contact any travel agency and buy a ticket for a certain period. Secondly, you can independently fly to rest without additional costs and problems. All the main points were given above.
If it is a question of permanent residence in Bali, then you should listen to the advice of compatriots who have already passed this way.
Acquisition of citizenship.
Due to the isolation of Indonesian society, obtaining citizenship will bring some difficulties. The only way to become a citizen of the considered power is to marry or marry a resident (resident).
Passport of a citizen of Indonesia. It is difficult to get it, so foreigners usually settle for permanent residence.
Procedures for obtaining citizenship:
It is necessary to apply to the Russian embassy in this country and ask for written permission. You will need to request a marriage certificate. This document is issued in a religious organization, if a wedding took place. Having received these documents, you should go to the Civil Department. Only after this, the officer will be able to issue a marriage certificate.
It is worth taking into account the fact that only women will immediately become citizens of the island nation if they marry a native inhabitant. A man is not so easy to obtain citizenship, he needs to go through some formalities and wait a certain time.
Stages of obtaining citizenship for men:
First, for two years, a man will get CITAS. After this period, he has the opportunity to write a statement to give him CITAP. When the five-year residence of a foreign citizen with a CITAP visa takes place, a man has the right to obtain a local passport.
It is worth noting that most foreigners prefer long-term residence on long-term permits and do not ask how to move to Bali, becoming a citizen of this power. There is no dual citizenship, so a foreigner will have to become a citizen of only one country.
The positive and negative sides of the move.
Many foreigners come for a few weeks, but some people stay here for a long life. Permanent immigrants travel to other islands and do not ignore neighboring powers.
Beach in Bali. The main advantage of the country is the climate.
The advantages are obvious: at the moment many people dream of moving to live in warm places, where every day there is fine weather and there is a gentle sea nearby.
But is everything all right? Even after several years of living abroad, Russians return home. This happens for many reasons.
Finish funds for further living. Someone is renting out their home, someone is earning a freelance, someone is getting a job. There are many ways to ensure your life, but do not forget about unforeseen circumstances. At any time the expat may get sick, he may need a large amount for treatment. Because of their incapacity, the employer can stop paying. The cost of renting an apartment may fall. In general, because of serious financial problems, Russians leave the tropical place and return to their homeland. Because of climatic conditions. Many consider moving to Bali only on one side - a paradise where there are many delicious fruits, sandy beaches and a sea breeze in the evenings. Only not everyone can get used to the new climatic zone. If to carry out a tourist trip, then this is one conversation. It is quite another matter when a long-term stay is planned. In the latter case, the body will need to get used to a new climate, food, water and other subtleties. A yearning for native places. At one time, the poets wrote more than one work based on longing for their homeland and favorite places. It's also the feeling that visits our compatriots who left the country. They were filled with the sea, the sun, fruits and missed the habitual places, relatives and close people. Moving to another country with more attractive conditions.
Official employment.
Moving to live in Indonesia for permanent residence, you need to worry in advance about the monetary component. If there is a passive income at home (for example, renting an apartment), then this is not a bad plus. Only this may not be enough.
If we proceed from local legislation, foreigners can not get a job by guides and doctors. An exception can be made if the foreigner is a unique specialist in a particular field. To do this, you need to get a personal invitation.
To get a job in any field of activity, you need to learn Indonesian. Without knowledge of the language, it will be problematic to move to permanent residence in Bali and get a job.
The average level of wages varies in the limit of $ 150 per month. Given the cost of goods and services, this amount will suffice for a normal stay. For example, renting a house will cost 1-2 thousand dollars a year. So, immigration will not become a financial problem.
In addition to other necessary documents for legal activities on the territory of the country, it is necessary to conclude a contract with the employer for several months (seasonal) or several years.
From the employer you will need to ask for a cover letter stating the duties of the employee, the type of employment, the exact terms of work and other terms of contract. In addition, it is necessary to obtain a work permit in the country from the Migration Department.
Many people, seeing good advantages, carry out immigration in Bali and implement ways of obtaining permanent residence in Indonesia. Just do not forget about the subtleties and features of this trip.

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