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Moving in Odessa: apartment moving, moving office and transporting furniture.

Moving in Odessa: apartment moving, moving office and transporting furniture.
When planning a move, our advice to you, entrust it to professionals.
Apartment move.
One of the main activities of the taxi "Bison", directly, is the transportation of furniture and the qualitative organization of apartment moves. We undertake to help people with all sorts of moves, ranging from the smallest to large-scale relocation of institutions and organizations. From the many years of experience and many situations that are seen, one conclusion, only experienced people should carry out the move. We, as an organization providing movable services, undertake to attract exceptionally experienced specialists to your move.
You can order an apartment move by phone. (050) 587-57-75 or (067) 607-26-52.
What, in our opinion, is the feature of the apartment move?
In particular: the disassembly of furniture, if there is such a need; correct packaging; marking; packing fragile items and household appliances; packing clothes. All this requires an individual approach and a special method of packaging. To do it correctly and quickly our specialists can.
The disassembly of furniture The use of packaging material.
That's why the solution of the apartment move is only one thing - Cargo Taxi Bison. We offer some of the best conditions for apartment relocation in the city of Odessa. We individually approach the decision of each move. We carry out crossings of any scale. If it is necessary to urgently release housing, we will organize everything instantly.
Cargo taxi Bison - just the right approach to moving.
Our specialists, dismantling the furniture, will easily return it to its original condition in the new apartment, will treat your things with special care, will ideally pack each item, and it is especially important that everything will be put right in the car.
It should be noted that we have all the necessary resources for an apartment move, namely:
- Own fleet of furniture machines; - a permanent composition of staff movers, able to disassemble and assemble any piece of furniture; - the presence of packaging material (stretch film, cardboard and cardboard boxes, air-bubble film, scotch tape, etc. - material responsibility for the safety of the transported property, supported by the contract.
Office moving.
In modern life everything flows, everything changes. Enterprises grow and develop, and as a result, there is a need to move to a larger and more comfortable office. Hence the need for an office move service.
Cargo taxi BIZON is ready to offer you a complete solution for office moving.
Office moving Odessa Transportation of weights Odessa.
What do you get from cooperation with us in a complex office move?
- Saving time spent on moving, because we are professionals who know their business, so we can optimally make a plan for moving, determine the most effective time for the move and quickly complete it. - We can translate both ordinary office furniture and heavy items such as safes, machines and other equipment. - Guarantee for quality services.
Dacha moving.
In the city life boils all year round, and in the warm season everyone wants to enjoy nature, fresh air and tranquility. Since ancient times a tradition has appeared for the summer season to move to country houses and cottages. From the apartment move, the villa transfer differs in several features. Firstly, most often in a summer cottage, families do not take with them all the furniture, but only the most necessary, because life at the dacha must pass with comfort.
At the dacha move, the services of loaders will not be superfluous, even if the whole family relocates. Loaders already have a well-established algorithm of operation, therefore, with their help loading, unloading, packaging will be much faster and more accurate. Freight taxis BIZON will help you to accomplish a dacha move quickly, easily and comfortably.
Order the moving services from our company and enjoy the process.
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Moving Furniture packing Furniture transportation Cabinet packing.
Dismantling of furniture Service in Odessa Transfer of office.
Transportation of fragile things Packing fragile things Rigging works Odessa Carriage of a cabinet.
Delivery of furniture from the store Moving service Transportation of heavy items Packing of pianos.
Carrying a piano Carriage of a piano Carriage of paintings Packing a picture.
Sofa Carriage Packing Sofa.
Transportation of a table Packing of a table Furniture before moving Furniture at moving.
Office moving Packing of books in boxes Packaging of things Packing of plates.
OUR SERVICES Freight taxis Intercity transportation Apartment move Office moving Movers services Transportation of furniture, equipment Transportation of weights Packing Prices Contacts.
Customer Testimonials.
- Cargo transportation from 1 kg to 22 tons in Odessa and Ukraine. - Professional organization of crossings. - Services of professional movers. - Rigging up to 5 tons.

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