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Moving from Berlin to Amsterdam

Moving from Berlin to Amsterdam
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Tours to the Netherlands: Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, Luxembourg, Krakow.
Berlin - Amsterdam - Belgium - Luxembourg - Krakow.
7 days / 6 nights.
Dates of the tour: specify.
Tags: Europe, Holland, the Netherlands, tours of Europe from Molodechno and Minsk, tours to the Netherlands.
Day 1 - Transit through Belarus. Poland Overnight stay at the transit hotel in Poland.
Day 2 - Breakfast, eviction from the hotel. Moving to Berlin. Excursion: & ldquo; Greatness of mighty Berlin & rdquo; . Berlin & ndash; a huge metropolis. You will feel that we are moving in a time machine, here you can get to the future and be in the past, and strolling along the chic streets and avenues will be able to see the present. We invite you to turn the page of history and see Berlin as it is now: the mighty Reichstag, Charlottenburg Palace, the majestic Berlin Cathedral, the Victory Column, and & ndash; business card of Berlin & ndash; Brandenburg Gate. Free time.
Visit to the Pergamon Museum - architectural masterpieces of the Ancient World: the famous Pergamon altar is one of the seven wonders of the world, the gate of Ishtar from Babylon, the remains of the walls of the biblical Jericho & ndash; and all these treasures in the original!
Recommended excursion & fascinated Berlin & raquo; . We will enjoy the beauty of Berlin's most modern square & ndash; Potsdamer Platz, admire the boulevard of the Stars, the theater, where the opening and awards ceremony of the famous Berlinale international film festival is held, we will feel ourselves guests in the previous centuries & hellip ;. Night moving to Amsterdam.
Day 3 - Arrival in Amsterdam & ndash; a jewel in the crown of the Dutch kings! Sightseeing tour of the city & laquo; Treasures of the past and present & raquo ;. Old & laquo; curved & raquo; buildings, cobbled streets, countless canals, embankments that are 3 meters below sea level, magnificent parks and floating flower markets create a special atmosphere. Dam Square and the Royal Palace, the Rijksmuseum and the famous Rembrandt House, the Jewish Quarter and the diamond factory, the heiress of the jewelry traditions of the past & ndash; All this beauty is doubled by a mirror of water, the magic reflection of which you can admire endlessly! We recommend: a walk through the picturesque canals "Amstel's Labyrinths"
The locals say: "Who did not see the province - he did not see Holland & raquo;" We invite you to an excursion & laquo; By the "outback" of Holland & raquo; !! Folklore village of ZaanseShans windmills and fishing village Volendam & ndash; these are the two pearls of North Holland. ZaanseShans will take us to Holland of the 17th century. Five ancient mills adorn the bank of the river Zaan, with the help of which the locals, like their ancestors, many years ago, saw boards, whip the butter, produce the famous Zaan mustard. Mills in the Netherlands - this is life! Also we'll see how in solid green country houses solid Dutch cheese is made. At the factory of national shoes, we will see how the master skillfully cuts out the wooden shoes - the klops in which the Dutch are still walking. A huge collection of klops of different shapes, sizes and coloring - it's better not to find a souvenir & hellip; Continue to get acquainted with the medieval Holland small fishing village Volendam & ndash; a charming combination of the history and beauty of local landscapes. Residents of the village still live in wooden houses of fishermen and go in national costumes. Here we will have the opportunity to taste fresh freshly salted herring and delicious smoked eel cooked according to ancient-old recipes! Evening excursion & under the light of the red lights & hellip; & raquo; (only for adults) - walk along the most beautiful part of the old city: the former port. We will go through the most curious and hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists the area of Red Lanterns, learn about the mysteries of the life of its inhabitants! And after the tour, continue the evening at the extraordinary theater "Cash Ross". Overnight in Amsterdam.
4 day & ndash; Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. We invite you to visit the park of flower magnificence & ndash; & quot; Koikenhof & raquo; - one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is hardly possible to convey in words all the beauty that opens: the alleys of old sprawling lindens, brooks and picturesque ponds, on the surface of which swans glide, the murmur of fountains, the continuous singing of birds and, of course, flowers. Flowers everywhere - on flower beds, in pavilions and greenhouses, and even on the surrounding fields of the fields.
Moving to the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium - a heart shaped, located on the seven hills of the city of Brussels! Excursion & laquo; History of Beauty - Brussels & raquo; - a story that has been going on for centuries. The symphony of jubilant splendor reigns in the area of the European Parliament with spacious parks and streets, on the square near the royal palace, in the Town Hall, and also in the most beautiful square in Europe - Grand Plats. In the afternoon the square resembles a flower market theater, and in the evening & ndash; a play of beautiful love and admiration! Overnight in a transit hotel.
5 day & ndash; Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Moving to Luxembourg. A unique city-fortress invites to visit & laquo; Little fairy tale & ndash; Luxembourg & raquo ;: winding medieval streets lead to the rock chapel of Saint-Cyrene, the Gothic cathedral of Saint-Michel, the luxurious shopping street of Grande Rue, the ducal palace and the cathedral of Notre Dame, which houses the icon of Our Lady of the patroness of the city. And from the observation deck on the edge of the cliff called the "Europe's Balcony", we will see a breathtaking landscape: the forest-covered Ardennes and the hills, the upward spiers of cathedrals and churches. In our spare time we recommend excursions:
Old City Raisins & raquo ;. During the tour we will enjoy the beauty of the rock chapel of Saint-Cyrene, visit the church of St. John the Baptist, where the organ of the 18th century and the sculpture "Black Madonna" are located, and also through winding medieval streets we will walk around the old town and learn many interesting stories about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. & laquo; The Secret Dream & ndash; Trier & raquo ;. In the picturesque valley on the banks of the Moselle we are waiting for the oldest city in Germany. We will see the symbol of the city - the famous Black Gate, the largest ancient gate in the whole world, the Aul Palatine basilica, built by the Emperor Constantine, the ruins of the imperial baths erected in the Middle Ages. And also the Palace of the Kurfurst and the Trier Cathedral, which houses a unique Christian relic (Tunic of Jesus Christ), which places Trier on a par with such great cities as Bethlehem and Jerusalem. The image of Trier is amazing and delicious, elegant and unique & hellip; Night moving.
Day 6 - Arrival to Krakow. Sightseeing tour of the city & the Royal Route & raquo; - the way in which Polish kings passed through the centuries: the site of a tangle of legends. The oldest part of the city & ndash; Market Square, one of the oldest universities in Europe & ndash; Jaggelon University, medieval center of trade & ndash; shopping arcades of the Cloth, where we can buy souvenirs in memory of the minutes spent here & hellip; And do not forget, walking along the Royal Castle and dreaming over the Vistula, topple the coin from the height of the mounds, to come back here again and see this unforgettable beauty & hellip; In our spare time we recommend to visit:
"The Polish Acropolis" - Wawel Castle. The royal fortress is protected by the beautiful Vistula, and the symbol of the city & ndash; The dragon, who carefully preserves the history, treasures and secrets of the castle. Exquisite interiors of the royal castle with unique collections fascinate with its beauty. We are waiting for the treasures of the Polish monarchs and the Cathedral of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslas, the interior and splendor of which admires and surprises, and we also learn & hellip; But this is already on the tour. "Salt Mine" is the oldest saltworks enterprise on the Polish lands, which functioned for over 7 centuries, deep nine-tiered tunnels, in which underground temples, bridges, numerous sculptural works are built.There we will see the enchanting sight of underground lakes, grottoes, beautiful chapels and the museum exposition telling about the history of salt works & hellip; We invite you to taste & laquo; Delicacies of Polish kings & raquo; We are already familiar with the tradition of brewing in Germany, and today we invite you to get acquainted with the the guide will tell you the secret of brewing, show where the delicious drink is brewed and, of course, the final chord of the excursion will be a good dinner with a glass of wheat beer, the taste of which is always better & hellip; Overnight in Poland.
Day 7 - Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Transit through the territory of Poland. Arrival to Minsk.
Cost of the tour: 4,6 million BYR * / 265.
* - The cost of tourist services in the Republic of Belarus is paid in Belarusian rubles in an amount equivalent to a certain amount in euros, at the rate determined at the time of payment for the cost of tourist services.
travel by comfortable bus accommodation 2 nights with breakfast in Poland, 1 night with breakfast in Amsterdam, 1 night with breakfast in Belgium excursions to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Krakow.
consular fee medical insurance tourist service & ndash; 450 000 rubles. (adult), 300 000 rubles. (children under 12 years). add. excursions entrance tickets.
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& nbspModel, Budavnikov 15a (House of Life), 2nd floor.
& nbsp (0176) 707033, mts 033 3877755, conducted 029 3229522.

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