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Move to the US on a working visa

Move to the US on a working visa
You can come to work for a foreigner in the Czech Republic. Wishing a lot, in particular, from a number of countries of the former USSR. Despite unemployment, work in the Czech Republic is. The country for a number of reasons can not provide enterprises with a labor force from among citizens. However, it is necessary to clearly imagine all this difficult process of employment of a foreigner in the Czech Republic.
The labor market in the Czech Republic.
The Czech Republic is closely integrated into the labor market with the countries of the European Union. When joining the EU, the Czechs reclaimed something from production, for example, power engineering and engineering. These enterprises require a constant influx of skilled and unskilled proletarians into assembly lines. Still not finished light industry is ready to accept a certain number of foreign seamstresses. Willingly accepted experimental miners to coal mines. Construction will stop for several months in paralysis, if foreign workers leave there. In the sphere of services - hotels, shops, office centers, companies that provide cleaning services, hospitals - the dominance of foreigners in low-paid positions, especially Ukrainian citizens.
The last 2-3 years are again a good demand for IT professionals, although in this area there is also a parallel trend: the organization of service centers, whose teams physically work in Russia and especially Ukraine.
Working card in the Czech Republic - what is it?
Since 2014, long-term visas for employment purposes have come to be called work cards (or work cards). But immediately the cards still do not issue, but only approve the extradition. If the card is approved, it is still issued a visa for entry into the Czech Republic. Within three days after entering the Czech Republic, a foreigner is in the migration department of the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs, where it is necessary to issue a physical plastic card that will contain biometric data.
The work card in the Czech Republic is now issued immediately for the entire duration of the contract, but no more than two years, and not 6 months, as it was before. After five years of continuous work, the work card can be converted into permanent residence, subject to all legal requirements.
Now there is no sense to go into details, as it was before, but as it became. It's easier to explain what needs to be done. How much to hang in grams.
The issuance of the usual work card differs from the "blue" and "green" cards, which were a kind of rehearsal, although they had their own peculiarities. They were designed for highly qualified specialists with families including those who found a job in the Czech Republic. At present, new green cards will not be issued. The issued green cards are gradually renewed into regular work cards. And the blue cards still live as they are.
Algorithm for obtaining a working card in the Czech Republic by foreigners of third countries.
The work is carried out with the help of two agencies: the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, which is in charge of employment (I stage), and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, which decides on the entry of an alien into the Czech Republic.
Short educational program how to get a work (work) card in the Czech Republic.
Validity period - for the duration of the contract (contract), but no more than 2 years. Who is exempt from receiving a work card in the Czech Republic? Citizens of EU member states, Common Economic Space, Switzerland, foreigners with permanent residence in the Czech Republic, refugees, academic employees of higher education institutions, holders of Czech diplomas on higher and vocational education, graduates of conservatories, clergymen of accredited organizations and some other categories of foreigners, Foreigners who are in the Czech Republic on the basis of long-term residence due to reunification with the family, if it is a question of cohabitation with a foreign ce with a permanent residence permit, with a temporary residence permit or with a foreigner who was granted additional protection or refugee status, How is the application for the issuance of a work card submitted? The applicant submits the application himself, through a confidant or future employer, to the regional office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy to take up a vacant seat for foreigners. If approval is received, an application for issuing a work card to one of the Czech consulates abroad is submitted. If the applicant already has a residence permit, an application for a card can be submitted to one of the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic. What vacancies can a foreigner take? The main condition is the registration of a vacant place in the register (database) of vacant work places information about the vacancy is placed in open access on the portal of the Ministry of Labor. First of all, categories with free access to jobs are claimed for a vacant place. What is the deadline for receiving a work card? The application is considered in standard cases up to 90 days, however, a delay of up to 120 days is provided. In practice, the terms of issue can go up to a year, or even more. When the owner of the work card can start working? Within three working days after entering the Czech Republic, the holder of the work permit to the Czech Republic must report to the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic for the registration and delivery of biometric data for obtaining a plastic card. At this point, he receives a temporary certificate, the availability of which allows you to begin work. Can I change an employer with a work card? Yes, it is allowed with certain formalities. To do this, it is necessary to obtain the vacancy on the same grounds and ask for a written permission from the Ministry of the Interior of the Chechen Republic to replace the employer. With the consent of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is possible to work with more than one employer without the need to obtain additional cards.
Submission of a package of documents to the Czech consulate with a request to enter the Czech Republic (stage II)
To apply for a package of documents on a work card, you must register for admission to the consular department of the CR on the territorial jurisdiction. On the appointed day, one must personally come to the consulate for interview and delivery of documents.
List of attachments to the application in the Czech consulate for the issuance of a work card.
a foreign passport with a remaining validity of at least 12 months; filled in Latin letters application (questionnaire); two photographs 3,5 � 4,5 cm, cut and labeled with a pencil carefully with the surname and name of the applicant in Latin letters, as in the passport, and the date of birth; confirmation of residence in the Czech Republic or a rental contract (residence permit, registration at the place of residence) with an extract from the cadastre for this housing, an extract from the Commercial Register if the housing is provided by a legal entity; a certificate of no criminal record in the country of citizenship and, if your case, then in the country where the applicant has lived more than 6 months in the past 3 years; the decision of the regional department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on assigning you a working vacancy or the number of this decision (not necessarily submit in paper form); photocopies of all documents, except for the questionnaire; in some cases or in some consulates may ask for documents on the recognition of your education by the Czech competent organizations, as well as a medical certificate of the established sample; a labor contract (contract) or a contract for a future contract.
The shelf life of documents is 180 days. All documents are provided in Czech or translated into Czech with an official translation certification. The term of consideration is 90 days, but in special cases 120.
There remain several cases in which the entry permit from the employment authorities remains, but it is not required to place the Ministry of Labor on the portal of employment (see below). As a rule, these are cases reminiscent of the installation supervision of equipment, trainees, seasonal regular workers with a period of employment of up to six months during the calendar year.
Particular attention should be paid to the possibility of obtaining a work visa by members of the statutory bodies of Czech legal entities. If I understand correctly, then an alternative visa for business purposes for a manager (including a landlord) of a firm can be a work visa based on a non-alternative (no outsider can claim this place) work permit. There are positive cases.
Extension of the work card is much easier than obtaining a primary permit. The main thing is to enlist the contract with the employer on time, this is the main document attached to the application.
The employer can also be changed, only this need to be notified in time by the migration authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, and also to submit a labor contract from the new employer to the ministry of employment at the place of residence.
The main legislative acts governing the receipt of a work card in the Czech Republic.
Zakon o zamestnanosti 435/2004 Sb. - The law on employment,
Zakon o predskolnim, zakladnim strednim, vyssim odbornem a jinem vzdelavani (skolsky zakon) 561/2004 Sb. - The law on preschool, primary, higher special and other education,
Zakon c. 326/1999 Sb. - The law on the stay of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic,
Zakon c. 262/2006 Sb. - The Labor Code of the Czech Republic.
Author: Yury Molostov.
I mean that you definitely need to count the numbers. For example. The salary of 15000 kroons minus the tax remains 12750. For 7000 remove the apartment. 1000 kroons will go to the road (how will you get to work). 3000 EEK for products. 1750 for things and stuff. At the same time, your balance should look adequate. Not so much that on your salary you just take off the apartment and buy food and nothing will remain. Those. if you say that you want to the Czech Republic to earn more than at home, then this should be obtained on the basis of calculations))
And what does it mean what will I spend money on?
Accommodation and food is understandable, and besides, does the state charge any taxes from migrants?
If your work is real, then there will be no difficulties. Simply you clearly should represent how you got this job, where you will work, with whom, what to do every day. Where will you live, what will you spend money on and represent your future budget. Also, you should understand and be able to explain why you suddenly decided to break out of your hard-earned place and go to the Czech Republic. If you do not have work experience for the position you are traveling on, then you need to explain how this was taken without experience and why you can do this job without experience.
Tell me what questions does the consul ask during the interview?
Consulting, cost optimization, led-technology, etc.
Consulting on the use of the Czech Republic in their own interests (immigration, business and household organization, real estate, visas, utility payments, taxation, etc.)

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