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Marriage with a citizen of Poland for legal residence.

Marriage with a citizen of Poland for legal residence.
How can one legalize a stay in Poland in the event of a marriage with a citizen or citizen of the Republic of Poland?
1) 4 copies of completed application forms for issuing a temporary residence permit (forms are available in the voivodship offices, as well as on the website
2) 4 color photos measuring 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm, without damage, with a clear image of a man without a hat and glasses with dark glasses, and so that the head is half-turned with the visible left.
ear, with a uniform illumination of the face. These are standard photos for documents made in Poland. In order to make the appropriate photos, it is best to go to the salon and ask for a photo for the document.
3) a valid travel document (2 photocopies + original for comparison), in particular, in exceptional cases, you can show an identity document.
4) confirmation of payment of stamp duty - 340 PLN.
5) confirmation of time recording (see paragraph 11 in this chapter).
6) ownership of housing (property for housing is considered, for example, a lease, it is recognized as a housing loan agreement).
7) an up-to-date copy of the marriage certificate,
8) a copy of the identity document of the spouse.
Legalization of stay in Poland, at the time of marriage.
If a foreigner is in Poland illegally, for various reasons, before the registration procedure, this does not give rise to a denial of authorization.
1) one of the spouses, has received as a gift the property in exchange for marriage (if this does not follow from the custom accepted in a particular state or social groups),
2) spouses do not fulfill legal obligations arising from the conclusion of marriage,
3) spouses do not live together,
4) the spouses have never met before marriage,
5) spouses do not speak a language understandable for both,
6) the spouses do not agree with their personal data and others.
significant circumstances that affect them,
7) one of the spouses or both spouses in the past were married.
To verify the authenticity of the marriage, the voivode makes calls, sometimes even several times a day, invites for interrogation the spouse of an alien, as well as family members or friends of the spouse. Suprugov interrogates separately, asking various questions about their connection (from the circumstances of the acquaintance, to the husband's favorite meal), and then compares their answers.
The police often check whether the spouses live together at the specified address, make a survey among neighbors (if, for example, the alien is absent in the place of residence of the citizen / citizen of the Republic of Poland - in the case when the spouses live separately). In this regard, the procedure for granting a temporary residence permit and the time determined by the spouses generally exceeds the period in which the issue of residence in Poland (1 month, 2 months in case the case is complicated) is to be resolved, about which a foreigner must always be aware.
An alien who has married a citizen or a citizen of Poland may be expelled from the territory of the PR if he poses a threat to the defense or security of the economic development of the state or to security and public order or the marriage was concluded in order to avoid extradition. However, you can recognize that marriage with a citizen / citizen of the Republic of Poland legalizes stay in Poland.
A year and a half ago, the Warsaw Prosecutor's Office completed the investigation of the case of a criminal group that specialized in searching for bride money for foreigners. At the conclusion of fictitious marriages, the mediators were in particular a 44-year-old Congo citizen living in Warsaw and a gynecologist who wrote a false certificate confirming that the woman is pregnant and she urgently needs to marry. Observations of the police showed that young Ukrainians, as well as citizens of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, who are coming to the capital allegedly for study, are most often being addressed to a fictitious marriage. It turns out that often they do not even appear at the university, although they paid for the semester.
How does foreign students live? Husband, does not give a divorce.
Marriage to a foreigner for many girls is first a fictitious contract, and then immediately becomes a trap, from which it is difficult to get out. In February this year, the Carpathian branch of the border guards of Poland completed the investigation against a group of people aged 20-35 years, which lasted a year. The criminal group recruited young girls in the Malopolska province to encourage fictitious marriages with Nigerian citizens, reports Gazeta Krakowska & rdquo ;.
Magda's story, which decided on a fictitious marriage with a Nigerian citizen, should be a warning for girls thinking of easy profits. After the death of her husband was left without a livelihood, decided to conclude a & bdquo; contract & rdquo ;. Has received for it 3 thousand euro. She was also offered additional income. However, she did not agree to smuggling cocaine. However, she agreed to spend money on recruiting young girls who want to become the wife of later Nigerians. For each was to receive 500 euros.
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