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Life is like a dream.

Life is like a dream.
Where to go from Prague for one day: the top of the best Czech cities.
I continue my cycle of articles, where you can go from Prague yourself. Today I will tell you about the most beautiful Czech cities in which you can visit if you are on holiday in the Czech Republic.
In what city of the Czech Republic can I go from Prague?
Czech krumlov.
If you want to imagine what the European Middle Ages looked like, then you need to go to Cesky Krumlov. The city, whimsically surrounded by the Vltava River, almost completely preserved the face of the 18th century. Here you can walk all day, enjoying the magnificent architecture and ancient city landscapes. The historical center of the city is fully included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and Krumlov Castle is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. I often wonder how, in the presence of Cesky Krumlov, Prague can be considered the most beautiful city in the country?
How to get there: it is easy to get to Cesky Krumlov by bus Student Agency, which depart from Florenc station (the same subway station, red branch). To go almost 3 hours, the cost of one way ticket is 200 CZK (7.2 EUR). On the train to get more difficult, you need transplants, and the schedule is not so convenient. The city is located 175 km south of Prague.
Is it worth it to go: definitely, it's worth it. Czech Krumlov is considered the most picturesque city of the country after Prague. Moreover, the trip can be combined with a visit to the castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, located near.
Karlovy Vary.
The city of medicinal waters and mineral salts is secretly called the Russian settlement. At one time a large number of Russians bought up real estate in Karlovy Vary to regularly come to a health resort. As a result, it is difficult to walk ten meters to not hear the native speech. Karlovy Vary is quite a provincial town without special attractions. But the long-standing fame of medicinal mineral waters has made it one of the popular destinations for Russian tourists.
How to get there: you can get to Karlovy Vary by bus Student Agency, which leaves from the station Florenc (metro station with the same name, red branch). To go about two hours, the cost of one way ticket is 160 CZK (5.8 EUR). On the train to get uncomfortable, I advise you to choose a bus. The city is located 125 km to the west of the Czech capital. From Prague by bus you can get to other European cities, independently and inexpensively.
Should I go: no, if you just do not plan to get better at a local sanatorium. Karlovy Vary is quite a rustic city, there is really nothing to watch there.
Telc is another city in the Czech Republic, which managed to preserve its medieval appearance. Its historical center was one of the first listed in the UNESCO heritage list. Probably, there is no more city in the Czech Republic, which would so successfully combine the cosiness of a small city and the unusual picturesqueness. The main property of Telc is the central square, where city houses with colorful facades return us in the past epoch.
How to get there: without a car, it's not easy to get to Telc. You need to take a bus from the Florenc station (yellow subway line) to Jihlava, and from there, go to Telc. All the way to the city will take more than three hours, the ticket price 270 CZK (10 euros). The city is located 200 km south of Prague.
Is it worth it to go: it's worth it if you are traveling by car. On public transport, spending 6-7 hours on the road is completely inappropriate.
Kutna Hora.
Historically, Kutna Hora was one of the largest places in Europe for silver mining. This allowed the city to have privileges from the royal family and become second in wealth after Prague. Especially popular with tourists Kutna Hora acquired thanks to the Cathedral of St. Barbara - the majestic building, which is the decoration of the city. No less known is the chapel of All Saints (Kostnice v Sedlci). The church is decorated with human skulls and bones. The design of the chapel took about 40 thousand skeletons.
Cathedral of St. Barbara in Kutna Hora.
How to get there: There are two ways to get to Kutnoy Gory. From the metro station Haje there is a bus just before this city (direction Kutna Hora). The journey takes you 1 hour 40 minutes, the cost of one way is 68 kroons (2.5 euros).
The second way is a train. From the Central Station in Prague (Hlavni Nadrazi, the metro station with the same name, the red branch) trains leave for Kutna Hora (station Kutna Hora). The train goes faster than the bus: 1 hour 5 minutes, but the ticket price will be more expensive - 107 CZK (4 euros). The city is located 80 km east of Prague.
Is it worth it to go: it is worth it, if you have "extra" money in the Czech Republic. Not to say that Kutna Hora is an outstanding city, but if you combine the city with a visit to the Castle of Zhleba, then the trip can be quite successful. I wrote earlier about the most beautiful castles, where you can go from Prague for one day.
For those who are not indifferent to the excellent Czech beer, you should go to the city of Pilsen. It is here that varieties of the most famous local drinks are cooked: Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus. Anyone can join the tour of the brewery with a visit to the largest beer hall in the Czech Republic. Fresh beer and amazing local food will give you an incredible impression of visiting the city. Pilsen is scanty enough for attractions, but you have the opportunity to look at the distinctive Czech city "without any frills".
How to get there: it's almost impossible to get to Pilsen. From the final stop Zlicin (yellow branch) every half hour buses go to Plzen. The journey takes you 1 hour, the cost of 100 CZK (3.6 EUR) one way. The city is located 90 km south-west of Prague.
Is it worth it to go: it seems to me worth it. Firstly, the road does not take away from you a lot of time and material costs. Secondly, you will have the opportunity to taste the best Czech beer right at the place of its production.
Litomysl was founded at the end of the 10th century on the trade route between the Czech Republic and Moravia. Most of the buildings in the city are built in the style of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, but there are also buildings of modern architecture. Litomysl was the birthplace of the famous Czech composer Bedrich Smetana, whose name is the annual opera festival here. The main attraction of Litomysl is the castle, which is an extraordinary example of Italian architecture.
The castle in Litomysl.
How to get there: it's not very easy to get to Litomysl by public transport. Even with transplants, awkward options are offered. However, at 6:42 from the Central Station (Hlavni Nadrazi, the metro station with the same name, the red branch) you can get to Litomysl with a transfer in the town of Chocen. The whole journey will take 2 hours 45 minutes, costing one way 226 CZK (8.2 EUR). You can go back the same way in 17: 31 **. The city is located 170 km east of Prague.
Should I go: the city is very nice, but, alas, it's not always convenient to get to Litomysl. If you travel by car, then you can go and need to, after glancing in Pardubice Castle.
** & # 8212; please check the exact timetable on the website of the Czech Railways.
How can I find the timetable for tickets to the cities of the Czech Republic?
It's in Czech, but the intuitive interface is very understandable. Enter the desired values in the fields (where, where, date, time) and see possible travel options:
If you have difficulties with the route, write me a question in the comments, I'll try to find the best direction for you.
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