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Life is far away.

Life is far away.
experience of traveling and emigration.
Slovenia. Koper.
We live here, too. It seems that there were born)))
Alena, but you can find out why you drive Izola to school? We are going to Koper, so it's interesting.
Children are studying in Koper, here is a wonderful school. Last year in Izola, we were taken to table tennis only, only there is a professional club.
Thank you for such prompt response! And at school do English children learn or only Italian in addition? Choose between Koper and Ljubljana. In Koper, the climate is better, less cloudy days. In July we planned a trip to Slovenia, we will choose.
Italian is compulsory from the first class, English to the third optional, and from the 4th is mandatory. A little later you can choose another foreign language - for example, German, Spanish, Croatian, French and even Chinese.
And which areas in Koper for housing is preferable? The presence of the port - is it not dangerous? The port still. Ecology how? On guglokartah there are visible and factories and oil refineries.
With housing here is bad - few suggestions. Therefore, any district where you find a suitable house or apartment is good.
And on the beach next to the port we swim, the water and the air are clean, everything is beautiful. Other enterprises did not notice. It is in neighboring Trieste there is an industrial zone with an unpleasant smell from plants, but it is felt only when we pass by, from Koper it is far.
Sorri is Olga. My previous question.
And if you choose between Izola and Koper? Where are the pros?
Koper more, so here basically all shopping centers, sports sections and circles, gymnasiums, a university, etc. But look at housing in both cities, everything will depend on it. People for six months trying to find 🙁
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There are a lot of offers on the Internet in such an area as Ankaran. But we do not know anything about him. Can you tell us in a few words?
Yes, we have friends there. It's 5-10 minutes from Koper, a small village, a resort area. There is a park and a beach, a school. Apartments often have a beautiful view of the sea. But children will need to be transported to sports and mugs in Koper. And if you live in Koper, you can walk or bike.

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