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Life in the Dominican Republic.

Life in the Dominican Republic.
And what is life like in the Dominican Republic? This question has been asked many times by people who thought about the opportunity to leave for the Dominican Republic for permanent residence or businessmen who are planning to open a business in a tropical country.
Well, running ahead, we can note that life there is quite different, depending on what level of living and what to do. Let's consider this and the other in order. First of all, you need to determine what you are going to do there:
Go to the Dominican Republic to relax, and want to calculate the cost of the vacation. Move to permanent residence, and you need to know the standard of living and prices, as well as information about work and wages. Or you want to buy a ready-made business, with the money from which you plan to actually live.
Life in the Dominican Republic is beautiful, like these 2 palm trees, bending over the sea, but you need to know some nuances.
Rest in the Dominican Republic.
Rest in the Dominican Republic on the azure coast with pearl water.
Rest can cost $ 6,000-8,000 for two, if you do not save on sightseeing tours and have pocket money.
If we consider cheaper, and choose a more beach option, and as we remember in hotels all inclusive, the cost of a trip to the Dominican Republic can vary about $ 4,000 for two.
It should be noted that the voucher for one person is cheaper if you go in pairs.
Permanent residence in the Dominican Republic.
Permanent residence in the Dominican Republic. This is how the ordinary life of the Dominicans looks.
Firstly, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the prices of everyday life. This is the minimum that you have to spend, not counting additional services.
Approximate prices for a different standard of living per person:
Of course, everything depends on the area where you will live, and the prices are rather arbitrary. But they can be oriented as a lower standard for a certain standard of living in the Dominican Republic. Cheaper certainly will not.
As we see life here is more expensive than, for example, in Russia or Ukraine. And also it is worth considering that the work here is much harder to find, since mostly Dominicans work for a little money. The salary here can easily be $ 100-300.
Therefore, if you have not achieved anything in Eastern Europe, do not go to the Dominican Republic in search of a better life, planning to engage in fishing. Although this, too, as an option! But here the life you are dreaming of, having escaped from the post-Soviet space, just will not be. Many people go here either, work through the Internet, or have their own business at home or buy here.
The investment climate of the Dominican Republic.
Business and investment in the Dominican Republic.
Considering that renting a villa can cost 1500-1800 dollars a week, doing such a business can get good money, and thereby ensure a high standard of living. The main areas in which to invest money on the island & # 8212; this is real estate, and then rent it out. It can be, as mini-hotels, and single-bed apartments. Yes, just doing business here, you can ensure a good life.
Many Russians who move here live in the northern part of the country, sometimes in the peninsula of Samana, although there is no work there, one can only own and lease property. And also the best places to live in the Dominican Republic & # 8212; this is Punta Cana, Bavaro. This part is the most protected from the hurricanes that go to the island from the west, since Punta Cana is in the easternmost part of the country. However, hurricanes are not as frightening as they are painted. Sometimes in the hurricane season they are not seen at all. This is as lucky. In the central part there are many mountains and a whole mountain system that protect the Dominican Republic from severe storms.
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