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Life in England. Answers To Any Questions Interested You!

Life in England. Answers To Any Questions Interested You!
A story about a site where you can find answers to all the questions about Great Britain: how to find a job, how much you earn in England, taxes, pensions, etc.
Hello friends! Welcome to my channel! With you, Zhanka is an Englishwoman. In today's video, I will answer all your questions about the UK. Namely: I want to tell you about the official website, where you will find the answers. And if you still have questions, then you can call the phone numbers that are also given here. All official. You can ask questions, they will answer you.
So, the name of the site, as you see "Welcome to GOV.UK". here it is the address, you can "score it", if you are serious about moving to the UK, find some work there, then everything you can find here -
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Look, here on the main page we have the departments you are interested in, and, of course, the most important for beginners is the "Visa and immigration". Also here is "Work", here is a pension, as you can see. And further, when you are already in the UK, you can also find all the answers, this citizenship is how to get, here is "Life in the UK", if you work for yourself, education. Also here are benefits, taxes, houses, in general - everything on this site will be found, since this is a governmental site, everything is very well-painted here. Usually, questions simply do not arise because everything is clear.
Of course, another such important question, often asked, is what kind of work is in demand in the UK? And how much they pay. I can not answer exactly to anyone, and therefore, again, look this site. Before that, I did a video about finding work on different sites, but here there is a universal site for finding work. Here is a reference, right here is "Popular on GOV.UK", that is - popular topics. Here is the "Universal Jobmatch job search". Let's come here at once, because this is a very frequent question, so I decided to dwell on it a little more.
Here you can register. Without registration you can simply "score" here Job title. I already, in my opinion, tried to score something here, here is the "teacher", for example. Here you can "score" the city or the index of the place where you are interested. But you can and without this, that is, just click "Search", and you will give all the positions, you see, all teachers are required. Look how much you have here. Date is 2015, everything is new. Just before that, I showed you a separate site, the same "Monster.UK", and here are already collected from all companies to find work. And it is described, for example, which specialty is in demand, and, of course, which kingdom - Chester, Cambridge, that is, you can see it all.
In principle, you can "hammer" different browse jobs here. Let's see, here you must sign what salary you will find out. And for how long it takes. Here, for example, it's from January 14, quite fresh, Birmingham, to a permanent job. And earnings, see, somewhere around 110-140 pounds a day. And then you can send an e-mail here, or call. That is, everything is there, everything is fine, you can check everything very quickly. Therefore, one more site for you, where you can see what specialists are required in the UK.
Then we return to payment. Let's look here too about work. Often asked what salary. I do not know, I'll find it right now or not. Again, you see, there is universal work here, and there is also the main employment center, which they call Jobcenter. That is, you can, in principle, apply to Jobcenter, it is already necessary to fill out the documents. You can search through Jobcenter, but this is mostly when you are already in place, in the UK. That is, you just arrived, and you are looking for work, you can go, there are plenty of them, such employment centers in England everywhere.
And for work with us, the minimum wage is what, here is the "National Minimum Wage". Here, please, such a question is, what is the salary in the UK? That is, for 2014 and to the present day, if you are from 21 years, then we have 6.50 pounds per hour. If you are between 18 and 20 years old, then 5.13 pounds. Less than 18 can work - 3.79. "Apprentice" is like a student, 2.73. That is, this minimalk depends on what your age is. It is clear that further qualifications, work experience, etc. are already on.
They often ask, let's say: "I'll come to study, can I work?". As far as I know, you can not study according to the student visa. Naturally, if you are somewhere like that, you will not earn money officially. In general, to officially find a job, you will be asked by the National Insurance number, here it is. All employees are always required to apply for this National Insurance number. When I tried to find a job, naturally, at once, first of all, I was asked on the basis of what I was in the UK, and whether I have this national insurance number. So I do not know how or what, but if you came to live already, if you are already in the UK, then you need to get this National Insurance number before you try to get a job.
Here, too, all the information - where, how and what. What else can I draw your attention to, if you are interested. Here, taxes. Ask questions about taxes. Come on, here are the taxes on the salary. Here you see different information. We have in the UK, it is allowed for the first 10,000 pounds earned, if you work, then you do not pay tax on them. And then there is already a scheme. Now I will find. Look: personal taxes, and personally that is allowed to you. It's called "Personal Allowance", and it allows you, in different years it was different, but now it's here 10,000. Hence, from the first 10,000 it is allowed not to pay taxes.
And then already goes the main 20%, after 10,000, if you earn up to 31000 with more pounds. From 31,000 to 150,000 you already have a 40% tax. And if you have a salary of 150,000 pounds, then you have 45%. Here is the answer to your question about taxes, what to pay, please. Of course, if you earn even more, there are some more, it needs to be looked at additionally. But for us, let's say, for ordinary people, this is the system.
Plus there is, if you are married, some privileges. I do not know if there is now or not, but here you can see everything, search everything, officially, everything will be found, all the answers.
What else, what other questions do you have? In my opinion, pensions are of interest, I remember there were some questions about the pension. Here we have a social pension. That is, you pay National Insurance, this, of course, allows you to use free medicine, and there is a pension. Even if you do not work anywhere, you live in the UK and do not work, then, so that you have this pension and you could use medicine, then you can pay a minimum of this insurance, National Insurance.
Here we have pensions for us. The most common among us, this is not counting the fact that there are some more benefits, but it turns out that we have a pension how much? If you retired before April 6, 2016, then we get somewhere 113 pounds a week. This is such a basic pension. You can see here whether you will receive it or not. Let's say that to get a pension, you need 30 years of National Insurance to pay. That is, if you worked and paid national insurance. As I said, if you did not work, but still paid a minimal contribution of National Insurance, then you will have a minimum this pension, say, 113 pounds. And if you have less than 30 years, it will be less.
Naturally, all this will be calculated. But somewhere around here it comes out in retirement. If, of course, you are unemployed, then you already have to look to go to the benefits.
In principle, I showed you the work on the main questions about what the minimum wage is, they asked for pensions. Also here is "Visa and immigration", how to get to the UK. Here you will see the answers to all the questions. You can ask for political protection, be a refugee, all the answers here. This is for Europeans, here are family visas, how they are done. Here are the sponsors. Just if you are looking for work, and you will be sponsored by the employer, here you can find the answers. Student visas here, too, all the answers, tourist, if interesting, transit. Here all the working visas, what is needed, what conditions - everything can be found here. To you anybody is better than this site does not answer. And if there are any questions, you can call by phone, everything is there.
In general, probably, that's all. Just wanted to tell you about this site. That is, look, all the information here. I say, better than this site, no one will answer you to your questions.
You can find everything here. Everything, I hope that it was useful for you. Thank you for watching! With you was Zhanka the Englishwoman. All for now!
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