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Letters from the occupied Donbas. White emigration & # 187; in Donbass: “I will not return to Donetsk”;

Letters from the occupied Donbas. White emigration & # 187; in Donbass: "I will not return to Donetsk";
Since the beginning of hostilities, a large number of my acquaintances, representing mainly the intellectual section of the population, have left Donetsk: they were students, teachers, professors, workers of culture and art.
Most of them really did not agree with the imposed order, and after the evacuation of universities to other regions of our country, moved after them, trying to equip their life already in Odessa, Kiev and Lviv. A characteristic feature of most of these people at the time they left their native Donetsk and Donbass as a whole was nostalgia for the city and sentimental posts in Facebook that all of them were deprived of their native land.
But after almost a year since they settled in other cities, the picture of their mental representations has radically changed, and now in private conversations one can hear one general phrase, repeated only in different variations: "I do not understand how one can live in this hole! "
From some of them even earlier impossible revelations are coming: "Donetsk has never been my native city for me, and after the" militia "has crept from all the cracks, I have nothing more to do there." And I myself, who was the only one left in Makeyevka from my personal circle of precisely pro-Ukrainian acquaintances, now look in the eyes of these people simply as a "black sheep", which almost deserves condemnation for "I'm still here still".
In fairness, it must be said that each of these "white emigrants" has its own history and situation: someone lived near the Airport and the railway station, someone did not have the means to provide for the family, as soon as all social payments were frozen and suspended in the air , and someone just decided not to take risks and, predicting the situation ahead, in June of last year left Donetsk. But they all have one thing in common: each of them has spent a lot of time and energy to settle in this new place for this year, and it's hardly a question of going back, regardless of whether it's really possible, they all say the same thing - "I will not return to Donetsk."
So, talking to one of the professors of the leading Donetsk university, I asked how he sees his near future. The answer was unequivocal:
- I'm going to sell an apartment in Donetsk and finally settle here, in Odessa.
In response, I asked why our guys are fighting in the trenches, if we do not want to live in our own cities anymore, and the overwhelming majority of the population that remains here supports DNR? And even if we imagine the conditions under which the Donbass will again be returned under the control of Ukraine, the separatist-minded local will simply not be diluted by anybody, in other words - we simply return the "paper" Donbass, consisting of the next Minsk-5 and Minsk-10 ", Without real patriots on this earth. And who knows if history will not lead us in such a mental situation to the old rake, when, at the slightest spark, the fire of separatism and war again flares up.
The answer was:
- Yes, but in reality the situation is such that we will not be able to go through the second round. Speaking frankly, the situation in the Donbass is for years, if not for a decade, and now the question is not to lose the rest, and not to return what we could not hold back. In the end, it will become clear to you in Makeyevka, and the last drops of the Ukrainian consciousness will be washed from there. After all, it is not just about a city where you can carry out normal activities with working cafes, restaurants, parks, packed food shops and other things. Donetsk really painted in Russian colors, not only under the flags of the "DNR", but also in the minds of the majority of those who remained in it. And to live among them even after such a miracle as "Donbass is Ukraine", it will be unpleasant.
But this example is an example of a person who has settled comfortably enough, although experiencing some social difficulties inherent in all immigrants.
The greatest surprise was caused by a conversation with a friend who, having left Donetsk, is still in incomparably worse conditions than those he had in his native city. When I asked him if he would come back here now, in April 2015, when here it is not August 14, the answer was the same categorical: "Definitely not."
It is striking that among the immigrants, despite the general popular opinion about them as "we all owe", there is still greater resentment towards their compatriots who supported the "DNR" and actually deprived them of their homes than the rest of the citizens of the country. And Donetsk itself is often perceived among them as an already completely alien city. It is better for them to work as a loader in Kiev, huddling in some rented apartment, than to return there, because of what this apartment became possible.
- "I will not return to Donetsk" - a phrase that is now increasingly heard from the heights of the "big earth" here, on the territory of one continuous sign of the question.
Jerry Toms, unemployed, the city of Makeevka.
Reprint from the heading "Leaves from the Ocupovaniy to Donbas" Radyo Liberty.
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