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Lesson Theme: Countries of Western Europe. Goals.

Lesson Theme: Countries of Western Europe. Goals.
Lesson Type: Workshop.
Lesson equipment and teaching aids:
Methods and forms of educational activity:
- comparative characteristics of the EGP of the two countries according to the plan (the plan in the workbook);
Note. At the lesson, the teacher acts as a consultant.
1. Using maps of the atlas and textbook, highlight the state.
A) with the largest territory,
B) with different forms of the state system:
A) with coal,
? What kinds of mineral resources do most of them lack?
A) The population. On the map, atlas p. 6-7 determine which language family.
Countries with mass immigration.
Countries with mass emigration.
Tasks 5 and 6 perform at home.
5. Name one, two and multi-national countries. Results.
* Make a business card of one of the European cities.
Open lesson on geography in the 11th grade.
Objectives: to name and show countries and their capitals, natural features, wealth, types of economic activity; determine and.
To develop and generalize the knowledge gained in studying the topic "Countries of Abroad"
Western Europe forms a single cultural and historical system with a common genetic code and an integral mentality. Main stages.
Objectives: to consider the causes of the origin of humanism; to characterize the art of the Renaissance; consider the reasons for folding a new type.
Mongait AL L. Archeology of Western Europe: Bronze and Iron Ages. Moscow: Nauka, 1974.
Educational: To formulate ideas about the level of cultural development in Western and Central Europe.
Other countries of Western Europe: management and state regulation of the economy at the macro level.
England retained leadership in the export of capital to the colony and the volume of maritime trade.

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