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Leave Kazakhstan: what promises a permanent residence in another country.

Leave Kazakhstan: what promises a permanent residence in another country.
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The current position of Kazakhstan among other former Soviet republics can be fully considered successful and profitable. The Republic on the modern map of the post-Soviet space is one of the most economically developed and prosperous. But, contrary to this fact, the inhabitants of this state are looking towards other territories, sometimes far beyond, but attracting a better life. Where to leave Kazakhstan for permanent residence is a question that the Kazakhs are increasingly becoming puzzled with against the background of the economic crisis that has not bypassed this state.
A little background.
To date, Kazakhstan is experiencing a stage of rapid development in all spheres of its life. Among other countries of Central Asia it is rightly called the most prosperous state. There are many reasons for this:
oil fields; access to the Caspian Sea; presence of the cosmodrome; vast areas, not yet occupied by man; deposits of minerals.
In addition, at this historical stage the republic is multinational, including representatives of the most diverse states. Today, here you can meet Russians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Turks, Georgians, Armenians, Chinese, Germans.
According to statistics, at the end of the twentieth century only 40% of Kazakhs lived on the territory of the republic. At the beginning of the XXI century, this figure increased to 50%, and that only because of a specially developed program for the resettlement of ethnic Kazakhs.
Nevertheless, immigration from Kazakhstan raises serious concerns for sociologists. To answer unequivocally why the inhabitants of such a young and such a prosperous republic tend to leave it, while it is very difficult. The only thing that remains is the fact that the tendency to leave this territory is gaining momentum.
At the same time, not everyone understands what difficulties will have to face in the process of resettlement. And if the advantages can be attributed to the absence of a language obstacle, then to the shortcomings & # 8211; complexity and bureaucracy of the migration process itself.
Why do the Kazakhs leave?
The results of numerous surveys and studies have shown that the main reasons for changing citizenship are:
ethnic heterogeneity in the territory of Kazakhstan. Against the background of the presidential program for the return of repatriates, representatives of other national minorities began to feel less comfortable in the new conditions; high competition for employment; restriction on the use of the Russian language and other national.
At the same time, it should be noted that in Kazakhstan today two languages are considered official: Kazakh and Russian. This means that clerical work in state structures is conducted on one of them or both. But to find a job Russian-speaking citizens without knowledge of the Kazakh language is almost impossible, since preference is always given to the so-called own.
Such a policy of "survival" is conducted in the country behind the scenes. If in the Baltic countries they talk about it openly, in this Central Asian state they prefer to play a closed game.
It can not be said that among the Kazakhs, nationalism is especially pronounced, but at the same time, some dislike of the Kazakhs, for example, towards the Uighurs and Tatars, is quite noticeable. Tensions in relations are felt with the Chinese and Chechens. All these factors have caused more frequent migrations.
Where can I leave Kazakhstan?
In addition to the "why" question, sociologists are also concerned with the question of "where" Kazakh migrants are keeping their way. And if the first one is more or less clear, then the second one can be considered the most confusing in the light of the heterogeneity of preferences.
The most popular are three areas:
In most cases, relocates are expected there by relatives or contract work. Terms for the preparation of documents for permanent residence from Kazakhstan for them are substantially reduced. So, for example, in Russia they can quite become participants of the program "Compatriot" and go through the entire path of legalization in a very short period of time.
For this it is necessary only to apply to the Russian representative office in Kazakhstan or to the migration service in the territory of the Russian Federation with the appropriate application and a package of documents confirming the right to an accelerated procedure for acquiring citizenship.
It is worth noting that the conditions of the program quite restrict the migrants in choosing their place of residence. Not all Russian regions declared their participation in it. Of the available for resettlement, most of it is located in the northern part of Russia. It should also be remembered that the independent choice of a place of residence on the expanses of the Russian state does not entitle you to financial assistance, compensation for relocation costs and assistance in finding housing.
Important is the fact that to obtain a Russian passport, a citizen of Kazakhstan will have to give up his former citizenship. This requirement is mandatory at the final stage of legalization in Russia. This is preceded by an extract from Kazakhstan for permanent residence from his former place of residence, removal from medical records, fulfillment of all obligations to his former homeland. At the same time, it is not necessary to wait for the decision to withdraw from citizenship & # 8211; it is enough simply to attach to the package of documents a statement of intention to pass this procedure.
Where are those who do not have roots in the nearby fraternal republics go? At the end of the last century, Germany and Israel enjoyed special popularity. Many dared to cross the ocean and traveled to the United States. Today, Canada and Great Britain are the most popular.
Do not cause a lot of excitement among the Kazakhs, the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. Increasingly, one can meet Kazakhs in Eastern Europe, for example, in Bulgaria or those countries with which Kazakhstan maintains close economic ties.
"Returnees" or oralmans.
Against the backdrop of the migration process in Kazakhstan, the opposite phenomenon is also observed: the return of the indigenous people of the republic to their homeland. In this case, the so-called oralman can move only from a certain number of states, which include:
To obtain the status of a "returnee", an ethnic Kazakh must file an application with the executive body at the place of residence, obtain a permit for permanent residence, and issue an identity card.
All those who managed to get through the resettlement program receive benefits, the possibility of an expedited procedure for registering citizenship, compensation and other assistance from the state. But from the obligation to confirm their financial solvency they are released. Mandatory procedure - settlement in the adaptation camp for oralmans.
Thus, it can be noted that the consequences of both processes taking place in the republic at the moment - both the migration of the Russian-speaking population and the return of ethnic Kazakhs - will be manifested in the near future.

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