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Learning German.

Learning German.
Information about Germany, textbooks, tutorials, dictionaries, lessons, texts, dialogues, translations, exercises.
Educational and labor immigration to Germany.
Immigrate from Russia to Germany can be various legal ways. Young people from the post-Soviet republics are increasingly choosing educational or labor immigration. Consider these options in more detail.
Educational immigration to Germany in 2015.
There are many options for educational immigration: secondary school, language courses, higher professional education.
1. Obtaining secondary education.
� educational institution - private;
� Age - no more than fifteen years;
� Moving to Germany without parents.
� German language level from B1 to C2;
� English language level from B1 to C2.
The term for processing a visa is from one to one and a half months. A residence permit is issued, it must be renewed every year.
2. Receiving higher education.
� advanced level of the German language;
� intermediate level of English.
The student is issued a residence permit in the country for up to five years. A student has the right to officially work in Germany for no more than 120 days a year.
3. MBA courses in Germany.
Get a prestigious business education in Germany - this means laying a solid foundation in your future. The minimum price of annual training is 15 thousand euros.
� there are no age restrictions;
� Knowledge of English at an advanced level.
A foreign citizen is given the right to reside on the territory of Germany during the entire period of study. Work is strictly prohibited.
Now you know everything about educational immigration to Germany in 2015. Having studied the basic programs, you can easily choose the right direction and safely go to one of the most developed countries in the world.
Labor immigration to Germany in 2015.
1. The program "Social Year"
� Age - up to 27 years;
� German A2 level is basic.
� the program is valid for one year;
� work in volunteer projects of an environmental nature.
"Social Year" gives an excellent opportunity for participants to learn German with minimal costs.
2. The program "Au-pair"
The German cultural exchange program "Au-pair" is popular among young people of post-Soviet countries, including Russia.
� Age - up to 25 years;
� the level of German B1, better B2.
A participant in the program can be a girl who does not have a family or children. During the participation in the "Au-pair" the girl will work in a family where the main duties are to look after children or elderly people.
The duration of the program is one year, during which participants learn German. Courses are paid by the employer. Also participants of the program are paid travel. Meals and accommodation are free, at the employer's expense.
3. Skilled work.
Foreign specialists are employed in Germany who have the qualifications of a doctor, engineer or programmer.
� Diploma of higher medical education;
� work experience from five years;
� age - up to 55 years;
� knowledge of German at B2 level.
Requirements for the engineer and programmer:
� Diploma of Higher Special Education;
� work experience of two years;
� the level of the German language is advanced.
It is possible to immigrate from Russia to Germany. It is necessary to have spoken and written German at a sufficient level, to study the features of the chosen program and to be patient. If you get a residence permit in the country and live for more than 8 years, you will have the full right to naturalization in Germany.
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