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Work as a doctor in Germany.
A healthy and strong nation is the firm foundation of a prosperous state. To a large extent, the extent to which medicine is developed in the country, the present and future of the nation depends. If we talk about post-Soviet states, we should pay tribute to the doctors of these countries - with very modest salaries, they, in their majority, have a rare talent and skill to treat their patients, often without using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest innovations in the pharmaceutical industry, and make discoveries, foreign colleagues. Unfortunately, all this takes away a lot of strength, nerves, and most importantly, the precious time of the doctor himself. In European countries things are different.
Over the past twenty years, the flow of immigrant doctors to Europe has not become less. And most often doctors choose Germany. This is logical. Specialists are attracted by decent living and working conditions, the possibility of career growth, high wages. And, of course, take into account visa-free travel across the European Union and the opportunity to obtain the right to permanent residence in Germany. It's no secret that German medicine is considered one of the best in the world. Doors for able and talented foreigners with medical education are open. But let's discuss the conditions and circumstances under which a doctor from the CIS countries can apply for a job in Germany.
The main requirements for doctors who want to work in Germany.
Find a job in a German clinic to people who have received medical education in the European Union easier than specialists from the CIS. The latter should know the German language at a level no lower than B1 and have a certificate (Goethe, TestDaf), confirming the acquired knowledge, and confirm their qualifications and diploma in Germany.
Note that when studying the German language, special attention should be given to medical terminology, since it is an important component of the exam. As for the exam, it takes place in two stages:
First & # 8212; dialogue with the patient, its diagnosis and treatment. The role of the patient is performed by the examiner. Particular attention is paid to the dialogue between the doctor and the patient. From how intelligently you can determine the problem of the patient and appoint him a treatment, will depend on the test for the first item. The fact is that doctors in Germany pay great attention to communication with the patient. The second is filling out the patient's medical history in electronic form. Practically all medical documentation in German hospitals is conducted by means of a computer.
The duration of the exam is not more than an hour.
After the examination and the receipt of the certificate, one of the most crucial and difficult moments comes - the confirmation of the document on education in Germany. Under German law, a foreigner with a medical education can work as a doctor in Germany, provided that he has:
& # 8212; experience in the homeland for at least three years;
& # 8212; residence permit in Germany;
& # 8212; permission for the profession (Berufserlaubnis). Without this document, you will not be able to work as a doctor in Germany. The receipt of such permission is possible only after the confirmation of a medical diploma, the passing of examinations by profession and membership in the Land Chamber.
After moving to Germany, it is necessary, as soon as possible, to apply to the Higher Land Office for Public Health and make a request for confirmation of the diploma and obtaining permission for medical practice. To provide the originals of documents is not necessary, it is enough to provide only copies that will be translated into German and notarized. Best of all, when the translation of documents will be made by a German sworn translator. You can find it through the Internet.
List of documents, copies of which will need to be submitted:
Diploma of higher medical education + appendix with grades; certificate of completion of residency. If you have upgraded your qualifications or trained at a clinic abroad, be sure to make copies of these documents; work book; information on obtaining a residence permit; confirmation from the employer about the provision of a workplace.
A certificate of knowledge of the language is provided in the original.
This list can be supplemented by any document as directed by officials.
No one will tell you the exact time of examining the documents. Someone manages to get permission in three months, which happens very rarely, and someone is waiting for him for a year or more. This time is necessary for civil servants to study the documents and find out whether your diploma and your knowledge can withstand the comparison with the German.
If so, then you will be invited to take the exam. But frankly, this happens very rarely. In general, be prepared for the fact that you will be sent to special courses - "Anpassungsjahr" to fill gaps in education and experience. Their duration is usually a year or more. During this time you will work in a typical German clinic as a "visiting doctor" / "Gastartz". Payment of labor during this period will be low, and work will have to perform very different. But, there is an indisputable "plus" - the daily practice of medical German, working with German colleagues and patients, studying the work from the inside.
After the completion of the course or, as it is also called, the "pull-up year", the exam is to be passed - "Kenntnisstandprufung". It takes place orally. Examiners check basic knowledge of general medicine and surgery, but questions can also be asked about other areas. It is worth saying that almost everyone takes this exam. Keep in mind that if you fail the exam, you will only have one chance to retake.
After passing the exam and obtaining permission / "Berufserlaubnis", you must immediately register with the Land Medical Chamber of the city in which you plan to engage in their work.
For those who plan to open their office and practice private practice, one should know that it is possible to do this after obtaining citizenship - this, firstly. Secondly, the experience of working in a medical institution should be no less than five years. And, thirdly, it will be necessary to pass an additional examination for the qualification of a "specialist doctor".
Certainly, the desire to get a job in the clinics of Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt am Main is quite understandable, since wages there are much higher than in small provincial cities. But it is very difficult to find a vacancy, even though there is a shortage of skilled health workers in Germany.
According to estimates of German sociologists by 2020, the need for qualified medical specialists will only increase, and will be about 50 thousand. This problem is related to the immigration of German graduates to Belgium, Sweden, Austria. If you want to work as a doctor in Germany, you should pay attention to the western and eastern provinces of Germany, as the need for doctors here is particularly acute.
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