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LC & quot; Opalic O3 & quot;

LC & quot; Opalic O3 & quot;
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The residential complex Opalikha O3 is a new project from the Urban Group, which is being implemented in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region. On the area of 29 hectares, 23 cases of comfort and economy class were designed. All houses are brick-monolithic medium-rise, from 4 to 8 levels. Their construction is conducted in parallel with the objects of social infrastructure.
In total, the developer intends to sell 235 thousand square meters of housing. Offered apartments from compact studios of 28 sq.m to three-room apartments with a floor space of more than 64 sq.m, totaling about 40 planning solutions. Part of the housing is conceived with spacious terraces and panoramic glass. The complex retains a single architectural concept, the buildings differ only in color.
LCD "Opalikha O3" will have a self-sufficient infrastructure. For new settlers on the territory will work:
school for 770 students with a sports stadium; 2 kindergartens for 280 children; children's development center; shopping center, located closer to the railway station; medical Center; land and underground parking with a car wash.
The neighborhood is built according to the principle of quarterly development. Residential blocks are located along a long, squiggly boulevard. Since the first floors of new buildings are allocated for commercial premises with access to the central street, stroll through it, you can visit the shopping gallery, bakery, fresh-market, cafe, beauty salon and other institutions of trade and services. Accomplishment of the adjacent areas of buildings includes the arrangement of recreation areas and children's playgrounds. The yards are planned to be made free of transport, therefore guest parking is taken out of their borders.
In walking distance from the new building there are all necessary infrastructure facilities: two kindergartens, the prestigious Opalikhovskaya gymnasium, the Elizabethan church, a polyclinic, a fitness center. Within 10 minutes by car you can reach the major shopping centers along the Volokolamsk highway - Krasnogorsky, Sterling, etc. In 20 minutes is the all-season ski resort "Snezhkom". The complex is located in the coniferous forest, not far from the Opalikhivsky forest park and small ponds.
Transport accessibility is provided by the railway and major highways - Novorizhskoe and Volokolamskoye. In 5-8 minutes walk there is a railway station "Opalikha". Departure to the Moscow Ring Road - 12 km.
Apartments in the LCD "Opalikha O3 & quot; prices and plans.
One-room apartments:
One-bedroom apartments:
Three-room apartments:
Four bedroom apartments:
Availability and actual prices by phone.
LCD "Opalikha O3" is a project from "Urban Group", which is being built in a special format "Cities for Life". The distinctive features of such new buildings are convenient layouts, beautiful architecture and the availability of its own infrastructure. An important role is also played by a successful arrangement. Opalikh is surrounded by forests and is located near Moscow. By the minuses can be attributed only to the fact that a nearby railway passes, but residential houses from it will be protected by a shopping complex.
Ecology Transport accessibility Infrastructure.
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Neighboring new buildings.
Krasnogorsky (metro station)
Krasnogorsky (metro Pyatnickoe highway)
Krasnogorsky (metro station)
Krasnogorsky (metro station Myakinino)
Krasnogorsky (metro station)
Krasnogorsky (metro station)
Krasnogorsky (metro station)
Krasnogorsky (metro station Volokolamskaya)
Krasnogorsky (metro Pyatnickoe highway)
Krasnogorsky (metro station Volokolamskaya)
Krasnogorsky (metro station Myakinino)
Krasnogorsky (m. Tushinskaya)
Krasnogorsky (metro station Volokolamskaya)
Krasnogorsky (metro station Myakinino)
Krasnogorsky (metro station)
Krasnogorsky (metro Strogino)
Krasnogorsky (metro Pyatnickoe highway)
Krasnogorsky (metro station)
Krasnogorsky (m. Krylatskoe)
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Feedback on the LCD "Opalikha O3" (44)
I recommend to everyone. Good transport accessibility. Near the station Opaliha, only 500 meters. You can drive to Moscow through the New Riga. Adequate cost of apartments. Near the forest. Developed infrastructure.
And how to get to Moscow through the New Riga?
September 18, 2015 finished building a road to the new rig through the forest.
We bought an apartment in Opalikha O3. I want to pay attention to the terms of delivery. Here is the 4th quarter of 2016 for the first stage, but we have a second house in the construction of the first stage and under the contract the commissioning period is 4th quarter of 2017, and the transfer of the object to the participant no later than April 2018. Therefore, judge for yourself about the deadlines. And the place is really good, especially when the exit to Novorizhskoe highway will be built.
Urban Group "wet" their reputation, a lot of angry reviews on the Internet, would not contact this developer.
Oleg, and what "wetted"?
Because this is another financial pyramid!
Strange attitude of managers with potential clients. It feels like they want to breed you in full. Completely repulsed the desire to communicate with this builder.
There are inadequate managers, but it is necessary to work with adequate ones.
Adequate affectors do not hire inadequate managers.
Yes, it is, I support.
I wonder how things are with the municipal gardens in Opalikha? Private kindergarten is not an option, they usually sky-high prices. Developers always design and promise a developed infrastructure, and then everything turns out to be completely different from what happened with the Opalikha-2 LCD.
The area is quite good, but the size of the kitchen and the rooms is very disappointing.
And we heard that the area is not so eco-friendly. next to it there are some industrial enterprises, even a concrete slurry.
It's clear that the developer wants to sell, what's so strange about it? But there is a head. LCD is excellent! Beautiful area, good ecology. Bought here kopeck piece. Get is not difficult, we are on the car. Quality of housing on the level. The area of the apartment is small, but at once you will not understand at the expense of modern planning.
The strange thing is that representatives of the builder for the sake of selling lie directly in the face. They lie about the yardage, lie about the deadlines, lie about materials. How can they be trusted if they already misinform clients at the stage of concluding the contract.
Something in the opalha of the pantry is worth a fortune. Only 5 square meters and costs 150 tr. I have there only rubber and fit, but a sled with skis.
I bought a pantry at a discount, without hesitation. and then on the forum read that in Opalic O2 pantry flooded. Now I do not even know whether to be happy or cry. I hope in O3 they will provide this question.
Some managers are more comfortable in working matters. I asked about queuing to the kindergarten. The manager said that you can queue up the DDU. And in the MFC we are told that it is necessary to register a temporary or permanent at least one parent in the MO. I understand that this is not really their competence. But they could not be misled at all.
well yes. we also had such a situation. only us about the timing of delivery is quite different. they said that the house would surrender in such and such a month, and according to the DDU the term was moved for almost three months. a trifle like, not nice. and the developer does not paint it.
You are not alone. they may have infa there was wrong, because we, too, the timing was originally wrong. And then another zamorochka was with booking an apartment. Unpleasant situation.
Tell me, please, when they begin to sell apartments 2 lines?
They drove from the south of Moscow along the Moscow Ring Road. Navigator stubbornly dragged to Novorizhskoe highway, but the task was to probe all the approaches and approaches to the complex "live". Therefore, we drove specially from the north, along the ever standing Volokolamke, before deciding on the way back to go through the advertised road to the New Riga. We spent two hours in the sales office in anticipation (a day off, a queue), at the same time appreciated the accessibility of the railway station "Opalikha". They found out what they wanted, with the manager, and at the same time received an affirmative answer to the question: "Can we take advantage of the new road to the Novorizhskoe highway?" And drove along it back. But then we were waiting for a surprise - the guards, seeing that our pass was not issued to their checkpoints, flatly refused to release us, accusing us of wanting to bypass traffic jams in Volokolamsk. Well, guards are people who are bonded, there is no demand from them. They returned to the office, described the situation to the chief manager, his answer was amazed: "We can not help you, we have such rules - leaving only through the checkpoint through which they entered. And if you want to see a new road, you must call on her side Novorizhskoye highway, everyone does that. "
I wonder how you can trust your money office, unable to solve humanly even the simplest issue with a pass to the object ?! They are after all, just like, with the phrase "we can not help", they will solve any problems that arise. The truth lies in the details. And we almost were not invested. Now there is no desire to contact the Urban Group.
Strangely, we stopped by railway station, and left on a new road, I do not remember if they gave us a coupon or not, but there were no problems with leaving. On the part of managers, of course, it turned out ugly, lazy, a huge minus.
The problem really exists. It's surprising that nothing has been done for several months to solve it! Just put a stamp in the office that you really were there and that's it. After all, elementary.
A lot of bokev, and a lot of sense.
In Opalih too, before the time of the house will take? And in the city of embankments probably too before the date handed over. It just explains a lot. And multiple inadequacies, and the facade sizzling, and bricks falling from the roof. It's good that I did not buy an apartment with my brother. I bought it in the Pyatnitsky districts and do not regret it.
We bought an apartment in Opalikha O3. Faced the main problem - the road! People do not see the promises of the builder Urban Group. In the sales department initially promised that the road, departure from O3 to New Riga will be exclusively for residents of the LCD. And now other comrades from SNT Yagodka, Gorenosova (which border on O3), also start to go along it. Yagodka has some kind of side in general there are badges that were given to them. People from Krasnogorsk and Opalikhi prutsya, pass for money! Gave protection - drove through the checkpoint! And I found out that they are going to let O2 and Mitino O2 through our road! This is what turns out - anyone wishing for money or other areas of the LCD can safely use this road, too. We bought an apartment in O3, so that there would be peace and quiet, there it was! And if the whole Krasnogorsk will travel through us through transit? Ah-that!
The project of one more Urbanovskiy LCD is already prepared - along the power line from Nakhabino to Anikeevka. Its inhabitants will be able to travel to Volokolamsk through the road O3, i.e. through Gorenosovo. And the fact that residents will leave the car in the parking lot on the site of the former sports ground will not save. We all feel, especially in the mornings, that the trains are not.
cope. About the minibus do not say!
In the O3 pools in the basements and parking lots. I, honestly, were afraid to live there, knowing that the urbanists do not follow technology. ������� �2 in general on the swamp is, and.
nothing, the main thing that sells well! The more I delve into the essence of the matter, the more I become convinced that the UG is similar to the next pyramid. New LCDs are built on the account of already sold LCDs. Problems - a lot! Do not dare. They promise they do not. Promises do not confirm anything. As a result, someone is not lucky, who will fall for the next promise, will buy and the pyramid will fall apart.
And at what stage is the construction?
All that is related to the maintenance of the complex, the work of the Management Company and the functions of other contract organizations.
The tremendous chimneys of the boiler room near the very complex are alarmed. What will they drown in and what kind of smoke will fall on our houses?
Attract Opalik O3 because of the rare formats, for example, with pleasure would have lived on the 8th floor with panoramic windows, because around there is a view of the forest. But while I do not hurry to buy, I study the district, I came to the construction site, I looked, I studied how long it took to get to the center - it turned out 30 minutes with traffic lights.
School with children? Where? Only in the promises of the builder as elsewhere in the new buildings for the MO?
Well, to account the type of the building: Brick-monolithic can be argued - 16 and 17 the house will be clinker-monolithic, with which the co-investors categorically disagree (there is no brick). The facade changed the developer unilaterally, claiming that he has the right to do so. Throughout the year and to this day people sell houses as brick-monolithic, without even changing the point about the composition of the walls in the DDA. There was also no notification of changes, no intelligible explanations, except "there was a technical failure" we never heard. Meanwhile, they urge me to sign an additional one. In the central office of sales during a week can not provide project documentation (there was a written request), the dates are confused, the declaration presented on the site suffers changes daily. I advise you to carefully study the documentation before you trust not a clean developer.
I was very unhappy with the work of the sales manager Yevgeny Faleyev. When I signed up for the visit, I was given the time and reported the coordinates of the personal manager. Arriving at the station, I called him to clarify the route, he did not answer and did not call back. And the frost was strong. We searched for the sales office ourselves. We had to wait for the meetings. By results of work with banks ("moved" to a mortgage), too, did not call back. He did not answer my call. Despite the request to call back, transferred through the administrator, also did not bother with his attention. Alternative not suggested. On a 10-point scale customer-oriented 2 out of 10. Sad.
And here I want to say that the houses in Opalikha-03 look beautiful not only from a distance, but also near and inside! We have already received the keys to our long-awaited apartment (our house is finished, three times cheers comrades.) Yes, we had to worry and be nervous, But we will now live in a stunning area, with an unusual architecture and clean air. A little bit more and moving. Yes, about replacing the brick with clinker, Urban compensates, why intimidate? or worry. It would be better suggested, is there a reasonable alternative to plasterboard? We want to immediately paneling the walls under the Venetian. At the same time and noise isolation is additional, we know from experience that in new homes, for some reason, audibility seems to be heightened. We are on Volga when the apartment was bought, for two years we heard how the neighbor's cat sneezed. Then everything went away, where it is not clear).
Nina, how I envy you. Get such long-awaited keys, this is happiness. Our house has not been completed yet, but is being plowed at a rapid pace. The husband periodically "visits" our house, says everything perfectly, on all the signs will be delivered on time, as promised.
Our house is not finished yet, but just about a minute is left and we will get the long-awaited keys. While everything is pleasant, my husband watches the construction very carefully, often goes, you can say, in the working schedule of the trip here inscribed. He says that basically everything is as planned. And I believe him and wait.
Oh, I'm already sitting on my suitcases, I'm about to move. Our house is already ready, went, looked at the weekend, how there is still beauty and lepota. Quiet, breathe easily, the place is just awesome, architecture - well, from Atayanets architecture))) - all in its own way, everything is unusual and beautiful. But about the work with managers, we had no problems, probably I'm on such a positive all this time was that with me only positive and you can)))
The Urban Group buildings were striking in the eye and in principle, we liked them, so when the opportunity / necessity of buying a dwelling for our daughter was available, we did not even hesitate to buy her a souse from Urban. That is, in practice, and did not choose anything - the district - this one, where is Urban being built? - here. Odinushka is - there. We take. Somehow that's so funny, quickly and fabulously everything passed. Fortunately the price per square meter is elevated even for us ordinary civil servants.
About the managers. With this we were lucky. Even there were no special stuttering on the price tags - we were already ready to tinker, but our manager Timofey was surprisingly clear: he did not stammer or open it 🙂 We liked it. And the issue with the mortgage did not cause any difficulties, immediately advised the bank with a real rate and moreover, instructed at what time it is necessary to promontory the situation on the possibility of refinancing - respect. By 80% thanks to him, we quickly found an apartment even better than expected. If anyone comes in handy, then this guy is currently working in Lesrebrezhny - I recommend it right, but I do not keep silent, especially if the issue is not "comfortable." In short, the initial stage was satisfactory completely. Now we will wait for the final - how will we receive the apartment. Our in the 13th house in "all pairs."
I want to upset the future inhabitants of O3, you will not have a polyclinic, normal infrastructure, normal roads. public transport is only an electric train, which during rush hours, there is nowhere to go, there are flocks of wild dogs running around in the forest and howling at night, volokolamka is always standing, a new rig is also often, next to the Krasnogorsk platform is a very smelly chimney plant Soyusnaya (various seasonings to the food), the new rig also has enough plants, including a concrete one, about a kindergarten, if you build a municipal one, then you will stand in line with other inhabitants of the opalhi and yes, O3 is built on a swamp. Good luck)

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