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The country is distinguished not only by a stable economy and a high standard of living, but also by general well-being, order and improvement. Economic stability, social guarantees, free education, favorable climate and good ecology attract many immigrants from the CIS countries who decided to settle in Europe. Czech Republic can be called one of the most accessible in terms of immigration countries of the European Union. Despite some complications in the new law, getting a residence permit here is not so difficult as in some European countries. To move to this country will have to go through several stages.
Czech vunge and citizenship: options for obtaining, steps, requirements.
Registry of Penalties (in Czech & "register of trust"), confirming the absence of criminal record in the territory of the Czech Republic (persons under 15 years of age are not required), � certificate of criminal record from the information center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (given at the place of residence); persons under 15 years of age are not required, � a document confirming the availability of financial resources necessary for staying in the Czech Republic, � a document confirming the residence in the Czech Republic for the period of stay, � three photographs of 3.5 by 4.5 cm. As in the case with short-term visa The new version excluded the item on the need for health insurance when applying for (and extending) a residence permit.
In the Law, in addition, it is written that in the case of registration of residence permit for reasons of work, it is necessary to attach and work permit in the territory of the Czech Republic, issued by the relevant authorities. The decision to issue a residence permit is made within 120 days from the date of filing.
Obtaining vnzh in the Czechs.
The address of permanent residence in the Czech Republic or residence permit (this means the contract for the rental of an apartment or house, a permit to stay in an apartment or house, etc.). Medical insurance for one year (preferably from a Czech insurance company). Certificate of non-conviction in Russia. Certificate from the bank on the availability of a card account with sufficient funds (not less than 5-6 thousand euros per person, including children). If you have a ruble (or any other account) account, then the equivalent amount in euro should be indicated.
Spouses can present the data of one account, with a mandatory note in the certificate that the account can be used by both spouses. For minor children, opening a separate bank account is optional & # 8212; the required amount can be shown on the account of one of the parents.
Reception and registration of Czech citizenship.
So, according to the latest official data of Eurostat for 2013, the Czech Republic issued 45 544 residency permits to foreigners. At the same time, more than 40% of all documents were received by citizens of Ukraine - 18,622.
And now the possession of local real estate does not give the right to apply for residence permit. This is the first.
Myths and truth about the Vunge in the Czechs.
To become the owner of permanent residence without mandatory registration of residence permit is possible, provided that the foreigner is:
The spouse of a Czech citizen; Parent of a minor child - a citizen of the Czech Republic; An elderly parent (over 70 years old) of a Czech citizen; An adult child of an elderly Czech citizen; The minor is the child of a foreigner who is a holder of permanent residence.
The advantages of obtaining permanent residence are obvious, and foreigners who have this status:
Equal rights with Czech citizens; They can receive pensions and enjoy other state benefits; Employment, without formalizing a work permit; After 5 years, get a Czech passport.
Step 5: Acceptance of citizenship Since the beginning of 2014, a new law on citizenship has been in force in the Czech Republic.
In addition to the fact that the residence permit gives you the right to enter the Czech Republic and is here at least 365 days a year, it also allows you to: � register children in a kindergarten or school; � officially become a director of a company owned by you and conduct on its behalf real business activities, including � buying on behalf of the company movable or immovable property. So, in order to obtain a Czech residence permit, you need to register your own company in the Czech Republic, and this, according to the Czech laws, has the right make citizen practice Eski anywhere in the world. The procedure for registering a company and preparing the documents required for submission to the consulate takes one month.
Then the documents for obtaining residence permit are submitted to the consular department of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moscow or any other city where there is a Czech consulate.
How to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic to a Russian citizen.
These can be contracts with Czech companies, employment contracts with Czechs you hired for work, the annual balance of your firm or account statement, a lease or purchase agreement, and so on. While Czech politicians are not "ripe" to issue residence permit in exchange for real estate, the most common way of obtaining a document is to have a business in the country.
In this regard, a few years ago, companies often worked "nominally", as they were opened only for obtaining residence permit. Now the Czech authorities began to act stricter, and foreign applicants for a residence permit need to own a real business.
But even with the most favorable combination of circumstances and with a full set of documents for a prosperous firm and housing, the residence permit will have to wait. Documents are considered up to 4 months. And do not expect that in your case, everyone will do twice as fast.
By the way, in the extract the value of the object does not appear at all. And if you have housing, while you are thinking about it or you do not need to qualify for a Czech residence permit, you can safely come and spend time in the Czech Republic.
Any foreign owner of a local house or apartment gets the right to a Schengen multivisa for a period of one year. During this period, he can stay in the country for up to 90 days in the half-year or up to 180 days a year, as well as visit the countries of the Schengen Union.
But if your annual multivisa expires, but you plan to continue to be in the country, then you should apply for residence permit. We issue a residence permit When issuing a long-term visa (for six months), the documents are submitted to the Czech embassy in the territory of the country of which the applicant is a citizen.
The residence permit (for two years) is issued in the territory of the Czech Republic before the expiration of the long-term visa. To do this, you need: 1. Passport; 2.
How to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic to a citizen of.
The basic requirements: higher education, a signed labor contract amounting to at least 10,836 euros per year (for comparison, in Germany, the annual income for the work under this program should be more than 46,400 euros), rented or own housing, medical insurance.
Reunion with a family residing in the Czech Republic. The visa for this reason is issued to minors under 18 years of age, and for training - up to 26 years, provided that their parents are Czech citizens or foreigners with residence permit, or persons who have only applied for a residence permit. In the future, a long-term visa is extended and a residence permit is issued - a long-term residence permit for up to 2 years.
That is, it is immediately impossible to get a residence permit, it can be issued only with the prolongation of a long-term visa.
And at once the second: when considering an application for a cherished card, your own living space in the country will be a big plus. After all, at the interview, the official will ask where you will live if your petition satisfies.
Verbal assurance, of course, will not be enough. To confirm ownership of real estate, you need to produce the original extract from the cadastre. The procedure is absolutely not troublesome: it can be easily obtained after requesting any Czech mail for 100 kroons (less than � 4).
Unlike the Russian Federation and some other countries, this information is not closed, and the extract from the cadastre has a simple form without watermarks and other attributes of "serious documents". The value of the property and its location does not matter.
The simplest one-bedroom apartment in the outback for � 10 000 or luxury apartments in the center of Prague for � 500 000 give absolutely identical preferences.

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