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In Ukraine there is no Australian embassy, there is only a consulate. To obtain this status it is better to be on the territory of Australia.
Australia has two stages of procedure: A person submits an application for refugee status to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).
A written application will be evaluated by an employee of the Department. The statement must state sufficient evidence to meet the criteria for granting refugee status, as the decision on the further procedure will be taken without an interview, based on this statement.
There are two possible outcomes of this stage: - applications are accepted - the application is rejected.
If the request is rejected at the initial stage, then the person then has the opportunity to file an application for review of such a decision. Approximately 75% of the applicants whose applications were rejected took advantage of this option. And their applications for review of the decision are considered by the Authority responsible for the consideration of applications for refugees - Review of the Tribunal (RRT). RRT is an independent body of the Commonwealth, whose members are appointed by the Governor-General. This is their task to analyze DIAC initial solutions, applying exactly the same criteria, i.e. This person is a refugee according to the United Nations or not. If the application is accepted, a hearing is held at which the applicant must submit all aspects of his claims.
There are two possible outcomes - the difference of the initial decision and the person is granted refugee status. This occurs on average in about 10% of cases - the initial solution is supported.
If the refugee status can not be obtained, it can be expected that the applicant will leave the country.

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